Candidate Statement – Dave Smith

Dinnington St. John’s Town Council By-Election 18th December 2014 – Candidate Statement Dave Smith

I think I should make it clear why I am standing in the Dinnington election, to be held on December 18.

Our Labour controlled council does not represent the views of the majority of the people in Dinnington; they put party dogma above the wishes of the electorate. I am not a member of any party nor do I hold any affiliation to any political party; I am truly independent, I don’t pretend to be independent I AM.  If elected the only allegiance I will have will be to the people of Dinnington

The Dinnington people deserve better than Labour councillors who pay lip service to dealing with our problems. They would have us believe that they are against building on our green belt; but when the Labour Party tells them to accept it they do. I believe that the fields are to grow food in and for the people to enjoy walking through.

We have three Labour Town/Borough councillors who knew several years ago about Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham; one of them, Jane Havenhand, was senior adviser to Shaun Wright for five years whilst he was in charge of children’s services. She knew equally as much as he did about Child Sexual Exploitation, when I have questioned her about this at Town council meetings she refuses to answer. Are these the kind of people Dinnington wants to represent us?

I will if elected, fight to have our Town centre pedestrianised, so we can have such things as a monthly farmers market, which will bring much needed footfall to our beleaguered Town centre businesses. More can be done by the council to attract businesses to Dinnington, which in turn will provide much needed jobs. The answer to our unemployed in Dinnington is not to take a massive swathe of good agricultural land alongside the A57 for a trading estate, but to use the land where the infrastructure is already in place.

Two good reasons to vote for me on the 18 December, the Labour Party don’t like me and the Town council don’t like me; because I ask too many pointed question. I already attend virtually all our Town council meetings, and also cabinet and full council meetings in Rotherham, my reasons for doing this are to stand up and fight for Dinnington

Just one question to Colin Salt how is it that the local Labour Party felt that they could come and ask you to stand for Labour? I am proud to say they would not ask me to be their stalking horse.

Dave Smith

2 thoughts on “Candidate Statement – Dave Smith

  1. I only found out that we were to elect a new councillor when my postal vote form arrived in the mail. Not easy to find any info on the two candidates but was directed to this site by a very helpful fellow when I phoned the council.
    The good news is that we will elect an independent perforce, as there is no Labour candidate..
    I would have liked to learn a little more about Dave’s personal background but I am in
    agreement with many of the points he makes. The main one is that it is time to get rid of the cosy bunch who are running things at the moment.
    You have my vote Dave, best of luck!


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