Squealing Eling and West Mids Police!


Squealing Eling and West Mids Police!

Time and time again this blog has criticised the incestuous relationship between bent West Midlands Police and corrupt Labour Sandwell Council so that the former fail to do their job and investigate the latter.

Thanks to an informant I discovered that the “leader” of Sandwell Council, Steve “The Milkman” Eling and Sandwell Council had been writing to Ch Supt Richard Baker of Sandwell Police encouraging him to prosecute me for writing this blog. I knew nothing of this since when the Police interviewed me under caution they told me they were the “complex crime unit” from Wolvo. (Regular readers will know that even though I had a solicitor present two of their officers tried to fit me up by alleging that two complainants against Eling and Marshall were, in fact, complaining about ME! This was a lie). Clearly this was another lie as Sandwell Police were also involved (eg see the reference to the “Gold Meeting”.

I made a subject access request to WMP and have received a whole batch of emails between Eling/SMBC heavily redacted. But even what is there shows grossly defamatory comments by Eling and SMBC and I will be taking appropriate action.

3 thoughts on “Squealing Eling and West Mids Police!

  1. Where is our constitutional separation of powers of police, local democracy / government, and the judiciary? They all seem to be ‘operating’ in the same pot. Why are they being politically controlled without resistance? Where is the independence of the institutions with the power of oversight and why are they gatekeepers instead of holding them to account on our behalf? The political inmates have taken over the asylum!


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