Focus on Dinnington

2015 Results:

Dinno 12_05_2015

2015 Declaration:

 Name of Candidate  Description (if any)  Number of Votes*
GRICE Shaun  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,746
 HAMILTON Wendy  Green Party  351
 HIGGINS Peter Michael  The Conservative Party Candidate  1,106
 MALLINDER Janet Martin  Labour Party  2,037 ELECTED
 SMITH David  515

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
 A  Want of an official mark  0
 B  Voting for more Candidates than the voter was entitled to  2
 C  Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified  0
 D  Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  28
Total  30
 Vacant seats  1  Electorate  9,850  Ballot papers issued  5,785  Turnout  58.73%

I do hereby declare that the said Janet Martin Mallinder is duly elected Councillor for the Dinnington Ward.

Jacqueline Collins

Returning Officer

Dinnington Ward Results 2014:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Falvey Labour 1195 38.5
Finnie UKIP 1293 41.6  Elected
Smith Independent 579 18.6
Total Votes 3107
Electorate 9753
Turnout % 31.8

Dinnington Nominations:

Dinn Noms 13_04_2015

I can confirm the Independent, Dave Smith has confirmed, he will be standing once more for the Borough Ward of Dinnington and also this time is standing for the Dinnington St Johns Town Council.Election materials will appear here, as soon as Dave has supplied them for us.


Labour leaflet:

JM 25 Apr 2015JM 1 25 Apr 2015


UKIP Candidate:

Allen Cowles & Shaun Grice lflt 2_Page_1Allen Cowles & Shaun Grice lflt 2_Page_2

Rotherham Labour’s 2015 Cohort – First Look

Unless Labour decides to dump their own dinosaurs, this is the list of sitting Labour Councillors who will be up for re-election/voting out next May: Anston & Woodsetts Judy Dalton Boston Castle Peter Wooton Brinsworth and Catcliffe Andrew Roddison Dinnington … Continue reading

6 thoughts on “Focus on Dinnington

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  4. Dave Smith says Ian Finne, our Dinnington Borough Councillor, has “never attended any council meetings” This is not true. He should explain what he means as people will otherwise think he has not been attending any meetings in the Borough Council which is not correct. In reply to his criticism of UKIP – we have done our best to challenge the borough council regarding not only CSE but on many other issues. How can you expect much success when we had 10 councillors against 50 of Labour? Dave you should perhaps print an apology to Ian?


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