A message from Maureen Vines


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In addition to Sarah Kiran of Respect, UKIP’s Maureen Vines is also asking for votes this year, in the Rotherham West Ward: .

Sarah Kiran takes Respect’s message to voters


Sarah Kiran, Respect Party Candidate Rotherham West Ward, who along with supporters is carrying Respect’s message to the voters. Anyone needing  a poster for Respect for display, just give Kiran a call: To follow the full story of the battle … Continue reading

Gird up thy loins?


“As I read about Halal meat & Brinsworth school , watching the left and right get equally heated I keep repressing this awful urge to laugh. So they debate the concepts of racism & political correctness…on and on and on..and … Continue reading

Guardian – Who leads Respect?


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This was spotted by an observant reader who thought this might interest fellow readers: Whatever is going on at the National level, Rotherham Respect continues to gather support, see: Rotherham Respect Party Issues An Invitation. Mystery solved: Puzzle solved over who … Continue reading

Getting Organised For 2014


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Right across Rotherham the political scene is hotting up for 2014! Candidates are being chosen and, for some, the campaigning for next years elections has already started! Rothpol has resisted the temptation to become associated with any Political Party and … Continue reading

The Nightmare, For Some? Materialises!

Respect Rotherham Branch is getting organised. The first public expression of this, is the announcement, that Rotherham Respect are to host a public meeting in Rotherham!

Rotherham Respect’s meeting will be at Homeflair, Parkgate Complex, Rawmarsh Road, Rotherham S60 1RZ at 5pm on Saturday May 4th, all those interested welcome!

Rotherham Respect may be contacted through the Secretary, Sarah Kiran Mahmood, by email click here.

We are sure that this will be bad news for some of the playground bullies and village tyrants that hang out in the Lubyanka.

Yvonne says a big thank-you to the people of Rotherham!

“May I, on behalf of the Respect election team, say a big thank-you to the people of Rotherham for their amazing warmth, hospitality and support.

Respect achieved an unbelievable result in just over two weeks of campaigning – coming from a point of zero the result was more than encouraging, silenced critics and proved our message of peace, justice and equality resonated with voters.

As it was, the majority of those who voted last week chose Sarah Champion to represent them and it would be churlish not to congratulate her. But this is not the end for Respect in Rotherham, merely the beginning. Not only will our candidates feature in future elections, both local and general, a new Rotherham branch of the party has already met to map out plans for 2013.

None of this could have been achieved without the backing of nearly 2,000 voters who put their faith and trust in Respect or without the unstinting support shown by a group of local people who believed in Respect. Some were seasoned activists, veteran campaigners, others had never fought an election before but they were passionate about delivering our message of people before politics. I am deeply humbled by everyone’s efforts and look forward to working with you all again.”

Yvonne Ridley, Respect by-election candidate for 2012.