Anti-semitism taints Labour and the law


Concern is growing in Britain’s Jewish community over anti-semitism in politics and the failure of authorities to enforce the law, according to a report. Gideon Falter, chairman of Campaign against Antisemitism, which is publishing the report, titled Antisemitism Barometer 2017, … Continue reading

Duncan Smith warns government risks ‘dividing’ society


Duncan Smith warns government risks ‘dividing’ society Iain Duncan Smith has warned that the government risks dividing society, in his first interview since resigning as work and pensions secretary. He attacked the “desperate search for savings” focused on benefit payments … Continue reading

What ever he calls himself, he is still not nice


Revealed: Grant Shapps’ threat to sue constituent over Michael Green post Law firm sent letters to Dean Archer demanding he pay ‘compensation in lieu of damages’ over Facebook post, on behalf of Tory chairman when he was MP Spotted … Continue reading

Opposition? What Opposition!

Little wonder that Rotherham Council is so poor – there’s a distinct lack of scrutiny or oversight provided by the so-called Tory opposition!

There are 7 Tory Councillors on Rotherham Borough Council but what do they spend their time doing? They must all be asleep during Council meetings or absent as few of them has ever been reported as raising any issues with the ruling Labour Group over recent years.

What’s the purpose of having an opposition when they don’t ‘oppose’? Or could the answer be that they are content to take their Councillor allowances, do very little and join in with the ‘troughing’ and ‘social life’ that Councillors appear to enjoy and value above all else?

In my opinion, they act more like an Independent group, showing a lack of co-ordination and direction, presumably with a Group Leader who takes a Leader’s allowance but doesn’t seem to be ‘leading’. It seems to me that Rotherham Politics provides more scrutiny, oversight and comment on the antics of the Council than the official ‘opposition’!!

If the Tories claim to be truly opposed to what the Labour Group is doing, then they should form themselves into a cohesive group, elect themselves a Leader who gives leadership and supports the Group and starts doing what they are on the Council to do!