Sadiq Khan’t?


Even a cursory review of the background of this oleaginous and arrogant politician, throws up serious questions about him. This information should have prevented him from even standing as a Labour candidate, never mind for the Shadow Cabinet! It speaks … Continue reading

Genuine Tyke, John Healey – Now 'Politicians Politician'!

The Shadow Cabinet elections have revealed Yorkshireman, John Healey, to have become the consummate politician. Suddenly bursting in to public view to reveal a perfectly formed, gifted man, in much the same way that a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis.

Coming second only to another talented Labour MP, Yvette Cooper in the Shadow Cabinet vote amongst Labour MPs a distinct achievement in itself shows just how his peculiar talents have been recognised by all groups of opinion on the Labour benches.

John’s achievements now eclipse anything other Rotherham representatives of the past or present have managed and still has potentially the most successful period ahead of him.

I am confident that John will perform well at his brief. Taking the Health portfolio, will allow him ample possibilities to play to his strengths and to learn the arts of opposition, which are quite different to being in Government.

If John does not get involved in shaping future campaigns for Labour it will be their loss.

I am glad that the young man that appeared on my doorstep all those years ago, wanting to enter the race for Wentworth, (occasioned by Peter Hardy’s retirement) has handsomely repaid the confidence we placed in him back on that chilly night shortly before Christmas 1996, much to the chagrin of those who had wished to see inferior, but local candidates.


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Sadiq Khan an asset or liability? Surely He Must Go?

Even a cursory review of the background of this oleaginous and arrogant politician, throws up serious questions about him. This information should have prevented him from even standing as a Labour candidate, never mind for the Shadow Cabinet! It speaks volumes about Labour’s candidate selection procedures! They after all did allow ‘honest’ Eric Illsley to fight his seat of Barnsley Central only for him to be exposed as a serious expenses cheat within days of the election!

R’Ed Miliband is going to have serious problems with Sadiq Khan, as his own judgement is now being called in to question because of his closeness to Khan. Sadiq Khan after all was R’Ed’s Leadership Campaign Manager.

Previously a whip, under the tutelage of the much disliked but effective, then Chief whip, Nick Brown, he was a good pupil by all accounts. Presumably, he knows where the ‘bodies are buried’ ! This may go some way to explain his rise, almost from nowhere! Some of his own ‘unburied bodies’  are presented below.


Khan is a three time expenses cheat, most recent case concluded just this week, with a requirement for refund of monies previously paid out against a fraudulent, re-submitted, previously rejected claim! The sum involved £2,551 and he has agreed to return it. Why is unemployment not the consequence for these calumnies?

Terrorist Links:

It has been reported that five family members plus a number of clients belonged to fundamentalist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation. (See wikipedia entry) Banned by governments throughout the middle east because of, it’s links to terrorism, it’s view of muslim world domination and the establishment of the caliphate. This group is not exactly mainstream in muslim circles and have been the subject of much criticism, even by former members such as Ed Hussain or Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam.

He tried to defend 9/11 plotter, Zacarias Moussaoui. Moussaoui asked lawyer Sadiq Khan to represent him after being accused of being the ’20th hijacker’ but the Americans wouldn’t agree, leaving us to suppose they know something we don’t? See this in the Sun.

Stop Press 11 October 2010. Fresh questions about links to terrorism:

Guido Fawkes raises very serious questions that go to the heart of his basic honesty when confronted with the issue of his truthfulness about the extent of his relationship with Babar Ahmad. Babar Ahmad is wanted by the United States for a series of very serious charges. It would appear that he has lied to parliament or the Prime Minister or even both. Not exactly the actions of someone suitable for high office, even of the shadow variety!

Stop Press 12th October: Guido again raises more serious questions with this latest Posting, Khan We Have A Straight Answer Please?

Report into the bugging of Sadiq Khan on his visits to see Babar Ahmad in Woodhill Prison.

Web page removed by Khan, once questions about the extent of his relationship with wanted terrorist, Babar Ahmad were being asked.

Daily Mail story on bugging.

