Election Manifesto Library – 2012

Got one that isn’t here? Please send it to us! Rothpol. Jpegs please.

Latest addition: More Darren election materials, scroll to Anston & Woodsetts, it’s not far!

To view full size, click on image. After reading, use you browsers back button to return.

The Labour Party have gone for a generic inner page to their election Addresses:

Anston & Woodsetts Ward:

Clive Jepson Independent Candidate

Boston Castle Ward:

Omar Mehban Yellow Manicfesto! click to view, use back button to return..

Brinsworth & Catcliffe Ward:

Dinnington Ward:

Hellaby Ward:

Holderness Ward:

Hoober Ward:

Keppel Ward:

Maltby Ward:

Rawmarsh Ward:

Rother Vale Ward:

Rotherham East Ward:

Keen-eyed readers will have noticed the lack of a legally required imprint giving the name and address of the candidate, agent and publisher? Oh dear!










Rotherham West Ward:

Silverwood Ward:

Sitwell Ward:

Swinton Ward:

Valley Ward:

8 days to go leaflets received in the Valley ward part of thrybergh from any of the 3 candidates= 0
and people wonder why turnouts are low!!!!

Michael Sylvester

Wales Ward:

Wath Ward

Wickersley Ward:

Wingfield Ward:

6 thoughts on “Election Manifesto Library – 2012

  1. hello i am michael conlon independent candidate for maltby i have just walked all 4500 leaflets out myself to every house in maltby except the 11 people with vote maggie godfrey in their windows, in 1984 it was 11,000 labour posters now its 11, you want to be ashamed of your tory policies which have ruined the uk, how many leaflets did maggie godfrey walk out? none i suspect because she thinks maltby is a dump thats why she lives in wickersley hoping for payday of the apathy of maltby voters, get ready for a shock may 3rd in maltby


  2. Hello, I would like to repeat my earlier post to you. I am so glad you received my leaflet OK and thanks for sharing. Please hold me to my pledges to the community I love (if I am re-elected).


    • Ken, Thanks for your comment and for understanding that the web is an important communication tool. Rotherham Politics keeps everyone to their commitments! Your colleagues do not take a similar view on the publication of their leaflets, give them a nudge? Have you seen any other leaflets from other Parties? Seems that no election leaflets at all from the Tories this year?
      Best wishes.


  3. why are labour telling voters that it was them who freezed council tax in rotherham, labour lost the general election to spiv’s and wide boys (i dont mean tony bliar or peter mandelson) and no- longer have a mandate for power, stop lying to your voters and start representing unions and workers again or stop taking their money, employment agencies get £10 per hour from a employer to supply labour, the employment agent then pass on £6.50 per hour to the worker and they keep the rest, the british taxpayer then as to subsidise the worker with tax credits around £2.30 per hour, costing the british tax payer billions per year, get your head out your arse and start dealing with the issues that are having a detrimental effect on the working poor around rotherham and wider


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