Focus on Wingfield

2015 Results:

Wingf 13_05_2015

2015 Declaration:

 Name of Candidate  Description (if any)  Number of Votes*
 ELLIOTT Robert  UK Independence Party (UKIP)  2,203
 PRICE Richard  Labour Party  2,291 ELECTED
 WATERS Ben  The Conservative Party Candidate  447

* If elected the word ‘Elected’ appears against the number of votes.

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number of ballot papers
 A  Want of an official mark  0
 B  Voting for more Candidates than the voter was entitled to  1
 C  Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified  0
 D  Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty  31
Total  32
 Vacant seats  1  Electorate  8,980  Ballot papers issued  4,973  Turnout  55.38%

I do hereby declare that the said Richard Price is duly elected Councillor for the Wingfield Ward.

Jacqueline Collins

Returning Officer

Wingfield Ward Results 2014:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Goulty Labour 1161 39.6
Hunter UKIP 1552 52.9 Elected
Marshall Conservative 204 6.9
Total Votes 2934
Electorate 9109
Turnout % 32.2

Nominated Candidates:

Wing Noms13_04_2015

The UKIP candidate standing in Wingfield Ward, Robert Elliott

Robert Elliot 1 9 Mar 2015Robert Elliot 2 9 Mar 2015

Rotherham Labour’s 2015 Cohort – First Look

Unless Labour decides to dump their own dinosaurs, this is the list of sitting Labour Councillors who will be up for re-election/voting out next May: Anston & Woodsetts Judy Dalton Boston Castle Peter Wooton Brinsworth and Catcliffe Andrew Roddison Dinnington … Continue reading

6 thoughts on “Focus on Wingfield

  1. What’s happened to Terry Sharman after all his years on the RMBC gravy train jumped before he was voted out ? can always say “oh i was retiring anyway” When we all know if the CSE scandal hadn’t happened he would still be there again with his snout in the trough He should have packed in years ago anyway


  2. Nothing in there leaflet about saving the Green Belt and what a Cheek saying they saved Abby School not one Labour Councillor backed that school they only voted with the proposal after UKIP commissioned a independent report along side the one The new director commissioned
    How many more lies and hood winking the people will they try


    • Well said Caven I live in the Kepple ward and can’t wait for Barry Kaye to arrive on my doorstep canvassing, as a member of staff at Abbey School and someone who emailed him and got a bog standard reply laying out exactly why we were being closed down and at the time trying to sell it to us. I was disgusted.
      Neither him or Maggi Clarke got involved until Dave Cutts did and got you and Maureen on board for which we are forever grateful. The Labour Party are a set of self serving hypocrites who use any cause to try and further their own ends


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