Shaun Wright

Nice One Nigel!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, My heart soared when I read this incisive statement on Nigel Bonson’s latest twitter-twatter-flutter – Nigel Bonson ?@nigelbonson And it is high time someone quizzed @ShaunforSYPCC about the issues he is avoiding. Yeah, it is high … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Claim investigated?

Shaun Wright makes a number of claims in his election statement, a reader has investigated Wrights claim to be a: “trustee on a number of charities including: the Coalfields Regeneration Trust” A check with the Charities Commission has indicated that … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Election Statement – Short on detail? Long on impossible promises!

Shaun Wright Election statement: Aged forty four and married with two sons, Shaun has lived and worked in South Yorkshire his whole life. He has experience across the public, private and voluntary sector; having served as a magistrate, Vice Chairman … Continue reading →

Promises! Promises! Promises!

This statement from Nigel Bonson on the impossible to keep promises, being made by other candidates: “I would urge voters to be cautious when considering the many promises being made by candidates who do not understand policing. Let me give … Continue reading →

PCC Hustings- Questions being stage managed?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, I have just been given this outrageous, but hardly surprising, piece of news from “my inside correspondent” that South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidates have tried to introduce the following two questions into the debate … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright Another Important Question?

“Unison, whose members include PCSos and other police civilian staff and is the second biggest in the police after the Police Federation, has said it is “supporting” the campaigns of three Labour candidates, John Prescott in Humberside, Shaun Wright in … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright gets a question?

Irene Furnell’s email to Shaun Wright of today: “I was furious(still am )as I listened to Radio Sheffield telling me that once again right wing groups are to descend on Rotherham tomorrow. Quite apart from the massive drain on the … Continue reading →

Barnardo’s Report – Everyone Needs To Read It!

Barnardo’s, the children’s charity, have released their report on child sexual exploitation: Puppet on a string, pdf file, should open in your browser, you can save a copy too. To return, use your browsers back button. This report should be … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Makes Private Eye!

Poor performance in lots of ways! The link to the select committee: Today’s House of Commons Select Committee, Tuesday 16 October 2012 saw the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police David Crompton  and DCI Philip Etheridge give evidence on … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Still breaking the rules, using forbidden images?

Rotherham Politics reported recently, on Shaun Wright’s abuse of the rules, when using images of Police and connected pictures in his campaigning materials; . . . . . Click on images to enlarge, use your browsers back button, to return. … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – being as transparent as mud?

RikiLeaks received this rather interesting email, seems Shaun Wright was being economical with the truth when responding to Don Buxton’s recent enquiries. Time for the truth from Shaun Wright!: “Cllr Shaun Wright has missed the point and failed to disclose … Continue reading →

Don Buxton gets a prompt response – isn’t technology wonderful – two?

Dear “Hill, Emma” Honestly, no apologies are necessary. I really do appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I only wish that many other RMBC colleagues could emulate and aspire to the same high professional standards as displayed by yourself, … Continue reading →

Don Buxton gets a prompt response – isn’t technology wonderful?

Dear “Hill, Emma” Thank you for your prompt and courteous response which partially answers the questions I raised. However am still unable to find the declarations of interest for all the panel members, despite your RMBC weblink alluding to … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact four – Brought Rotherham Mayoralty into disrepute?

Imagine the scene, full Council meeting chaired by the then Mayor Rose McNeely. Peter Thirlwall struggling manfully to make his point, when the then Deputy Mayor and now Mayor, Shaun Wright, held aloft an A4 piece of paper with the … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – A response – now running from the truth?

The full inconvenient fact three correspondence: Dear Mr Wright, Thank you for your eventual response the clarity and brevity of which is much less than I was hoping for. I had hoped that in order for me to be able … Continue reading →

Information yes, but far from complete – Don Buxton enquires further.

Dear As an active and empowered citizen with a passionate interest in the costs and activities of those statutory agencies who govern us with our consent on our behalf, I thought I’d study the Declarations of Interest of those … Continue reading →

The Silence of the Lambs continues, UNISON, Unite all in it together!

Looking at an any number of blogs, Twitter accounts or even Facebook pages you will readily see the growing Trade Union strength of feeling towards the EDL march in Rotherham. You will read that Unison, Unite and other Labour leaning … Continue reading →

Racists & Anti-brigade not welcome here!

