Election Day Coverage Starts Early

Rotherham Politics readers will be interested in this insightful piece, which we hope the source intended for publication, we are grateful to you.

“As a Rotherham resident I am appalled that my taxes contribute towards paying some council workers/politicians who have no moral compass. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working for some of these unscrupulous characters who collude in a joint pact of turning a blind eye. It’ s why we have some of the highest paid politicians and senior council officers even though we are one of the most deprived boroughs in the country.

The foster-gate scandal from my experience will lead to no insightful investigation; the very senior teams and politicians are specialists in cover-up. They will cover their tracks without morally flinching about the impact they have had on three young children and their foster parents.

I used to call them Orwellian Wizards – they develop a myth, they find and twist the evidence which supports their myth and shockingly in unison they spout out a version of reality that never happened. Amazingly they believe their own lie which becomes the evident truth – in trying to convince others they convinced themselves.  

This ability is only matched by their desperate desire to collect awards, which completes the circle – outside adulation proves they are the best, never mind the experience of local people. There are many examples I could share but one that comes to mind (and most relevant to multiculturalism) is their eagerness to be the first Council to gain Excellent in equalities (yes the irony) and guess what, these overpaid corrupt Orwellian Wizards achieved this.

I am only attacking some of the higher levels of leadership; huge amounts of the council’s workforce are decent and committed to the people of Rotherham. I urge those workers to join us and share what you know; it is a rare and overdue opportunity to get rid of the arrogant, corrupt, delusional bullies that are running our town.”

Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections.

With labour in dire trouble with their campaign, mainly due to the apparent boycott by locals, at all levels of party organisation, and their intention to vote against their party for the first time ever! This is quite simply, an unprecedented development!

Labour voters who haven’t even voted for years, are energised by the chance to punish the party, that they had trusted for years and are absolutely sick of it! This trust has been stretched beyond breaking point. They are now intent on punishing the party for their evident failings.

The voters of all the parties know, that this by-election, is crucial to our common future. If labour does scrape home with the trainee candidate nothing will be done to rid our town of the corrupt and fundamentally undemocratic, control freak ways, that have so characterised by RMBC and the recent fostering row.

UKIP have made a lot of noise, but have actually gained few votes. The 2010 result, may still prove, to have been the high-watermark of their electoral support in Rotherham constituency.

I am afraid that most of the eleven candidates are destined to lose their deposits as their supporters realise the logic of the situation.

This has been a two horse race, right from the start in reality. The situation is simple, if voters want to say, enough is enough, and a lot do, there is only one opponent to Labour’s Sarah Champion, that can prevent her wining is Yvonne Ridley.

This fact cannot be ignored by the voters casting their votes tomorrow. The whole town is hoping and praying, that they don’t wake up to more of the same with a new MP, hand picked for them, by Kevin Barron of all people!

So there we have it a stark chioce:

Sarah Champion represents the ‘more of the same’ with the local wrongdoing going on as before, with all the greed, sleaze and corruption that is entailed!

Or, voters can send ‘crooks’ like Denis MacShane the last MP, and the ‘crooked’ local labour party, a message loud and clear that they want a fresh start, by voting for Yvonne Ridley to be their next MP. With Yvonne as MP, the fresh start may be possible?

By-Election Hangover For Labour! Exclusive!

Rotherham Politics has learned that labour’s problems at the ballot box, have only just started! We have learned that Respect, will from now on maintain a presence and a base in Rotherham, after this by-election is over.

Evidence seen by us, clearly confirms this to be the case. Aren’t photocopiers wonderful when documents are left accidentally!

This cannot be a welcome development in the Lubyanka or Labour HQ, I Would imagine?

Fresh information still coming in about this new development, check back later for more.

Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

The litany of Labour failure in Rotherham over many years is legendary!

Despite the history of poor performance, greed, sleaze and corruption that labour has swept under the carpet with very few paying the proper price for their wrongdoing.

