Tales From The Stump

Sir Nutkin had a dream

Sir Nutkin was sound asleep in his four poster bed in his luxurious holiday home. As he slept a strange dream came to him; he dreamt he had died and gone to heaven. At the gates stood St Peter, Sir … Continue reading

Man in a T shirt

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It was a fine spring morning Mr Lewis had awoken feeling quite chipper. As he ate his three shredded wheat he thought I think I will have a stroll in the sunshine to Dinnington. As he walked along his thoughts … Continue reading

The Day Sir Nutkin Came to Town

It was a chilly Saturday morning in Dinnington, my self and Mr Lewis had decided to go shopping. As we were about to avail ourselves of a Tesco trolley we saw the not fit for purpose deputy leader of RMBC; … Continue reading

Badger – Observations at Bailey House

Today I had reason to visit Bailey House. As I was approaching the building I saw Reg Littleboy in the car park who was waiting for someone to get out of a car. The person getting out of the car … Continue reading

A fundraising Mug?

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Image kindly supplied anonymously from a labour member: Can anyone tell labour from the Tories? I can’t!

First up this delightful piece from Dave Smith:

The Day Sir Nutkin Met Mr Lewis

Once again desperately on the campaign trail with two not fit for purpose councillors, Sir Nutkin made the mistake of venturing into the lair of Mr Lewis. The shy retiring Mr Lewis, the finest heckler in the land, always with … Continue reading

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