Decidedly dodgy clients:

He defended Ali Dizaei the bent copper, successfully on this occasion, getting him off before he was eventually banged to rights and amusingly served part of his prison term in Wandsworth nick, in Sadiq Khan’s own constituency of Tooting.

Interestingly in 2002, he defended Maajid Nawaz, then a Hizb ut-Tahrir activist imprisoned in Egypt, was unsuccessful at keeping him out of jail and during his incarceration Maajid realised that he was barking up the wrong tree and later went on to form Quilliam with Ed Hussain.


I know that we expect our politicians to be hypocritical, but voting in parliament at 19:00 to close Post Offices then at 20:00 in a public meeting in Tooting High Street in his constituency, said he was opposed and was cheered to the rafters, really takes the biscuit! See this report in the Wandsworth Guardian.

This little lot and the fact that there are doubts about his security status*, should qualify him admirably for his role as Shadow Justice Secretary.

Are we about to see one of the shortest tenures in the Shadow Cabinet in history? We shall see!

Back in my day it was, ‘Reds under the beds’, we needed to be fearful of.

It now seems that ‘muslim extremists under the beds’ has become the order of the day in the modern Labour Party.


*It has been reported in the press that Sadiq Khan has been investigated by among others, MI5, MI6 and by the CIA after Zacarias Moussaoui asked him to defend him. Jack Straw was involved at the time, perhaps he should tell us what he knows about this seemingly dodgy politician?

R'Ed's fresh embarrassment – Sadiq Khan Reprimanded!

Sadiq Khan - Uriah Heep without the humility!

Sadiq Khan, R’Ed’s chief lieutenant and his Leadership campaign manager is in further trouble. This slimy and arrogant politician is also being tipped for a plum position if elected to Labour’s Shadow Cabinet.

John Lyon, The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has found Sadiq Khan, the member for Tooting, guilty of misusing his allowances when he used House of Commons headed notepaper to write to constituents during an election. Sadiq Khan has already returned the postage costs.

This is now the third time that this most arrogant of Labour Politicians has got himself into hot water. Previously the ‘Rose‘ affair and the still pending police investigation concerning allegations of fraud.

If Sadiq Khan makes it onto the Shadow Cabinet, he is tipped for a top job as a reward.

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. R’Ed Miliband, may yet come to regret this particular alliance!

Read John Healey's Letter to Labour MP's in Shadow Cabinet Elections.

View John’s letter to fellow Labour Members of Parliament canvassing their support in the Shadow Cabinet elections.

John Healey Strikes Heroic Pose! Still got his tie on though.

There will be few letters better than this. Compare with this, from Caroline Flint.  More than a bit thin, don’t you think?

Clearly John has not given up ambitions of the ‘greasy pole’ variety and appears to be going all out to get on Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, for starters.

Kevin Barron and Denis MacShane appear to have settled for their lot and have made no attempt to join the other 49 candidates in the race. Has anyone seen Kevin Barron recently? If you have, please share it with us with a comment.

What are Johns chances? Pretty good, providing there is no attempt to put a slate up for a keep things as they are, a David Miliband tendency, supporting Shadow Cabinet, without David of course to lead this faction. Indeed, who has taken over leadership of this group amongst Labour MPs, I wonder?

This set of Shadow Cabinet elections will be most interesting, the results should tell us much about the balance of power between Labours factions.

John’s perceived disloyalty to continuity, he voted for Ed Balls and second Ed Miliband not David as his constituency members would have had him vote for, may yet count heavily against him!

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How Derek Simpson,* Charlie Whelan and the 'Brothers' fixed it for Ed!

It can now be revealed how the surprise victory of Ed Miliband was engineered.

Shortly after the General Election defeat of the Brown led, Labour Government, Left wing Trades Union leaders met in secret to hatch a plan to take Labour back from the hated ‘Blair New Labourites’. David Miliband, seen by them as Blair’s anointed successor, was by now not flavour of the month with this group and they were determined to stop him at any cost, if they could.

At the meeting were, GMB General Secretary Paul Kenny, Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis, CWU General Secretary Billy Hayes and Unite joint  General Secretaries Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson.