Rotherham’s voters are going to the polls, intent on nothing less than revolution! They are preparing, to make labour pay the price for this failure!  Also to send a clear message to labour, to get a grip in Rotherham and to have taken the proper action to clean up the party! Here are just a few:

National Local Government Forum Against Poverty
Steel Action
Little action against the guilty involved in the ‘Grooming Scandal’
Labours sorry tale of greed, sleaze and corruption in Rotherham
Jahangir Akhtar Deputy Leader RMBC twice! And his recent awful behaviour
A culture of nepotism has infected RMBC like lettering runs through seaside rock
The ‘crook’ Denis MacShane finally exposed
Mahroof Hussain MBE, exposed as merely a collector of titles
The selection shenanigans
The resulting labour candidate, selected with only 13 votes

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, I am sure readers can think of many more?

Recent events have shone an intense spotlight on the Council and they have been found to be wanting. Rotherham folk are both embarrassed and ashamed, because of the actions of the labour party and for their abject failure to deal with their dirty little problems be fore

In short, the labour party has covered up much that is wrong with Rotherham labour resulting in their problems now being visible for all to see!

Rotherham By-Election – Tuesday’s Campaign News

Rotherham labour’s hand picked candidate, has been abandoned by her Svengali and promoter in chief, one Kevin Barron the member for Rother Valley! Barron’s constituency office reports, Kevin will not be back now, “for several weeks.”

That was quick, just had Kevin’s office on the line, stating that they do not believe the above to be entirely accurate. Waiting for email, ‘clarification’, bring it to readers once received. Glad for confirmation that labour reads our blog.

Labour clarification:

“It seems that there has been some confusion over Kevin’s movements this week which I would like to clarify.  Kevin is currently in parliament but will return to his constituency tomorrow to help with the Rotherham  by-election.  He will then go back to London on Monday to resume his parliamentary duties.  His next surgery is in Dinnington on Saturday 8th December.

Once again apologies for any confusion and I would be grateful if you could let me know who misunderstood Kevin’s diary movements so we can personally apologise.”

Yours sincerely
K M Edwards
The Office of K J Barron MP

Hope Kevin hasn’t had to change his plans?

Don’t know where labour’s advice came from, to withdraw their candidate from the recording made at New York Stadium last night, but it has done untold damage to the credibility of labour and their candidate. If they can’t even trust her in front of a microphone, why on earth should we?

Understand, that the quite awful Marlene Guest, the BNP candidate claimed, UKIP and the BNP were as one in Rotherham! Told the UKIP candidate, didn’t bat an eyelid at this claim from Marlene Guest.

Interesting to Rothpol, is the strange tale, told on the doorstep umpteen times, that Sarah Champion has converted to Islam! Perhaps Sarah might like to confirm, or deny this, for the benefit of her own canvassers, who seem to have it wrong!

Rothpol is happy to receive your campaign news, views and anecdotes, either as comments or by email. Rothpol.

Rotherham By-Election – The Pivotal Moment?

The unacceptable face of Rotherham labour politics showed itself for what it is, as a result of their own botched selection. This resulted, not in a candidate of undoubted ability and track record such as Richard Burgon, but a complete unknown, with a decidedly dodgy labour pedigree.

What looked like a clever move by Tom Watson and labour’s NEC on Monday, turned into a disaster on the Tuesday night. Where is Tom Watson? Disappeared just like Tom Wrigglesworth?

Labour’s selection meeting turned into farce when, frustrated that their outrageous behaviour at the meeting went unrewarded, walked out! This was ight in front of Len Tingle and the BBC’s cameras, showing the whole country labour’s disarray!

Those whose behaviour before, during the selection meeting and subsequently, that has been simply outrageous, must be properly held to account. Many labour members and others simply can’t understand why Akhtar and others, have not been suspended from labour already? Just how much disrepute must one person cause before the party disciplines them?

Should labour lose on Thursday, which now seems more than likely, this will have been the pivotal moment, when they lost it!

Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

Rotherham Politics can report, Mondays TUSC pre election rally was well attended and supported.

The message was clear the condem cuts in this area are devastating local jobs and services not to mention peoples lives.

Meanwhile the labour party are falling the people of Rotherham with the current ukip scandal alongside 2 local MP’s seemingly fiddling their expenses, after the emergence of Kevin Baron’s second home scandal, and a candidate the local party don’t even want!

Not to mention deputy leader of the borough council mr Akhtar’s foul mouthed tirade at a respect supporter.

The TUSC call for a stop to all the cuts with almost 2000 more emergency and public service jobs to go in the area. The people of Rotherham need an alternative and the TUSC can be the solution for the hard pressed people of Rotherham.