Rotherham General Election 2017

Sansome sows labour discord ( already-!!!! )

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It seems like the anti-corbyn brigade inside Rotherham Labour are already at work. This tweet shows a complete misunderstanding of the position Labour find themselves in now, after not one, but TWO, sets of existential crises in the last 18 … Continue reading

Election 2017: Your complete guide to every Yorkshire result

The nation has spoken and the results have been flowing in throughout the night. Nationally, it has been a disaster for The Conservative Party as they lose their majority and Labour make large gains. Election 2017 results from North Yorkshire … Continue reading

Awkward election moment as returning officer announces the wrong candidate has won

It’s been called the ‘Oscars moment’ of the general election – but not in a good way. Jacqueline Collins, acting returning officer at the Mansfield count, took to the stage to announce the result – and declared Labour candidate Sir Alan Meale had been elected. Except … Continue reading

Paul Nuttall quits as UKIP leader

UKIP’s Paul Nuttall has stood down as leader of the party after it failed to win any seats in the general election. He has resigned with immediate effect and it was announced former party chairman Steve Crowther would lead UKIP … Continue reading

Rotherham Election Results 2017

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These are the results for the three Rotherham Constituencies: .

Final call poll: Tories lead by seven points and set to increase majority

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Labour won the battles of the election campaign, but the Conservatives still look almost certain to win the war Full analysis:

Battle for Yorkshire mining seat of Rother Valley where old certainties mean nowt

Like most coal mining communities, Rother Valley is a solid, safe Labour seat. Yet beneath the veneer of bucolic south Yorkshire countryside, an ideological battle is raging to turn this historic working-class heartland blue. Rother Valley may have been held … Continue reading

Andrew Vine: Election in shadow of terror must be watershed moment

THERE will be no rejoicing assuming Theresa May and the Conservatives are returned to office in the early hours of Friday morning. First Manchester, and now London, mean there cannot be any triumphalism. Too many people have been murdered and … Continue reading

Voting Intention: Conservatives 42%, Labour 38% (1-2 Jun)

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Voting Intention: Conservatives 42%, Labour 38% (1-2 Jun) Full analysis…

Anti-Semitic Abuse Hurled at Candidate After Israel Remark

A Labour Parliamentary candidate has been shouted down with anti-Semitic abuse at a public hustling in Bradford. An audience member cried out “Jew, Jew, Jew!” after Labour’s Naz Shah criticised Israel, but confirmed she backed the nation’s right to exist. … Continue reading

Constituency profile: Nick Clegg’s fight to hold Sheffield Hallam

Only five miles separates the village of Dore from the centre of Sheffield. It takes less than half an hour on the 81 bus, but few of its 5,500 inhabitants use it. This is commuter country. The properties here, on … Continue reading

Rother Valley Conservative Leaflet

Rother Valley LibDem Leaflet

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Tories targeting UKIP votes to unseat Labour’s Don Valley MP Caroline Flint

Theresa May has taken the Tory campaign to Doncaster, where she is trying to mop up Ukip votes to kick out Labour’s Caroline Flint. The Prime Minister chatted to new mothers at a community centre in Branton, west of Doncaster, … Continue reading

Parties may be breaking data laws to target voters

Political parties could be breaking data protection law by “micro-targeting” adverts at voters based on posts and data held by Facebook without due transparency, legal experts have said. Lawyers told The Times that they believe parties have a responsibility under … Continue reading

Introducing YouGov’s 2017 election model

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Our data shows that the huge Conservative lead just after the election was called has narrowed notably. But how do the current vote shares translate into seats and what sort of majority – if any – would this give Theresa … Continue reading

GP Taylor: Why I’m voting for the Yorkshire Party

GP Taylor: Why I’m voting for the Yorkshire Party GP Taylor is backing the Yorkshire Party in the June 8 election. GP Taylor is backing the Yorkshire Party in the June 8 election. AFTER watching the first leaders’ debate on … Continue reading

Pollsters predict shock Conservative losses at general election

Pollsters predict shock Conservative losses at general election Controversial YouGov estimate points to hung parliament with 20 fewer seats for May The Conservative Party could be in line to lose 20 seats and Labour gain nearly 30 in next week’s general election, according … Continue reading

Chris Burn: Could wildcard Corbyn follow Trump’s triumph?

