Focus on Swinton Ward 2016



Election Notices:


Swin 12_05_2015

Swinton Ward Results 2014:

Name Description Votes Vote%
Jones Conservative 286 9.0
Sanderson UKIP 1405 44.3
Sansome Labour 1464 46.2 Elected
Total Votes 3171
Electorate 9183
Turnout % 34.5

Election Materials:

Scan_20160420 (3)Scan_20160420 (4)Scan_20160420Scan_20160420 (2)Scan_20160420 (6)Scan_20160420 (5)


2 thoughts on “Focus on Swinton Ward 2016

  1. Had my manifesto leaflet through the post today for Swinton ward, The first thing I noticed was Stuart Samson sat on the fence with is black bottoms on that was far too short for him.
    This was a total disgrace for the front page of the Labour Party manifesto leaflet.

    He will not be getting my vote in the Swinton ward


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