Former South Yorkshire Police officers hired by NCA to investigate child abuse scandal

29707_bigFORMER South Yorkshire Police officers are working on the operation to investigate historic child abuse in Rotherham — after a U-turn by the National Crime Agency.

A number of former SYP officers have been hired by the NCA to work on Operation Stovewood on the understanding that they have never worked in Rotherham.

The NCA’s senior investigating officer, Paul Williamson, said there had been an agreement at the beginning of the operation in January, 2015, not to recruit any SYP officers — but this had now been changed.

“It’s on the understanding that they have never worked in Rotherham or worked on child sexual abuse in Rotherham,” said Mr Williamson.

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NCA: Child abuse op to cost £15m a year until 2024

THE investigation into historic child sex abuse in Rotherham could cost around £15m a year and is expected to last until 2024.

The NCA’s Operation Stovewood superseded South Yorkshire Police’s investigation into non-familial child sexual abuse in the town between 1997 and 2013.

The investigation was launched at the request of South Yorkshire Police, who are responsible for funding the operation.

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Number of victims over Jay Report period unlikely to rise again, say NCA

THE number of child sexual exploitation victims in Rotherham over the Jay Report period is not expected to rise again, said the man leading the investigation into historic abuse.

In February, the National Crime Agency said Prof Alexis Jay’s estimate that 1,400 children from the town had been groomed and sexually abused between 1997 and 2013 may fall short of the real total. The NCA said its analysis estimated there were 1,510 victims and survivors.

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4 thoughts on “Former South Yorkshire Police officers hired by NCA to investigate child abuse scandal

    • Child abuse where ever it takes place should be thoroughly investigated, there have been enough cover-ups and blind eye turning. If it’s happened, or is still as alleged, happening in Sheffield, then it’s up to the people of that city to make sure the perpetrators are brought to book.


  1. The rationale not to recruit any former SYP officers was sound, will the victims now be interviewed by the very same officers who failed them the first time?

    A poor decision by the NCA, and a slap in the face for the victims.


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