Rotherham is to play host to some rather nasty people, who wish to use our Town as a backdrop in their own struggle for publicity. Firstly we had the EDL, now we have another bunch of nutters, the anti-brigade, determined … Continue reading →

Does this ring a bell?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, In the context of the recent wicked child sex exploitation and grooming scandal which continues to engulf our dear town I came across this jpeg which more than sums up my thoughts with regards to the … Continue reading →

What elections? South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel

News of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel: “South Yorkshire’s four local authorities have now confirmed their elected member representatives on the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel. The full list is: Cllr Harry Harpham – Sheffield CC (Labour) … Continue reading →

Rotherham Sex Scandal – Day 14 – Advertiser must tell us the truth!

Andrew Norfolk and the Times, finally brought to everyone’s attention, an issue Rotherham Politics had been raising for many months, with limited success beyond our readership. The Rotherham Advertiser has caught up somewhat for lost time in the last two … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact three – still hiding the truth?

Dear Cllr Wright, I note with some concern, but no surprise, that you have now failed to either acknowledge or respond to my previous e-mails to you of Friday, 21 September, 2012, 11:14 hrs and Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 15:44 … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – Two

This time from a private source. It is revelatory and goes some way to explain why Labour have got themselves into the mess with their hopeless candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright: “We gave Shaun Wright the Mayoralty, … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Inconvenient fact – One

Thanks to another RikiLeaks correspondent we bring this inconvenient fact to your attention: “During 2012, Labour Cllr Shaun Wright stood for the Chair of the SY Police Authority. However, even his fellow SY Police Authority members (which by the way … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – From RikiLeaks Inbox

Over recent weeks RikiLeaks inbox has been busy. We bring you just a couple of today’s contributions. We are looking into the contents of several emails that will make for some good posts in the future, a huge thanks to … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Gillian Radcliffe exposes bias shown by SY Police Authority? They must already know the election result!

“It’s totally wrong for a candidate to be involved in selecting staff for the elected PCC, regardless of whether or not Shaun Wright wins. It’s a governance issue and, dare I mention again, an integrity issue. I’ve previously called for … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright’s stupidity – investigated!

Shaun Wrights campaign to become South Yorkshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner has suffered another huge blow! Rothpol has learned of an investigation, by the Electoral Commission, into undeclared substantial donations to his campaign! Yesterdays revelation that Shaun Wright … Continue reading →

How could Shaun Wright be so stupid?

Dear Rotherham Politics Readers, Last week I asked a few questions of our South Yorkshire Police Authority in relation to the recent recruitment and interview of the Interim Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Police Authority. Attached in this e-mail is … Continue reading →

What have we learned?

Firstly, last week in brief: Monday last, The Times published the first front page story regarding sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham. Within a very short time the first out of the blocks, trying to defend the indefensible were South … Continue reading →

Seen Elsewhere

Police candidate’s sex abuse pledge Published on Sunday 30 September 2012 02:15 A CANDIDATE in the running to become South Yorkshire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner has pledged more resources to tackle the sexual exploitation of children if elected. Coun … Continue reading →

Eastern Air – Jahangir Akhtar and Lord Ahmed – Not to be missed!

Waheed Akhtar’s wonderful Sunday evening show, Eastern Air last night dealt with the issue of child sexual predation. It should not be missed! Includes surprise cameo role!

e-petition – please add your voice! Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK Responsible department: Home Office We the undersigned call for a full independent judicial Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK … Continue reading →

Labour Speaks Out, but not in Rotherham!

Labour Speaks Out, but not in Rotherham! Extremely disappointing to see one of our local politicians refer to the Times reporting of the Rotherham child abuse scandal on their Twitter account as being sensationalist. I fail to understand why any … Continue reading →

Myopia from Emma Hoddinott – Stasi Press Officer and Pilgrim

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, If any reader wants to know the depths of profound myopia and vision impairment that RMBC Elected Members choose to suffer from then read this latest piece of utterly astounding and enlightening twitter-twatter-fluttering from the Pilgrim … Continue reading →

Don wants a response – will Shaun Wright oblige?

Dear Cllr Wright, I note with some concern and much puzzlement that I have had neither the courtesy of an acknowledgement or of a response from you in connection with the simple questions that I e-mailed to you over a … Continue reading →

Joyce Thacker’s priority? Find the whistle blower!

In the week that the public of Rotherham found out just how incompetent its civic leaders were you would have thought that the Director in charge of Children Services in Rotherham Joyce Thacker would have been focused on ensuring our … Continue reading →

Day Five – Labour LGC met last night

According to Labour Party Rules, the Local Government Committee, which meets tonight in the Town Hall, is responsible for Policy and is supposed to hold Rotherham Councillors to account. In Rotherham, the Labour Group runs everything not the LGC! There … Continue reading →

Day Five Accountability? – Time for Action!

