Shaun Wright – friendships revealed?


How on earth could Leader, Cllr “flaky” Lakin vote in a motion of no confidence to oust close and trusted friend Shaun “Im All” Wright after holidaying so many times with him and enjoying the Wright Families hospitality. I presume … Continue reading

Shaun Wright the front page man again!


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Our very own Shaun Wright has made the front page of this weeks Advertiser. Have been sent the following documents by Termite. Wonder what readers make of them? The Shaun Wright Archive:

South Yorkshire police chief to be quizzed over Hillsborough ‘spin’ allegations


South Yorkshire police chief to be quizzed over Hillsborough ‘spin’ allegations Former communications specialist claims she was told to emphasise evidence favourable to police when speaking to journalists attending inquest hearings South Yorkshire’s re-elected police and crime commissioner is to … Continue reading

Mahroof Hussain with Paul Lakin, Simon Currie in Akbars


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Strange bedfellows celebrating or plotting comebacks, one wonders? This picture is a little older than I thought, it is from last year in fact. Left to right Paul Lakin, Butt, Simon Currie and Mahroof Hussain. I was reminded of these … Continue reading

With a little help from his ‘friends’?


Barry Dodson, the Ex-Labour Councillor, Ex-Mayor (for three weeks) and currently a non-party member, is standing for the Council as an Independent for Rotherham East Ward. Normally in cases where they stand against official Labour candidates, their vote is likely … Continue reading

Rotherham councillor accused of rape


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Rotherham councillor accused of rape A victim in the Rotherham grooming trial told police she was raped by an influential politician linked to three brothers jailed yesterday for a campaign of child abuse in the town which a judge called … Continue reading