MacShameless – A Pack Of Lies!


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If you cast your mind back, Denis MacShane has explained himself and his expenses claims in several different ways over the period since they were first exposed. This explanation, in the Advertiser of  Feb 5th 2010, was presented as the … Continue reading

MacShane – police investigation celebrates first birthday!

After almost a full 24 hours without an internet connection, I am beginning to have some sympathy with those caught up in this weeks Blackberry and Apple crumble. Connection thankfully re-established today! Hadn’t realised how dependent I have become on digital connectivity, definitely a bad week for technology!

Back to the main story; A year on from Denis MacShane’s disgrace being made public with the simultaneous announcement of the launch of a police investigation into his expenses claims and the suspension of the Parliamentary Labour Whip, the Standards and Privileges Committee, Parliament, Rotherham’s voters and the public generally are still awaiting the results.

October 14th 2010, seems so long ago since the Standards and Privileges Committee called in the Yard to bottom out what they themselves had uncovered lurking in his expenses claims, you would have thought it would have taken much less than a year to produce results?

Picture pinched from the Mirror, Photo Shopped and sent to us by Mr T.

Has Mr T correctly identified one important piece of evidence, linking MacShane to the Letwin waste paper bin story?

Grald-Hunter brings us this pearl from MacShane!

Grald-Hunter the active and empowered Rotherham citizen, voter, council tax payer and regular Rotherham Politics commentator would like to share this special vomit-inducing nugget from Da Dokta MacSh**e’s twitter log today –!/DenisMacShane  It reads: “DenisMacShane Denis MacShane

“George really going to let his rich pals deduct cost of nannies from tax. Why not their cooks and butlers?”

Wow, the brass neck of this disgraced Labour Whip-less MP who was reported to have claimed for eight laptops in three years, apparently works out of a Rovrum garage, and is now apparently under police investigation for other alleged expenses irregularities.–just-years.html

If I were him (which I’m so glad I’m not) I’d keep my shiny grinning bonce down and me gob firmly shut – but he ain’t doin either unfortunately …

Roll on Election Day and let’s get shut of bad rubbish !!


MacShane’s Interests 5 – The European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA)

The ‘think tank’ the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) was set up under the leadership of Stephen Pollard in 2007.


The European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) was established in 2007 as an independent think-tank to examine the growth and development of antisemitism in the world today and to explore new strategies for countering this age- old hatred in all its forms.

EISCA is founded on the principle that the key to addressing antisemitism in the 21st century comes from a knowledge of its origins, a grasp of its history and a recognition of its changing shape and centrality when analysing racial hatred and contemporary prejudice.

In addition to carrying out original research, EISCA provides a network to the most comprehensive scholarship in the field and a blog ( devoted to monitoring and examining the discourse of antisemitism in the written, visual and electronic media.”

March 2009 saw the appointment of the Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane MP, as the new Chairman replacing Stephen Pollard and promising much including the publication of a report that the taxpayer had funded to the tune of £20,000!

The report entitled ‘Understanding and Addressing the ‘Nazi Card’ – Intervening Against Antisemitic Discourse’ was eventually published and can be viewed here.

In fact the most interesting thing about the report is not it’s contents, but those associated with it and EISCA! You would have thought some of these prominent people would think more than twice before lending their names and reputations to this shadowy organisation now run by the currently ‘in disgrace’ Denis MacShane. See notes below for full list. MacShane, it should not be forgotten, is currently suspended from the Labour Whip and under police investigation for expenses irregularities!

Why is this of interest to students of Denis MacShane’s activities? Because since taking over Chairmanship of EISCA most content has been removed from their website, the blog shut down and all details of those involved removed!

They now hide behind the secrecy afforded them by the Companies Act. I quote from the EISCA website:

A private company, limited by guarantee, incorporated in England and Wales with Company No. 6140653 on the 6th March 2007.

European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA)
New Broad Street House, New Broad Street,

So there you have it, not one of the most transparent organisations that Denis MacShane is involved with, see MacShanes Interests 3 – European Policy Institute. Yet again we witness another of MacShane’s interests that operates on the fringes, without benefit of any accountability whatsoever and now hiding from public scrutiny!

MacShane seems to like to operate in secrecy. It is interesting to note that there is no link to their own report on the EISCA website!

Why not, one wonders? As it is the only thing they seem to have done and had £20,000 taxpayers money to pay for it!

The reason? Probably because it is rubbish!

The report is simply a predicable rehash, of old ideas and prejudices, mostly lacking in intellectual rigour, trotting out the same canards that those apologists for Israel constantly rehearse. Embarrassment then, may be the simple explanation for the fact that they they would appear to want no one to read it.


EISCA Board of Directors: Denis MacShane (Chairman), Jon Benjamin, Jeremy Newmark.

Patrons: Lord Carey, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Lord Weidenfeld.

Advisory Board: Jessica Asato, Professor Brian Brivati, Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Adrian Cohen, Janet Daley, Lord Dholakia, Daniel Finkelstein, Rokhsana Fiaz, Dean Godson, Michael Gove MP, Tom Gross, Dr David Hirsh, Anthony Julius, Oliver Kamm, Dominic Lawson**, Maureen Lipman, Charles Moore, Fiyaz Mughal, Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Douglas Murray, Dr Peter Neumann, Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi, Geoffrey Paul, Stephen Pollard, Baroness Margaret Prosser, Baroness Meta Ramsay, Sir Tim Sainsbury, Dr Charles Small, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith, MP, Stephen Twigg, Michael Whine.


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