Focus on Anston & Woodsetts Ward 2016



Election Notices:



A&W 12_05_2015



Anston & Woodsetts Ward Results 2014:

Anston & Woodsetts Ward
Name Description Votes Vote%
Burton Labour 1339 38.7 Elected
Foulstone Green 251 17.1
Froggatt UKIP 1308 37.8
Taylor Conservative 555 16.0
Total Votes 3460
Electorate 8890
Turnout % 38.9

Scan_20160407Scan_20160407 (6)Scan_20160407 (3)Scan_20160407 (4)Scan_20160407 (5)Scan_20160407 (6)

Scan 01 (1)Scan 01 (2)Scan 01 (3)Scan 01 (4).

2 thoughts on “Focus on Anston & Woodsetts Ward 2016

  1. It’s interesting that Sir Nutkin has written exactly the same blurb for these three as the Dinnington three, as they say, only the names have changed.
    Dave Smith


  2. It’s great to see three new candidates for Labour. One of them knocked on my door last week and we had a good chat and local problems. I voted UKIP last time but this year I will be voting Labour!


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