Diane Abbott – Dogma defeats reality

Saturday’s Guardian had this story concerning Sajid Javid’s observation on the perpetrators of these abominable crimes committed in Huddersfield, West


Sajid Javid lambasted for ‘Asian paedophiles’ tweet


Home secretary criticised for noting the ethnicity of the grooming gang in Huddersfield

The tweet concerned said these words:

These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice. I want to commend the bravery of the victims. For too long, they were ignored. Not on my watch. There will be no no-go areas

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has been rebuked by MPs and human rights campaigners for tweeting about “Asian paedophiles”.

Javid highlighted the case of a grooming gang in Huddersfield that raped and abused girls as young as 11. The group of men were found guilty on Friday of more than 120 offences against 15 girls…


Later in the same article Diane Abbott and others then denied  reality:

…Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said: “These are horrific crimes. As the judge said, many of these girls will never recover from the abuse they have suffered. Falling support for survivors is inexcusable. Attempts by authorities and now it seems the government to attribute these crimes to one ethnic group does nothing to support these vulnerable women in the way of social services, mental health services or the resources needed by the police to bring all sexual predators to justice.

“The only universal facts are that the scale of sexual abuse in this country is staggering, the needs of these vulnerable women and girls are repeatedly ignored and this government is simply not doing enough to combat it.”

Read on… https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/oct/20/sajid-javid-lambasted-for-asian-paedophiles-tweet-huddersfield

My thanks are due to Albion for giving me a nudge on this issue.

2 thoughts on “Diane Abbott – Dogma defeats reality

  1. Are those that were arrested and found guilty not all Asian? All Packistani, All Muslim? All Paedophiles? as are hundreds of others all over cities and towns in Britain? So what is Abbotts problem? Once more she thinks its a racist issue? I would say its more of a cultural and diversity issue? with them not abiding by British Laws, Customs, Culture and way of life, but doing as they see fit and their sexual and monitary greed demands! Sorry Abbott but you are way out of order here! Those found guilty who were not born here should be deported and their British citizenship cancelled after release as we dont need more paedophiles in Britain Their families should also be investigated for aiding and abbetting and if found guilty deported also! We have enough native British paedophiles in britain and many of them politicians especially in the Labour party some members of which are asking for the age of concent to be dropped, without having paedophiles from other countries as well!


  2. The only mistake Javid made in his tweet was using the ethnically wide term “Asian” instead of the correct term “Pakistani” and / or the more PC “British Pakistani heritage men” ! Yes there are predatory white men who sexually abuse under age girls in the UK but these men usually take part in terms of single victims from within the family or extended family. These Pakistani grooming gangs are not paedophiles, as Javid states, they are rapists, drug dealers and human traffickers who not only rape, beat and abuse the victims but also sell them on to their extended family and friends across the country ! This last fact should be looked into closely by Proceeds of Crime Police Investigators during and after criminal charges are laid For the fool Abbott and her ilk to try to place this abhorrent criminality on a par with single males operating within the boundaries referred to above is typical of the LibLab, appeasing snowflakes we have to endure in “modern society” !


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