This was left as a comment but was too good to miss, thanks SJ, and welcome to Rotherham Politics: How could anyone in the police, council or social services say they did not know. The Times quote horrific examples of … Continue reading →

BBC – Lord Ahmed speaks out!

Lord Ahmed calls on mosques ‘to speak’ about sex abuse Lord Ahmed has said the issues of morality need to be discussed in mosques Continue reading the main story Labour peer Lord Ahmed has called on mosque leaders in South … Continue reading →

BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence!

BBC Radio Sheffield, Andrew Norfolk demolishes Labour’s less than honest defence! Starts at 8 Minutes in! What was said Tuesday 25th September, 7 minutes in and 1hr 8mins Joyce Thacker in denial, shooting the messenger rather than addressing the … Continue reading →

No cover up here!

No cover up here! The BBC Radio Sheffield interview on Wednesday 27 September 2012 will come back to haunt Deputy Leader Cllr Jahangir Akhtar. Two years ago Toby Foster interviewed the girl referred to as Amy in the Times … Continue reading →

Shaun Wrights Supporters – Any Regrets?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, Just been having a decko at the webpage of our hapless Laybah SY PCC candidate to see if he’s mentioning the unmentionable that’s lately descended on dear old Rovrum. Guess what? Not a sausage. Not … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Stop picking on me!

Rotherham Politics and it’s readers, are enormously grateful to Andrew Norfolk and the Times, for bringing this scandal to public attention in a way that hopefully, will put an end to brushing this outrage under the carpet. Yet Shaun Wright … Continue reading →

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Three – Shaun Wright, Picking on Rotherham!

From The Times of 26th September 2012: Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Three – Public Inquiry?

From The Times of 25th September 2012, Calls for a public inquiry: .

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part Two – Amy’s Story

From The Times of 25th September 2012, Amy’s Story: .

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal – Day Two Part One

The Times is still leading the charge on this story. Developing more legs than a millipede. .

The Police Respond

Seems SY Police have been stung in to action? Well, issuing a press release! South Yorkshire Police hits back at Times article The Times’ suggestion that South Yorkshire Police and its partners have been reluctant to tackle child sexual abuse … Continue reading →

The story marches on!

From Today’s Yorkshire Post: From ITV Calendar News: From Glasgow wired: The Times of 25th September 2012: Amy’s parents thought she was safe. They were wrong Andrew Norfolk Published 1 minute ago Amy comes from a stable, … Continue reading →

The Times – In full – heads must surely roll!

Rothpol is indebted for the work of our scanner reader who has provided these scans:

The Times – Files expose hidden child sex scandal

First look at the Times story that brings sharp focus to the issues Rotherham MBC has been trying to sweep under the carpet for so long: Exclusive: Files expose hidden child sex scandal Andrew Norfolk Chief Investigative Reporter Confidential police … Continue reading →

Don Buxton writes to Shaun Wright

Dear Cllr Wright, I understand that you have sought, and have received, the nomination of The Labour Party as their candidate for election as the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. As an active and empowered citizen with … Continue reading →

Tiser – Read all about it!!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, Once more it’s “Tiser Day”, that wonderful day of the week when my favourite local newspaper hits the stands to educate and inform the citizens of the many interesting events across our wonderful Borough. You may … Continue reading →

Lower than a snakes belly!

This just in from Cerberus: It just goes to show how low two Labour supporters will go to score a political point, this Tweet on Darren Hughes site with comments from Cllr Chris Read, they should both be ashamed of … Continue reading →

Do SYP Support Da Sheep for PCC?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, Just look at this pic which is worth a thousand words – A South Yorkshire Police officer in uniform possibly getting involved in Shaun Da Sheep’s blatant electioneering. I wonder whether Shaun Da Sheep has … Continue reading →

Gillian Radcliffe Answers Critics

Left as a comment, too good to miss! I’m not going to debate my credentials with “Jules” because I know without a doubt that in terms of strategic management, criminal justice and policing experience I am fully qualified and well … Continue reading →

Labour Loyalist lays down a challenge

I broke cover a little while ago now, when it became obvious to me that the Rotherham Politics blog often had valuable points and insights amongst the fanciful and the downright wrong! This was largely going unchallenged and I also … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright’s response no better than ‘a tub of lard’

Gillian Radcliffe makes her position clear and offers a way forward. What does Shaun Wright think?

