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Frozen: Taiba Yasseen, Rotherham’s Princess Soya Loses Cabinet Post

Posted on May 20, 2018 by rik
RIP Taiba, known as Princess Soya due to a lack of personal political flavour or opinion. Instead soaking up and reflecting whatever flavours benefit her political ambition. So, in Rotherham she is Taxi driver royalty, retains her Facebook friendship with … Continue reading →

our Kashmiri women in a vicious attack on MP Sarah Champion: Why?

A report that they helped write accuses Champion of “fanning the flames of racial hatred.” Most worrying is it identifying Sara as callous in making racist comments on the anniversary of the thuggish, nasty, hate murder of Mushin Ahmed in … Continue reading

Rotherham Lads Show em what’s what at the Haj

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It seems like every week a politician or preacher disgraced for money/sex/bullying or other reasons, ends up rediscovering God, denounces his previous self as possesed by the devil and re-dedicates  himself to a pure and simple life in the future. … Continue reading

SOS: Save our Sarah

One day soon you’ll wake to find Sarah Champion is no longer to be MP for Rotherham. Not due to a Parliamentary election or a willing choice to retire. No, she is to be deselected by meetings you don’t know … Continue reading

HS2; No Crosses for Labour Double Crossers

I have long defended local Labour politicians against accusations that they are liars, cheats, corrupt, self serving pigs who are unprincipled bigots hiding behind a phoney political correctness. That they will work with fascists, misogynists, swear black is white and … Continue reading

Alcohol Free Six Pack: CSE Reports

If only former Council leader Roger Stone had known what he knows now. He wouldn’t have appointed the dogged, forensic, committed child care expert Alexis Jay to carry out the CSE inquiry. She was too knowledgeable and too committed to … Continue reading

Letter to the Media about Muhbeen Hussain

Twice within the last few days Muhbeen Hussain has been presented in the media, commenting upon equalities issues, as  representing “British Muslim Youth.” The inference being that he represents an organisation, popular movement or somehow has a special status or … Continue reading

Anti-Semitism in Boston Castle?

Labour’s Boston Castle Ward has submitted a motion to the forthcoming Rotherham Constituency Labour Party: “This Ward/CLP demands the reinstatement of Ken Livingstone, and that the unelected, unaccountable constitutional committee be scrapped forthwith.” They bounced it through a Ward meeting, … Continue reading

The MrBean Hussain & Chris Read Letters: Boys will be..?

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When Mubeen Hussain emerged from the womb and a midwife smacked his arse he screamed “racist” followed by loud sobs of “me, me, me”. Many thought the midwife had smacked the wrong end, and should have a second or even … Continue reading

Momentum losing it..

Rotherhama’s very own Darby and Joan are back in the Politics game. Shabana Ahmed and Clough Road lothario, Jahangir Akhtar, have re-emerged from their political exile at Hellaby’s infamous Gulag, Legover Lodge (£20 per night, cheap day rates available). Shabana … Continue reading

Regionalisation by Greed and Incompetence: Councils

Regionalism and elected Mayors have mainly been ignored by we the people. It bores us, we think it’s about jobs for the boys and girls. So much so that the politicians have stopped asking us, save through bland and ill … Continue reading

We’re all going to get healthier, maybe.

I got talking with a group of 7 Kashmiri guys, hanging out at a local garage; taxi drivers waiting for cars to be washed and tyres replaced. Animated about the Brexit vote, you wouldn’t have heard stronger views on immigration … Continue reading

Akhtar and Roddison: Old Chums

For many readers who miss Asbo Akhtar since he left political life & went to ground, I can confirm he is alive and kicking…though we don’t know who he is actually kicking these days. There’s been numerous unconfirmed sightings; as … Continue reading

Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp!

Life and politics can change….honestly, gulp! Courtesy  of Labour’s NEC backing Corbyn we will soon be be testing out the political theory that elections in England are won by those who grab the centre ground. By selecting Theresa May the … Continue reading

Labour; The battle will go on regardless.

Labour; The battle will go on regardless. Whatever happens at today’s Labour NEC we are a long way from even a temporary peace. Litigation will probably happen regardless. If Corbyn wins the right to be on the ballot sheet his … Continue reading

Corbynista revolution: Will it end in more disillusion for young people

Corbynista revolution: Will it end in more disillusion for young people Things are rarely what they seem in politics, and the Corbynista revolution is no different. Corbyn’s support group Momentum highlight increased membership from young new members; they’re not so … Continue reading

2016 Election Selection Dejection

There are 63 seats to be contested in Rotherham’s 2016 Council elections….3 councillors for each of the 21 Wards. Sadly, well maybe not so sadly, none of the political parties can at present find sufficient candidates to contest every seat. … Continue reading

Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate?

Why are Dinnington Labour candidates so frightened of debate? They have their own Facebook site, Labour for Dinnington, the part where you can message them is blocked. So you comment on one of the photographs on the site, within a … Continue reading

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Head of school at centre of Rotherham teen suicide investigation did not speak to review

Head of school at centre of Rotherham teen suicide investigation did not speak to review The headteacher of a school at the centre of an investigation into teenage suicides in Rotherham refused to be interviewed for an independent report, it … Continue reading

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More questions Anston & Woodsetts related

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I reproduce the list of questions and observations, arising from the Labour candidates latest leaflet, followed by the evidence cited: .

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Valley Ward battle joined

UKIP are distributing this leaflet in support of their Valley Ward candidates: See the full Valley Ward coverage: https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/the-rotherham-elections-2016/the-rotherham-local-elections-2016-all-in-one-place/focus-on-valley-ward-2016/

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Election Snippet 3: UKIP, Ego overloaded and policy light

UKIP are spinning that they are selective and very choosy about who they will let stand for the Council under their banner. This is of course rubbish, a bit of propaganda put around to cover their only having 41 candidates … Continue reading

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Swinton Labour Subterfuge

I am grateful to my supplier of this information. Strange, but labour never leaflet me? Can’t think why? Not a single word about the ‘Elephant in the room’, child sexual exploitation! If they won’t acknowledge the problem, there is no … Continue reading

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Time for a reminder – Has anything changed?

Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation First posted September 6, 2014. Unfortunately there is little in the way of signs of progress from where we were when this post was first published. “The Police showed her a map of … Continue reading