Candidate Statement – Colin Salt

Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014 – Candidate Statement Colin Salt

Dear Sir,

I would like to clear up an inaccurate statement regarding the Labour Party. I have never been a member of the Labour Party. Furthermore, I have received no invitation from the Labour Party or any other political party to join or represent them in the forthcoming Dinnington election.

I am a local business man, and resident of Dinnington for all of my 44 years. I listen to the local community on their concerns and issues and I believe that I am the best person to represent the Dinnington Community.

I believe that it is important to listen and understand the local community and express their views within council. I do not and will never enter the personal attacks on candidates. I wish Mr Smith the best of luck with the election as I feel that another independent voice on the town council will benefit the electorate and community of Dinnington.

Thank you for this opportunity to relay my thoughts on the forthcoming election.

Colin salt

1 thought on “Candidate Statement – Colin Salt

  1. Hello colin
    Just a quick email to confirm tribunal on the 8th of march. Is there anything i need to do as im not sure how im to get there i dont know where the court is?


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