Hellaby Ward 2014

Hellaby 25_04_2014

scan0007scan0008Candidate LeafletIMAG0216_1

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I reproduce below two scans of a leaflet found discarded in Hellaby Ward. If you have the same or similar from any of the political Parties, please scan it as a .jpg and attach it to an email to Rothpol. … Continue reading

Labour out – in Hellaby

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Shabana Ahmed and Jahangir Akhtar are still having difficulty with their website, it would appear from this recent image, taken from the Rotherham Labour Group website? It is also becoming clear labour’s lack of front line troops is acute! These … Continue reading

Omar’s second leaflet:

002003The Conservative prospective candidate, Omar Mehban has produced this first leaflet:

omar survey download .pdf

page 001page 002page 003page 004


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