UK ditched death penalty opposition under David Blunkett

methode2ftimes2fprod2fweb2fbin2ff8147d5a-d574-11e8-926d-96790161a92aBritain secretly abandoned its opposition to the death penalty to hand over information linked to the prosecution of a 9/11 suspect when Lord Blunkett was home secretary, The Times has learnt.

Despite public criticism of capital punishment, Britain offered “mutual legal assistance” in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker, who was accused of plotting nearly 3,000 murders in September 2001.

In July this year, Lord Blunkett, the Labour home secretary between 2001 and 2004, criticised the government’s decision to waive death penalty assurances to help a potential US prosecution against Alexanda Kotey, 34, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 30, the alleged Islamic State killers known as the Beatles.

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1 thought on “UK ditched death penalty opposition under David Blunkett

  1. What else was The Labour Party involved in at that time 2002 CSE in Rotherham brought to their attention in reports to the home office but what did they do to stop it??
    what else did blunkett know
    it has cost 6.1 million to supposedly put Rotherham right 1.6 million paid to Commissioners but really what has changed no one brought to account councillors still in post everything as it was same old same old the establishment closing ranks the whole political system is moraly corrupt all they have done is cost the tax payer 6.1 million and ticked a few boxes


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