Gillian Radcliffe, Independent PCC Candidate says: Protecting the most vulnerable people in society is the most valuable thing that a person in public office can do. This is a central plank of my manifesto as Independent candidate for the Police … Continue reading →

Cabinet Member Paul Lakin – Answers

This is the text of Paul Lakin’s first, but not in fact his last, comment today: Dear Rothpol Calling people Clowns, Muppets, Grunters, Labour Scum and even worse, Low Life’s  when used in a way to goad, humiliate or spark … Continue reading →

Failure means success for Cllr Wright

It appears that the route to success in the Rotherham Labour Party is by failure, it might seem a little odd but if you look at the PCC Candidate Cllr Shaun Wright you can spot the link. While taking home … Continue reading →

News of PCC Hustings!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, No doubt, like me, you have been bristling for the first opportunity to quiz, challenge, scrutinise and ask questions of those souls who desperately want our vote for the overpaid job of South Yorkshire’s Police and … Continue reading →

The infantile loser?

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, Well, ere’s a funny thing, don’t ya think? Shaun Da Sheep, Rovrum’s Laybah PCC candidate, is proudly and vainly bleating about how he will ensure that the public get a response from Police within 24 … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright’s Supporters – Hidden Agenda?

Posted on July 16, 2012 by

In the first posting using information brought to our attention by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent, to whom we are grateful. We bring you some interesting information on Shaun Wright’s uber-supporters: From, Those hailing from Rotherham in bold John Healey … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright, the Rhetoric and the Hard Reality!

Posted on July 15, 2012 by

From the web page, to elect Shaun Wright as the Labour candidate for Police Commissioner: “If you want someone who will prioritise those most vulnerable from crime in our society – women, the elderly and our young people?” Yes we … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Some further complications?

Posted on June 25, 2012 by

Cerberus sent me this link to some advice on the law regarding disqualification: Your attention should be drawn to para 4 in the introduction. It seems clear cut? Cerberus’s view: “From the guidance from the West Midlands it is … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – Some problems if he wants to be Police and Crime Commissioner?

Posted on June 24, 2012 by

Perhaps in his eagerness to avoid the electorate of Rawmarsh Ward, Shaun Wright or the Regional Labour Party would have checked whether there were any obstacles to his candidature. Among those who are disqualified from standing are members of staff … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009!

Posted on June 19, 2012 by

Shaun Wright – the damning OFSTED report of 2009, read the documents here: Document 1 and Document 2, to return click on your browsers back button. These documents are cited as evidence by Michael Sylvester in his comment responding to @James, which … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner – Full Results

Posted on June 18, 2012 by

Round 1 BILLINGS, Alan 461 HUGHES, Med 382 WALAYA, Kash 622 WRIGHT, Shaun 972 Round 2 BILLINGS, Alan 592 WALAYA, Kash 671 WRIGHT, Shaun 1116 Round 3 WALAYA, Kash 861 WRIGHT, Shaun 1353 Elected

Rotherham’s Disgrace – the deafening silence continues

Posted on June 18, 2012 by

Dear Rotherham Politics Readers, While the deafening silence continues from Da Leedah and Town Clerk on the continuing problem of child sexual exploitation in our Borough, along comes Ann Coffey MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway … Continue reading →

Pin the red rosette to the donkey?

Posted on June 17, 2012 by

Those avid twitterers will have seen the result of labour’s selection of their candidate in Novembers’ Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Shaun Wright has been selected to carry labour’s red rosette! More on this later. Previously on Rotherham Politics: Conduct Unbecoming? … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Denial + Silence = Culpability

Posted on June 15, 2012 by

It’s now over week ago since the publication of the serious case review into the death of Laura Wilson, the report made reference to the issue of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. It was noticeable that the leader, deputy leader … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Free Advice For The Leader Roger Stone

Posted on June 15, 2012 by

While contemplating the continuing deafening wall of silence coming from Town Hall Towers on the appalling sexual exploitation and grooming of young women and children which is still manifest among our midst, and the huge vacuum caused by an absent, … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Fresh woe in tomorrows Times

Posted on June 12, 2012 by

For readers that can get behind the paywall, the rest of us will have to buy the print edition in the morning. Inquiry launched into sexual abuse of children Andrew Norfolk and Ruth Maclean Published 1 minute ago A parliamentary … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Problem does exist – Official!