IT would be hard to find two men with more differing world views than Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn, but there are intriguing echoes of the brash New York billionaire’s unlikely triumph in the way the bearded Islington socialist is … Continue reading

General Election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn will remain Labour leader win or lose

Jeremy Corbyn condemned over wreath-laying ceremony for terror chief Labour campaign chief: It’s only the beginning of the Corbyn project Theresa May to pledge tough action on domestic abuse Mrs May and Mr Corbyn set for TV grilling by Jeremy Paxman … Continue reading

Conservative candidate stuns Batley voters with shooting joke

The Conservative candidate contesting murdered MP Jo Cox’s former seat in Batley has sparked outrage for telling a hustings “We’ve not yet shot anybody so that’s wonderful.” Ann Myatt has apologised for her “ill-judged” comments which left Labour’s Tracy Brabin, … Continue reading

Conservative lead over Labour ‘shrinking’ as vote approaches

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A clutch of new General Election polls have shown the Conservative lead over Labour shrinking as the June 8 vote approaches, including one which put Theresa May’s party just six points clear. If Jeremy Corbyn repeats his poll results in … Continue reading

Questions for UKIP’s Allen Cowles.

With the election just a few weeks away I would like to ask a few questions about UKIP’s Allen Cowles. Where is He? What has he been doing campaign wise? There is little in any voice or campaign from UKIP’s … Continue reading

Halifax profile: Key marginal whose political future hangs by a thread

IN a town whose mills once clattered to the noise of a thousand looms, there is a certain irony in watching its political future hang by a thread. Elsie Whiteley knew the value of textiles to Halifax better than anyone. … Continue reading

The sheer idiocy of the far right makes you proud to be British

Whatever happened to the racist rabble-rousers? A terrorist attack carried out by someone with a warped vision of Islam should be rich pickings for far-right extremists to whip up some hate. Instead we have Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, a man who … Continue reading

Adam Carter LibDem for Rotherham Constituency leaflet

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Lee Hunter Rother Valley’s UKIP candidate leaflet

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Lee Hunter Rother Valley’s UKIP candidate leaflet: .

Tory lead cut to five points as Corbyn closes in on May

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Theresa May’s poll lead has fallen to five points a fortnight before the general election — the smallest margin over Labour since she came to power. A YouGov poll for The Times puts Labour on 38 per cent of the … Continue reading

Ukip to launch manifesto as election campaigns remain on hold

Ukip has become the first party to end the election campaign truce as it confirms it will launch its manifesto tomorrow. Defending the decision, leader Paul Nuttall said it was the “best response” to an attack that sought to undermine … Continue reading

General Election campaigning suspended after deadly Manchester blast

General Election campaigning has been suspended after the suspected terrorist attack that killed 22 people in Manchester. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he had spoken to Prime Minister Theresa May and they had agreed that all national campaigning would be … Continue reading

Kevin really really wants my vote.

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures 18-19 May

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures Full analysis… Full set: YouGov opinion polls General Election 2017

Proposal to remove a fire appliance – Rotherham Fire Station Objection

South Yorkshire Joint Authorities Governance Unit 18 Regent Street Barnsley South Yorkshire S70 2HG 22nd March 2017 Proposal to remove a fire appliance – Rotherham Fire Station Dear Cllr Cave I request that you read out my short note at … Continue reading

Green Party Candidate for Rother Valley ‘Appalled’ at Council decision to allow Fracking in Constituency without consideration for the environment

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General Election Rotherham 2017 – leaflets

First up the Yorkshire Party: and Sarah Champion Labour: .

Fight for Labour heartlands only just beginning as party slams Tory’s ‘savage attack’ on working people

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has suggested the fight for Labour’s Northern heartlands is only just beginning, as he claimed voters would soon start waking up to the “threat” posed by another Tory government. Speaking in the wake of the Conservative … Continue reading

May launches Conservative manifesto in Halifax – key points

Theresa May was today launching the Conservative manifesto in Halifax with a promise to build a stronger Britain. Mrs May chose Dean Clough Mill to launch the document as she warned the next five years would be the “most challenging” … Continue reading

Defending MP walks out of meeting amid rowdy scenes

A WOMAN who is defending her Bradford West seat walked out of a meeting called by the Muslim Women’s Council in the city on Wednesday night amid rowdy scenes. Naz Shah was joined by Salma Yaqoob, a former Respect member … Continue reading

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures 16-17 May

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures Full analysis…

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures May 11th-12th

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures Full analysis…

David Blunkett: Democracy is about ensuring that Theresa May’s delusion lasts no further than June 8.

