Rotherham grooming scandal: £2m lawyers’ costs outstrip pay-outs to victims

imageRotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police have so far paid more than £2m to solicitors defending compensation claims from victims of the town’s child sexual exploitation scandal – significantly more than the amount paid for settled claims to date.
The council has paid close to £1.2m to and the police almost £1m to firms of solicitors defending 81 and 78 claims received respectively from victims who were exploited during a 16-year period of sustained and organised abuse by mainly Pakistani-heritage men in Rotherham.

Responding to Freedom of Information requests, the council said it had settled 12 claims by the beginning of October and a response this month from the police said it had settled 15 claims.

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6 thoughts on “Rotherham grooming scandal: £2m lawyers’ costs outstrip pay-outs to victims

  1. That would be about right – the commercial opportunities and greed for profit has always been at the core of the CSE scandal, at the physical, emotional and now financial expense of the victims are still being exploited.


    • if people are personally responsible for a dereliction of duty by being overly concerned about any allegations of racism then they should face claims against “them” for their lack of care of vulnerable young girls and also will the victims have any chance of making claims against their abusers some of whom own property?


  2. SYP can spend thousands on legal fees defending their actions and at the same time advertise for volunteers, this is just one role being advertised:

    South Yorkshire Police recruitment: Community Safety Volunteer


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