3 thoughts on “Labour

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  2. “this is what your ballot will look like put a cross in the box next to labour ” …not asking you telling you , is this for people who cant understand ?


  3. I thought Rolls Royce was a British company they were making and selling engines all over the world before the EU was set up So why do we need to be in the EU for Rolls Royce to build a factory in Britain and sell areo engines.
    Only reason siemens are building a factory nr Hull is because they are putting Hundreds of Wind Generatores off the East Coast so the plant will be near the site of installation all heavly subsidised by the british tax payers through higher Electricity bills its nothing to do with us being in Europe except they are controlling us and telling us what we need ?
    What will happen to all the jobs when they have built all the windmills they will pack up and go back to Germany ?


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