Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

During election periods Rotherham Politics is remarkably free of mentions of the BNP and BNP-Light, known to local voters as UKIP. This is to ensure that we don’t assist them by giving them publicity, all be it, of a negative nature!

At the elections this year both fielded candidates, UKIP 12 and BNP 5. The number of seats available was 23, so they managed to avoid fighting each other in 17 of the 21 ward elections, without, we are told, any collusion!

These two political parties have also managed this trick once before, in 2010 I believe. As the chances of this happening once are vanishingly small, for it to have happened twice in 3 years is almost impossible, without a pact not to fight one another’s candidates and collusion over which seats to fight, that is! Any other interpretation of the facts would stretch credibility too far.

Why is this important? When two Parties enter an electoral pact, implicit in this, is the recommending to BNP voters that they should vote for a UKIP candidate in the absence of a BNP candidate and vice versa! This makes them amount to the same thing, two sides of the same coin as it were, quite outrageous and totally unacceptable!

The BNP is populated with various racists and bigots in Rotherham as elsewhere. The organiser for them locally? Marlene Guest! The same Marlene Guest that occasionally pours out her pernicious opinions in the letters pages of the Advertiser.

It comes as a bit rich, when Nigel Farage the UKIP leader, tells the world that they are a nice cuddly party that has dealt with their racists and thrown them out. This clear out has not gone as far as Rotherham, if they can enter such a disgraceful electoral pact! Which is why Rotherham Politics refers to them as BNP-Light and will continue to do so until Rotherham UKIP rids itself of it’s BNP Fellow Traveller members and joins the fight against the BNP!

UKIP’s problems in South Yorkshire are not confined to Rotherham it would seem? Sheffield UKIP candidate sacked over Breivik comments

Candidates 12 5
Total Vote 8940 2953
Average per Ward 745 590

Complete 2012 Election Results!

Rotherham Politics election coverage continues. Our full results service is now available on it’s very own page – click here to check your local results. Further analysis to come.

There are other election related matters to come in the near future, check back regularly!

We are also interested in any information or campaign literature distributed by the British National Party (BNP) or the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), known to us here as, BNP-Light!

We would also like to complete our Manifesto Library, if anyone can help us to fill in the gaps, we would be most obliged. Perhaps Reg Littleboy might assist?

Finally we are also interested in reader sourced anecdotes from the recent elections campaign, please leave them as comments please or email Rothpol.

Jahangir Akhtar’s view on the Anston & Woodsetts Result

We quote from a Press release from Rotherham Labour Group:

“Councillor Akhtar also expressed his disappointment that Anston and Woodsetts Councillor Darren Hughes narrowly lost his seat saying “Darren had been a great servant to his ward and made an important contribution in the Town Hall. He was on the receiving end of a very bitter and negative campaign which sadly proved successful. I have no doubt that he will continue to play a valuable role in the life of Rotherham.”

The only important contribution we can think of, was champagne!

Press release can be read in full here. Full result here.

Congrats from Grald-Hunter to Rotherham’s New Women Councillors

I would like to send my best wishes to the new cohort of Labour women councillors, Shabana Ahmed, Maggie Clark, Maggie Godfrey and Lauren Astbury, who represent a brave new enlightened chapter in Rotherham democratic politics.

Now you are in place to represent the town’s citizens, please please please use your advanced superior powers of communication, cooperation, fiscal management, family management, integrity, scruples and honour to set yourselves apart from the elderly, male, grey-haired, corpulent, out-of–touch Laybah Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns who so readily subscribe to Da Dodger’s grubby political patronage machine and ruin our town in the process.

When Da Dodger sez if you play your cards right you can come on a junket, or sit on this committee, or manage that portfolio, please tell him to remember that he’s talking to a female councillor with principles and politely decline to be compromised.

Great hopes are with you ladies, please please please, don’t let us down. We’re watching and waiting.

Sincere Regards,


ACORN ANTIQUES – An Election Special – 6 May 2012

Mrs Overall Rolls out the velum scroll , takes up her quill, to bring you and to record for posterity. the momentous events of the recent election for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward.


Clive Jepson – Independent                         1249 votes  (Elected)
Darren Hughes (The Defector) Labour       1156 votes

Mrs Overall’s quill is all of a quiver with the excitement of this resounding victory.
CONGRATULATIONS Borough Councillor Clive Jepson (Independent)
At last someone with strong connections to the Ward.

The LOSER, as an optician, should have seen it coming!

The Candidate:
Darren Hughes aka Champagne Charlie, rides into the fray
Thinking the people of Anston & Woodsetts are afflicted with colour blindness.
Blue voters turning to Red! – No way – Principles ruled the day.
As an optician he should have seen it coming!

