Jake Martinson

Election Snippets 7: Fear & Loathing Labour Style

If you think the national Labour Party is split and riven with factions, it ain’t nothing compared to the mutual animosity and distrust that riddles the Rotherham Labour Group. Like a group cast adrift in a rudderless boat without food … Continue reading

Election Snippet 3: UKIP, Ego overloaded and policy light

UKIP are spinning that they are selective and very choosy about who they will let stand for the Council under their banner. This is of course rubbish, a bit of propaganda put around to cover their only having 41 candidates … Continue reading

Election Snippet 1: Rotherham East Farce

How peculiar? Who would believe it? A few months ago Rothpol cited Zahir Munir (aka Monir) as failing to pass Labour’s tests for being a fitting person to stand as their candidate for Rotherham East. But one has to give the lad … Continue reading