In what was described as a ‘carve up’ it was decided that one of the Eds, would do as the ‘stop David at any cost’ candidate.

These Union Barons, emboldened by the fact that the balance on the Labour benches in Parliament had shifted in the union’s favour because of the attention paid by them to the selection battles for the new intake of MPs. They had ensured that a high proportion of the new intake were sympathetic to their narrow left wing world view and Simpson did not tire of pointing this fact out, to all who would listen.

Make no mistake in the view of these union barons, their plan was to wrest control of the Labour Party from it’s members and to make it ‘bend the knee’ to the Trades Unions in a way not seen since the 1970’s.

Ed Balls, the former Schools Minister when sounded out, refused to be anything like as co-operative as Ed Miliband in allowing himself to be portrayed as the prisoner of the unions and would not allow himself to be compromised in this way.

Ed Miliband however was a different kettle of fish entirely, he had no qualms in shedding responsibility for the mistakes of the previous thirteen years, don’t forget he has only been in Parliament since the 2005 General Election, a mere five years, and by close of poll had repudiated most, if not all, of last Mays manifesto, incredible when you realise that he was the author!

Ed Miliband’s extraordinarily flexible approach to principle, won him the support of this secret cabal of union Barons and they prepared for their coup, bringing all their vast resources to bear upon this task. Manipulating Labours rules to the point where both the letter and the spirit were broken in a casual way and in one case voting differently to their consultative ballot result, the CWU led by Billy Hayes.

We now learn that ten percent of all ballot papers in the Trade Union Section of Labours electoral college did not count and were rejected for want of a tick in the box. This incredibly high rejection rate amongst the very small number voting in these ballots will have skewed this result, we are talking here about 36,500 rejected votes a not inconsiderable number compared to the current Labour Party membership of 170,000 or less. Equivalent to over a fifth of the memberships opinions rejected!

In the case of the GMB there is a row going on as to the ‘legality’ of their ballot because undue influence was brought to bear when they sent out their ballot papers in the now infamous envelope.

The 'infamous' rule breaking envelope

The comrades were reportedly in celebratory mood after their coup and were seen and heard celebrating around the bars and fringe meetings at Labour’s conference. Fortunately they have all gone very camera shy otherwise this could have been turned into an albatross around Eds neck if any of this was recorded for posterity.

In the evening Derek Simpson, the soon to be Ex-Joint General Secretary of Unite (He retires on 23 December 2010. Hooray!!!) in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel bar has been reported to have crowed about the result along with Charlie Whelan and it’s implications for the future of the left, in ways that would not  be entirely helpful to the new leader when trying to distance himself from them in public and on television. One of those present bragged how the Unite-sponsored Labour MPs were brought into line. The union spent the whole of the TUC week arm-twisting MPs (many of whom backed Ed Balls) to make sure they used their second preferences for Ed Miliband. Neither Derek Simpson nor Charlie Whelan are likely to be able to remember the whole evening, it has been reported. Fingers are no doubt crossed, in Labour ranks, that none of this will reach us online, we shall see?

Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marr Show, broadcast on the BBC on Sunday morning, was already furiously rowing back from promises made to the unions, declaring himself to be ‘his own man’. His ability to change view is almost chameleon like in it’s flexibility and speed of colour change.

Red Ed to cuddly voter friendly pale pink Ed who doesn’t frighten the voters, in a single night! Extraordinary!


Derek and Tony - United by dislike! Brotherly Love On Show?

*Derek Simpson – A member of the Communist Party of Great Britain until its disbanding in 1991, he joined the Labour Party in 1994. A ‘Democratic Centralist’ with ruthless determination for control, Stalinist some would say comfortable with the vocabulary of the left. Those less charitable, describe him as a control freak megalomaniac! One thing is for sure, Tony Woodley can’t stand him! Useful if you are trying to run a union as Joint General Secretaries, I would have thought? Reports indicate, that the feeling as far as Derek is concerned, is entirely mutual. No basis for running a whelk stall evidently!