Down Memory Lane


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John Wilkinson has reminded us of the time when Jahangir Akhtar got his nickname. From the Guardian: Councillor joined drunken brawl Martin Wainwright The Guardian, Wednesday 19 June 2002 08.47 BST A Labour councillor caught…

Suddenly Shy? Is Mahroof on ‘borrowed time’?


The list of questions for Mahroof Hussain grows ever longer. For a politician Mahroof, has suddenly become extraordinarily coy, when it comes to answering any questions at all, no matter who asks them. It is becoming evident that political cowardice, … Continue reading

Mandelson’s Law – No longer holds true in Rotherham?


Peter Mandelson allegedly said that traditional Labour voters in the North would vote Labour regardless because they had “nowhere else to go.” Well it seems they have now. The local Labour Group has very much reflected the Mandelson attitude, treating … Continue reading

Needed in every Town?


In a Town like Rotherham there are numerous charities, local groups and clubs that invite on to their controlling boards, people who lend their reputations to these organisations, who then trade on this, as evidence of their bona fides. Such … Continue reading

External Affairs Executive?


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Snail mail brought me today this interesting bulletin from Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber concerning the activities for 2014 of their External Affairs Executive, known to us as Dominic Beck: One wonders what experiences Dominic has to offer businesses in our … Continue reading

What’s the story? ten


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Thanks to readers for spotting this, Rothpol can report on the latest addition to the Akhtar family property portfolio: Full story: What’s the story?

Prelude to Party Games?


Party games are well under way in the battle to be selected or reselected by their Party to give them another four years, with their snouts in the trough! Ward Incumbent Party   Anston & Woodsetts Ward Jo Burton Lab … Continue reading

A Maths Puzzle?


SYPCC Shaun Wright’s Website says: Within the Office of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner the proportion of staff which are:    – Women is 72%.    – Members of an ethnic minority is 5%.    – Have a … Continue reading

Cllr Tracey Cheetham – Appointed Deputy PCC

News is filtering in of Shaun Wright’s latest wheeze, find the most unsuitable person to be Deputy PCC, then give them the job!

This from the Star:

New South Yorkshire deputy police chief role comes under fire

Published on Tuesday 15 January 2013 11:11

APPOINTMENT of a deputy to South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has been criticised by opposition councillors in Sheffield.

Tracey Cheetham, a Barnsley councillor and constituency manager for Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, has been appointed to the role, which is paid a salary.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat leader on Sheffield Council, said: “At a time when local Labour politicians are cutting front line services, I’m sure residents across South Yorkshire will be surprised that they can still find the money for things like this.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner should be using any funding available for front line police officers rather than appointing political cronies. Read on………

News updates:

Official News:

Tracey Cheetham from Barnsley MBC

That was quick, Dan Jarvis’s Ex-Office Manager advertised on his website:

“News Job Vacancy: Constituency Office Manager