News on Blue Badge prosecution


The Council boasts at it’s success in obtaining another prosecution of a ‘blue badge abuser’. Rings rather hollow when Rotherham Labour Group are still protecting the ‘blue badge abuser’ in their midst! One law for the public, quite another if … Continue reading

More ‘Blue Badge Abusers’ Fined!

Friday’s Star brought us more news of the successful prosecutions of three ‘blue badge abusers’, who used someone else’s blue badge when the holder was not present! Emma Gaffney, aged 38, of Ascension Mews, Maltby, Ronald Steele, 67, of Herringthorpe … Continue reading

RMBC wins award from Disabled Motoring UK – Despite having the Blue Badge Abusing Councillor!

Disabled Motoring UK has announced its awards for 2011. Rotherham Parking Enforcement Team has won the 2011 Award for Effective Enforcement, a new award. Martin Beard, the council’s parking services manager proudly collected the award at ceremony organised by Disabled … Continue reading

Crackdown on Blue Badge Abuse begins – Outrage when Blue Badge Abusing Councillor still being protected!

The Yorkshire Post brought us news of a fresh clampdown on Blue Badge Cheats in Rotherham! Clampdown on parking fraudsters Published on Wednesday 27 May 2009 11:05 DRIVERS who use disabled parking badges when they are not entitled will have … Continue reading

Blue Badge Abusing Councillor – Fresh Insights!

Tales from the Town Hall brings us fresh insight into this rather murky little affair with their recent posting of this story entitled, “Red Faces Over Blue Badge Mystery.” Readers should especially note the sentence, “The Council is warning that … Continue reading