Home Affairs Select Committee

Home Affairs Select Committee, Chairman Keith Vaz.

Home Home Affairs Committee – Sixth Report Child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming: follow-up

Download/read a copy of the report as a .pdf,click here. Press Comment Rotherham abuse scandal: MPs want missing files answers http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29660345 http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/18/mps-investigation-missing-child-sex-abuse-files-rotherham Actual Report : http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmselect/cmhaff/203/20302.htm

Home Affairs Select Committee – Vaz to get some answers?

Witnesses Tuesday 9 September 2014, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House At 3.00pm Chief Constable David Crompton QPM and former Chief Constable Meredydd John Hughes CBE QPM, South Yorkshire Police At 3.30pm Joyce Thacker OBE, Strategic Director for Children, Young People and Families, … Continue reading

2nd Report – Child sexual exploitation and the response to localised grooming – Volume I

Written Evidence

1 thought on “Home Affairs Select Committee

  1. From Chris Longley MBE

    A Judicial Review of systemic child abuse, rape and trafficking in Rotherham?

    Last week I wrote to Rothpol saying that I have applied to Rotherham MBC asking for copies of the Agendas, Minutes and Reports of the Safeguarding Children Board from 2005/2006 to 2009/2010.

    I wait to see the arrival of the documents with great interest, and within the twenty working days allowed for the Rotherham MBC response.

    It then occurred to me that now might be an opportune moment for the Rotherham MBC itself to secure the provision of an independent judicial investigation – perhaps by appointing a retired Judge to head such an enquiry.

    I am sure there is a number of eminent former Judges who would welcome the opportunity to take on a task of such clear and wide public interest, and on conditions they set themselves for the task.

    Such an enquiry would of course offer the opportunity for a full and transparent examination of what information was made available by RMBC officers and others including South Yorkshire Police officers to the SC Board, what advice was offered to the SC Board, what that Board decided to do and when it decided to do it.

    These are clearly matters that Rotherham MBC will wish to see in the public domain, and a judicial enquiry they commissioned themselves would surely be an appropriate way to secure such an outcome.

    Kind regards


    Chris Longley MBE


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