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  1. Dorothy Compton says:

    I’m a Corbyn inspired new member in an East Midlands constituency in need of help fending off old guard hostility. I have become Political Education Officer for the CLP and have organised new member oriented events. We’ve had a great response from lots and lots of new members wanting to become active. However, the response has also triggered a nasty campaign by old guard people, including the Chair. This morning the newly installed Corbyn inspired CLP Secretary has resigned, and I’m next for the chopping block.

    We are at a bit of a loss as to how to proceed within the rules. My question is – where can we find guidance on the extent of power the CLP Chair can wield. For example, if an item is discussed, agreed and minuted to that effect at a GC meeting, what power does the CLP Chair have to overturn – in between GC meetings – what has been agreed? If the answer is based in interpretation, rather than clearly written down somewhere, who would you suggest could provide an authoritative answer?

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