Disgrace for MP to quit on grooming sex claims

Grooming allegations debate: Dale, Smith, Moran and Rudd

A cross-party panel criticised the decision for a Labour MP to lose her job as shadow equalities minister after out over speaking out about child abuse in 2017.

Radio commentator Iain Dale said it was an “absolute disgrace” for Sarah Champion to stand down from the opposition front bench after her Sun newspaper article on child sex claims. while Labour’s Angela Smith, Lib Dem Layla Moran and Conservative Amber Rudd also backed the Rotherham MP.

They also looked at a tweet from Home Secretary Sajid Javid about Asian grooming gangs, in a debate prompted by the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson’s contempt of court case being referred to the attorney general.

2017: Sarah Champion quits Labour front bench over rape article

Read on… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-45956864/grooming-allegations-debate-dale-smith-moran-and-rudd

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2 thoughts on “Disgrace for MP to quit on grooming sex claims

  1. Do you really have to ask why Labour are languishing in the polls, riven by political correctness, far left Momentum setting the moral compass and a reliance on the Pakistani block postal vote you have the perfect set of reasons for why Labour will not win an outright majority at the next GE.

    The way Labour and Momentum attack Israel while silent on Pakistani grooming gangs beggars belief, no wonder Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon and the EDL are filling the political vacuum.

    Diane Abbott is found wanting on this issue, what has she said about tackling Pakistani grooming gangs, why are the Yorkshire Momentum social media sites devoid of any reference to the latest crimes against children, they eagerly post topics about trans-gender rights and Chile but nothing about the way they would work to stop the abuse of children, why is that?

    The far left and Labour are a total disgrace when it comes to safeguarding white working class children.

    Sarah Champion was right to speak out and she paid the price.


  2. I recently attended the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church (aka the Labour Party at prayer). During the presentation of their so called Equalities Committee report, a diatribe about how we should help promote better representation of women (in the church? oh please!), bme and transgender people, I raised the issue of the needs of white working class young men (a well documented under achieving group) – i was booed!!!


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