Posted on June 12, 2012 by

Here’s a brave WOMAN who’s prepared to stand-up and make the country and MPs publicly aware that young women are indeed being systematically sexually abused, and by whom. Note how she clearly refers to the perpetrators, she doesn’t shy away … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – RMBC Website concealing more than revealing – Questions asked

Posted on June 12, 2012 by

COMPLAINT/CONCERN TO THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF RMBC Dear As an active and empowered citizen ratepayer and unpaid community volunteer with an interest in scrutinising and challenging the costs and activities of those who seek public office in the well-rewarded … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – The Times Report – Litany of Failure!

Posted on June 10, 2012 by

From The Times Website of 7th June 2012: “An official report into the way care agencies dealt with a murdered girl concealed key information about adults suspected of grooming and using her for sex from the age of 11, The … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – The Council Reports – Download them here

Posted on June 10, 2012 by

Firstly the Press Release: Serious Case Review – Child S Published: Tuesday 29th May 2012 Services supporting children and young people have made changes to ensure lessons are learnt from the death of a young mother in Rotherham. Rotherham Local … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – The questions begin?

Posted on June 8, 2012 by

FOI 2012.06.08 – SERIOUS CASE REVIEW LEGAL COSTS Dear As an active and empowered citizen and unpaid community volunteer with an interest in the costs and activities of RMBC Elected Members and Officers I read the following article with … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s Disgrace – Why has no one been called to account?

Posted on June 8, 2012 by

So, once again, RMBC has been publicly shown to be completely inadequate in its ability to protect a Rotherham child from harm and sexual exploitation by despicable, wicked, evil Rotherham men. And, once again, all the multitude of warning signs … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ Sworn in as Mayor, Today!

Posted on May 18, 2012 by

Rotherham Politics published this amusing story about Dave/David Pickering: Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ in name confusion Posted on November 20, 2011 by rothpol Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’, has difficulty remembering his own name correctly, it would appear! … Continue reading →

Mayor’s lazy parking – Further issues raised

Posted on May 16, 2012 by

On Tue, 15/5/12, Don Buxton replied: Dear Mr Battersby, Thank you for the further information which I have perused in depth, but I am afraid that I have been unable to find any specific reference to a mayoral vehicle being … Continue reading →

More Parking Fun Outside the Town Hall!

Posted on May 15, 2012 by

The latest instalment of the saga of arrogance in the Town Hall with regards to car parking!  The latest first, which was sent today 15th May. Dear Mr Battersby, Thank you for your apology for the Chief Executive not replying … Continue reading →

Police & Crime Commissioners – Set to be another huge waste of our money?

Posted on May 14, 2012 by

Spotted by Grald-Hunter: Here’s some alarming piece of financial news that the soon-to-arrive South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner gravy train will be loaded to the rooftop with salary ackers for the favoured few – – yet more toxic salaries to … Continue reading →

Shaun Wright for Police and Crime Commissioner? You must be joking!

Posted on April 24, 2012 by

Michael Sylvester has provided important insights into the ambitious beyond ability, Rotherham Councillor and Rotherham’s Mayor, Shaun Wright. I quote: “the big objection to Cllr Wright running as SYPCC must be the way in 2009 under his tenure as Children’s … Continue reading →

Conduct Unbecoming?

Posted on April 22, 2012 by

Imagine the scene, full Council meeting chaired by the then Mayor Rose McNeely. Peter Thirlwall struggling manfully to make his point, when the then Deputy Mayor and now Mayor, Shaun Wright, held aloft an A4 piece of paper with the … Continue reading →

Parking problem for wanabee SY Police Commissioner?

Posted on April 20, 2012 by

Some evidence?

Has April 1st come early?

Posted on March 11, 2012 by

From the Star website posted today: Councillor eyes top police job Published on Sunday 11 March 2012 09:04 A BOROUGH councillor is bidding to be named South Yorkshire’s new police and crime commissioner. Coun Shaun Wright, Rotherham Council member for … Continue reading →

A few random questions?

Rotherham Politics poses the difficult questions: Why are the Conservatives in Rotherham so poor at providing opposition? Why did the independent remuneration panel only take evidence and advice from Council Officers, before recommending more? Rotherham Politics thinks that ordinary people … Continue reading →

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Greediest Of Them All?…..

Let the figures speak for themselves! Greed by Individual Councillor 2009-10 Rank Name 2009-10 Ward Up Next Year 1 Roger Stone £45,407.72 Silverwood Yes 2 Terry Sharman £34,062.38 Wingfield Yes 3 Richard Russell £29,127.27 Hoober No 4 Gerald Smith £28,730.15 … Continue reading →

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