Far-right protests draining police resources, figures reveal


South Yorkshire police forced to spend almost £5m since start of 2012 on keeping peace at demonstrations South Yorkshire police have spent nearly £5m on policing far-right protests since the beginning of 2012, figures have shown. Freedom of information requests … Continue reading

Is It Pantomime Season Again?


Dear freedomofinformation@rotherham.gov.uk

As an active and empowered citizen with an interest in the costs and activities of RMBC Elected Members and Officers who govern our town with the consent of the electorate I wish to obtain the following information.

I require you to supply me with the following information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

1. Please provide me with a copy of the Planning Approval Notice for all of the signage attached to the “MyPlace – Rotherham” building, some of which is identified in the attached photo taken at 16:59 hrs today, Monday 9 July 2012.

2. Please provide me with a copy of the Officer Approval Report and/or the Agenda and Minutes of the RMBC Planning Board Meeting at which Planning Consent was granted for the erection of the signage attached to the “MyPlace – Rotherham” building identified in the attached photo taken at 16:59 hrs today, Monday 9 July 2012.

Please provide the above information in electronic format and within the time scale prescribed in the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

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Impressed with the tv coverage, Indigo goes to town

Rotherham suddenly seems to be of great interest to the BBC, a few weeks ago, we were featured on Newsnight and this morning a least two slots on the morning news,

Both these programmes featured a new ‘Old Fashioned’ sweetshop, This morning Karl Battersby was singing the praises of how Rotherham is now flourishing and we have turned the corner, with all the grants etc that were available. What a sweet man he looked standing with rows and rows of bottled confectionery behind him on the shelves.

As I didn’t know where this ‘new sweetshop was and an urge for some good old fashioned sweets, I decided to dust off my bus pass and have a trip to town. I eventually found the sweetshop at the top of High Street, near to where the old tobacconists had been for, well all my lifetime, years. I walked in with great anticipation for the smell of lemon sherbets, aniseed balls and chocolate, what a sad disappointment. There was no tempting smells, everything in mass produced plastic bottles. I had a look round and walked out. A new clothes shop was near, I spied a very nice coat in the window, I went to the door, closed, with a sign ‘back at 2’ as it was now 2.25. according to the clock outside Hamby’s, by the way did you know this clock according to the news this morning came from Fleet Street, I decided to go home, No rhubarb and custard sweets for me tonight, no new coat.