The Agent:
Iain St.John – has to be  – The worst Labour Agent in Town
His Candidate –  The only Labour incumbent to lose his seat
What a way to run a campaign.
Iain St. John couldn’t run a whelk stall.

HIS CANDIDATE LOST BY                              93 votes
THREW AWAY (previous majority)              520  votes
Pleeeeeeez can we nominate Iain St.John as Labour agent for 2014

He didn’t see it coming – Change your optician

The Electorate of Anston & Woodsetts:
Can see clearly – Now the red mist has gone.
The lamp and telegraph poles are now free of their proliferating, pernicious, political posters.
Remove them came the clarion call from RMBC.
Quite right – A blind man on a galloping horse could not fail to see the debasing of our village.
As an optician he should have seen it coming

Elected as a Conservative against Labour  –  1 Labour seat lost
Defected to Labour & Defeated                        2 Labour seats lost
What a career nose dive
Darren Hughes – Good riddance and don’t come back.  Don’t even think about it unless you want another pasting.
As an optician surely he should have seen all of this coming

The Agent didn’t see it coming
The Labour Party didn’t see it coming
But there again – WE WENT TO SPECSAVERS.

Goodnight All   –  Mrs Overall

Addendum – The result in full:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Foulstone Green 240 7.8
Hughes Labour 1156 37.6
Hunter Conservative 428 13.9
Jepson Independent 1249 40.6 Elected
Total Votes 3073
Electorate 8882
Turnout 34.67
Total Allowed Spend £1,044.10


Omar ‘succeeds’ in Boston Castle!

Omar Mehban’s campaign got it’s reward last night when we discovered 64 votes were cast for him! Omar, we understand was hoping for fewer than this!

How many Loonies can there be in Boston Castle Ward? The answer to that question is at least 64 and allowing for the turnout there could be many more?

The urgent question on everyone’s lips is will the Official Monster Raving Loony Party field more candidates in 2014? Rothpol certainly hopes so!

Well done Omar from Loonies every where!

Oh! The loony that won this epic political battle? Labour’s, Mahroof Hussain!

Upset in Anston & Woodsetts ward!

For those eager readers waiting for full analysis of this years Rotherham local government elections, disappointment, I am afraid is inevitable! It takes time to do this.

The highlight of the night came at the very end of the counting session, with the declaration of the result for Anston & Woodsetts ward.

Clive Jepson, the doughty Independent, had beaten Darren Hughes!

What the voter giveth, they can take away again!

Selling out Anston’s green belt to the Brethren Cult, was never going to make Darren popular! It’s that kind of place, that and the simple fact, that they wouldn’t be taken for fools! Not twice!

Elections can be wonderful occasions! Revenge of the ‘duped’, perhaps? Or even Rotherham’s very own ‘Portillo’ moment?

More on this story later, when I wake up properly!

The results are here on the RMBC website.

Reflections on an election – Dave Smith

I have never felt so disgusted as I did last night at the count for the Rotherham council elections, this is not sour grapes because I did not win; because I never expected to.  The reason I felt that way, and indeed still do, is the contempt with which Labour councillors, Labour members of parliament and their supporters treated other candidates who dared to stand against them.  We were looked on as if we had no right to take part in the democratic process, we were made to feel we had no right to be there.  The atmosphere was one of total arrogance, we own Rotherham and no one has the right to challenge that.  What the people of Rotherham need to understand is that the contempt they showed towards me and other non Labour candidates is the same contempt they show towards them.

In the cold light of day people who have voted Labour, based on the premise that you have always done this, should now analyse what you have done. You have voted for more workers to be sacked, leaving them to the misery of unemployment, more workers salaries to be cut, more services to be cut and even bigger rent rises for next year.

Remember this the government cuts have hardly started, so what next from this set of part time Labour councillors. You should also remember that all this is happening whilst these part timers are lining their pockets with thousands of pounds of our money, whilst carrying out very little work.

How many of you in our area of Dinnington with children at university can afford to send £150.00 a fortnight to them, Simon Tweed can.  So could you if you had £13,518 on top of your wages.  This my friends, who always vote Labour, this is what you have done.  The Labour controlled council of Rotherham has not done one thing to protect the people from the hardships that this government is putting on them; in fact they have compounded it.  A pensioner living in a two bedroom flat has to pay extra because no one is living in the extra bedroom, this on top of the massive hike in their council rent.  When are you “I have always voted Labour” going to wake up to the fact that it is not acceptable for councillors to be taking out of the money, meant for the people of our area, thousands of pounds that single parents, the unemployed, the disabled and pensioners can only dream of.

