Police officers drafted in from across the country for demonstrations in South Yorkshire


Hundreds of police officers from across the country have been drafted in for two demonstrations in Rotherham this weekend. Police chiefs have issued a warning ahead of the gatherings that ‘criminality’ at the demonstrations will not be accepted. One group … Continue reading

In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today.

The Labour Party has always taken the people for granted, now they seem to have become fond of deploying the most outrageous and despicable untruths, in order to garner future electoral support for themselves, based on downright lies and deceptions!

Why does the Labour Party fail to deal with their completely out of control members?

The likely result? Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.

Respect Rotherham – Founded Today

It can be announced that Respect’s Yvonne Ridley was in Rotherham today, to attend the inaugural meeting of Respect Rotherham.

Around twenty people were present at this meeting. They committed themselves, to carry the fight to labour in election battles to come.

Respect, we understand, are planning regular meetings into the future.

One thing is very much for sure, this will be a most unwelcome development, as their labour opponents at the Rotherham By-election were quite sure that Rotherham, would hear no more from Respect. Just shows how wrong you can be!