Focus on Anston & Woodsetts

2015 Results:

A&W 12_05_2015

2015 Results Declaration:

 Name of Candidate  Description (if any)  Number of Votes*
 FOULSTONE Charles David Dowsing  Green Party  391
 FROGGATT Bernard  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,819
 IRELAND John Thomas  Independent  523
 RICHARDSON Nichola Jayne  The Conservative Party Candidate  1,303
 TAYLOR Robert Paul  Labour Party  1,873 ELECTED

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
 A  Want of an official mark  0
 B  Voting for more Candidates than the voter was entitled to  2
 C  Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified  0
 D  Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  24
Total  26
 Vacant seats  1  Electorate  8,922  Ballot papers issued  5,935  Turnout  66.52%

I do hereby declare that the said Robert Paul Taylor is duly elected Councillor for the Anston and Woodsetts Ward.

Jacqueline Collins

Returning Officer

Anston & Woodsetts Ward Results 2014:

Anston & Woodsetts Ward
Name Description Votes Vote%
Burton Labour 1339 38.7 Elected
Foulstone Green 251 17.1
Froggatt UKIP 1308 37.8
Taylor Conservative 555 16.0
Total Votes 3460
Electorate 8890
Turnout % 38.9



AW Nom 13_04_2015

The first signs of election activity:

KB 1 8 Apr 2015KB 2 8 Apr 2015

Froggatt 12 Mar 2015Froggatt1 12 Mar 2015

RT 25 Apr 2015RT 1 25 Apr 2015

News of a parish council scrutiny blog

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We bring readers news of a new scrutiny blog, this time focussing on the activities of a parish council. Click on image to visit: Wherever the peoples business is transacted a scrutiny blog is most welcome and essential if labour … Continue reading

A plea to women – from Jo Burton

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Jo Burton the recently re-elected labour member for Anston & Woodsetts makes a plea for more involvement from women in the democratic process: .

Rotherham Labour’s 2015 Cohort – First Look

Unless Labour decides to dump their own dinosaurs, this is the list of sitting Labour Councillors who will be up for re-election/voting out next May: Anston & Woodsetts Judy Dalton Boston Castle Peter Wooton Brinsworth and Catcliffe Andrew Roddison Dinnington … Continue reading

7 thoughts on “Focus on Anston & Woodsetts

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  2. News Flash. The Independent Candidate John Ireland has been caught out tonight. At a Public Meeting of Anston Electors, he did not deny that he spoke to a Parish Councillor in the Pub and admitted that he was standing to “split the vote”. He was asked who he was trying “to Split” but said no one had asked him to do it. he then went on to say he was standing because he was the only one who lives in Anston. Technically he is correct, but the UKIP Candidate Bernard Frogett, was born in Anston, and lives in woodsetts, which just happens to be part of the “Anston and Woodsetts Ward”.
    The Public have been asking why would a 77 year old man, who has presided over a totally failing Parish Council, for the last two years, Stand for Election at RMBC, That very same RMBC Council has threatened to disband the Parish Council, the one he has been running on behalf of the Labour Party. (one failing Council disbanding another failing Council, you could not make it up)
    Please Members of the Public don’t waste a good vote on this man.


  3. This is the standard labour “sorry we missed you” calling card. It gives Kevin Barron’s contact details (nothing for the Borough candidate). We had “same”one for Barron/Pitchley yesterday in Aughton.

    Incidentally, Robert Taylor was recently co-opted (by the Labour majority) on to the Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council. He has only been on for a few months (the resignation of his predecessor who had moved out of the parish over two years ago & only attended very infrequently resigned too late for there to be a bye-election!! Surprise, surprise), so difficult to assess how effective he might be. He was just greeted (and congratulated) by his Labour colleagues at his first PC meeting. He did not introduce himself to the public or the rest of the PC, and when co-opted there was no indication as to who he was or his credentials…typical Labour shoe-in.


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  6. Mr Thornton’s crass comments have once again shown that he is unfit to be a Parish Councillor and is an affront to democracy

    John Ireland


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