Silverwood Ward Results


Silverwood Ward:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Gelder Conservative 425 13.1
Parker UKIP 1672 51.5 Elected
Russell Labour 1133 35
Total Votes 3245
Electorate 9608
Turnout % 33.7


2 thoughts on “Silverwood Ward Results

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  2. George Valentine says
    Well done to U K I P in Silverwood one down and two to go. We are trying to get Peter Thirlwall next to come out of retirement and challenge and beat Roger Stone the Labour leader of R M B C.Don’t hold your breath I believe Roger would retire first rather than take on Peter Thirlwall..UKIP got 10 seats this year, if they get 10 seats next year and the year after we will be rid of this Labour Council. . .


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