What we need is the people of our area to get out and vote in order to counter the “I have always voted Labour” brigade.  Out of a possible 9,500 voters in the Dinnington area only 2,662 voted, a derisory 28% of the electorate.  This has given Labour the bragging rights that they polled 52% of the vote, but this is 52% of less than a third of the electorate. The real figure is actually 14.57%  of the total electorate a vastly different figure.

For those who voted UKIP and Conservative what on earth do they think they are going to do for our area, they could not even be bothered to contact the people in any way; they couldn’t even be bothered to attend the count.  For those who told lies and obfuscations about me, well done you have helped keep Dinnington at the status quo, no where, with no one to fight for it.

The bright light of this election is that Labour voters at Anston rejected the Labour/Tory candidate and returned an independent.  My hearty congratulations to Clive Jepson, I know he will do a good job for his area.

I will just add one caveat for Labour, I am still here, still alive and remember I have two years to prepare.  See you in May 2014 councillor Falvey.  Two years is a long time in politics.

Dave Smith

Rocking Horse droppings at Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight!

Greenlands TARA AGM – tonight! Breathless report just in!

Darren Hughes turned up! Now there’s a surprise – he has never been at all in the last four years! Judy Dalton was invited – but “could not come”

Darren spoke with all authority – as if he was doing marvellous things. The audience were absolutely amazed at his audacity, knowing what he is like for never finishing anything or getting back to people.

Darren Hughes spoke on the following subjects:

LDF – The number is now down from 1K and some  to 501.
The new development will be parallel with Woodland Grove – our informant has never heard, of Woodland Grove – probably another lack of attention by Hughes.

Darren went on at length on the subject of the public consultation. Surprise, surprise! Another consultation in August!

Brethren School & Gospel Hall
Hughes has done extensive surveys in Laughton Common and everyone he has spoken to is FOR this. (depends how the question is framed!)
There was only 1 person against!  He said?

He has been in consultation with RMBC and said it did not go through because it was not written up strongly enough. Darren emphasised it is a Gospel Hall and If they word the reapplication to the effect that the Gospel Hall is not on Green Belt, it would go through.
RMBC know if it goes to appeal it will cost a lot of money.
Outrageously Darren Hughes & RMBC appear to be telling the Brethren how to word this application so it will be successful. He confirmed they will be putting in another application.

The fumes/pollution is causing concern from premises on the Monksbridge Trading Estate.
Darren Hughes set up a meeting with both the Paper Factory and Trade B, but never turned up – He has never been to any of the subsequent meetings either.
It is Clive Jepson along with Sandra Wallhead and others who attend.

Darren Hughes is making out that he does a great deal for the community – despite never getting back to them!

Funny that! Anyone might suspect that he wants the mugs from Anston & Woodsetts Ward to re-elect him?

Naked politicking or what? Nothing for four years, then he waltzes in on his white charger telling everyone how wonderful he is, Not!

Fly on the wall

‘Trolls’ owe apologies!

Examination of issues surrounding complaints re Dave Smith the Independent Candidate for Dinnington ward’s statements on Rotherham Politics.

The complaints:
That Dave Smith made derogatory statements comparing Simon Tweed with a turnip.
That Dave Smith stated that another, Steve Scott, was ‘in the back pocket’ of a political party.

Examination of evidence:
Every word published on Rotherham Politics, attributable to Dave Smith and every comment making claims or complaints about him have been closely examined, together with the identification of the true sources for them all.

There is no evidence to support the complaints whatsoever.

Dave Smith did not compare Simon Tweed with a turnip, he said Simon Tweed had a turnip sharing Tweeds name! Quite another thing entirely.

As for impugning the reputation of Steve Scott, that accusation is also false.

Dave Smith was describing himself as, ‘not in the back pocket of political parties’. How this can be so misconstrued as to justify Steve Scott and others assertions that Dave Smith was accusing Scott of anything is not credible from the evidence.

There appears to have been, a deliberate and wilful misinterpretation of the statements that have been published here.

Facebook has been also been used to proliferate these erroneous and incorrect conclusions, adding to the offence caused to both Rotherham Politics and Dave Smith personally. This kind of behaviour is known as ‘Trolling’.

Dave Smith and this blog have been the victims therefore, of this ‘Trolling’!


Dave Smith and Rotherham Politics are both due an apology from the perpetrators! We both await suitable apologies from the perpetrators and the removal of the offensive material posted on Facebook. They could use the comments for this purpose or contact us personally under separate cover.


First posted as a comment on the Vote Dave Smith – Independent Candidate Dinnington Ward post. Reproduced here for readers convenience.