IN this newspaper 11 months ago, I acknowledged that a majority in our region had voted for Brexit. What’s more, this wasn’t just about the alienated and dispossessed. Many businesspeople had also cast their vote to leave. My reaction was … Continue reading

YP Comment: Labour throws in the towel. Party’s admission of defeat

 AS IF the Labour Party did not already have woes enough in fighting the general election, the extraordinary and damaging intervention by its deputy leader, Tom Watson, can only make its already invidious task even more difficult. To admit that … Continue reading

Social homes pledge comes under fire

LABOUR have branded a Conservative promise to build thousands of new council houses “spin” after it emerged there will be no new money behind the policy. The Prime Minister promised action to “fix the broken housing” market by providing money … Continue reading

Blair allies plot new party to replace ‘dead horse’ Labour

Blair allies plot new party to replace ‘dead horse’ Labour Donors are standing by if Corbyn cannot be ousted after a predicted election humiliation Close allies of Tony Blair have drawn up plans to create a new political party if … Continue reading

Late UKIP change as Rotherham general election candidates are decided

UKIP GROUP leader Cllr Allen Cowles made an 11th hour decision to become the party’s general election candidate in Rotherham. The council’s opposition leader had initially ruled himself out of the running but the branch rejected other prospective candidates. UKIP’s … Continue reading

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures May 9th-10th

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures Full analysis…

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour battle bus rolls into Rotherham

SARAH Champion likened Jeremy Corbyn to Marmite as she welcomed him to the Rotherham patch she is battling to be re-elected for. Speaking at a rally in Canklow last night, the Labour parliamentary candidate for the Rotherham seat, said: “Jeremy … Continue reading

UKIP candidate numbers drop in Yorkshire

The number of UK Independence Party candidates contesting the General Election in Yorkshire will be significantly smaller than it was two years ago. The party fought all 54 seats in the region in 2015 but as nominations closed last night … Continue reading

General Election 2017 Candidates Agents Appointed

Rother Valley: Rotherham: Wentworth & Dearne: .

Nominations close – Candidates announced

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Rother Valley: Rotherham: Wentworth & Dearne: .

Corbyn & A kinder type of politics; Bo**ox

Labours  NEC has overridden a local selection procedure at Liverpool’s Walton Constituency, instead quietly imposing an aide of Unite boss Len McCluskey to stand in one of the party’s safest seats. Labour officials announced this afternoon that they had selected Daniel … Continue reading

Hundreds turn out for Corbyn in Sheffield as he commits to Orgreave enquiry from ‘day one’ if elected as PM

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was greeted with huge cheers and applause by supporters as he rolled into Sheffield on the latest leg of the general election campaign. Hundreds turn out for Corbyn in Sheffield as he commits to Orgreave enquiry … Continue reading

UKIP Councillor Sidelined as PPC

Councillor who was set to fight Clacton seat at General Election quits Ukip after being sidelined for national committee member Paul Oakley… This was the seat UKIP donnor Arron Banks decided not to stand in… A COUNCILLOR selected by local … Continue reading

Exclusive: 100 moderate Labour MPs to form breakaway group if Jeremy Corbyn stays on after a Tory landslide

Labour faces a historic split after the election with as many as 100 of the party’s MPs set to walk out and form their own breakaway group in an attempt to force out Jeremy Corbyn, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn vows to stay on as Labour leader regardless of election result

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested he will remain as Labour leader even if he fails to gain power in the General Election. Mr Corbyn was quoted by the BuzzFeed News website as saying would be “carrying on” regardless of the result … Continue reading

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures May 4-5th

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures   Taken from:

Nigel Farage has only himself to blame for Ukip collapse

Nigel Farage has only himself to blame for Ukip’s collapse as a political force, the party’s former MP Douglas Carswell has said. Mr Carswell, who quit Ukip before announcing he would stand down as an MP at the June 8 … Continue reading

Bad news

Just tried to visit Rotherham UKIP at hospital, as I had heard he was very ill. When I arrived I was told he was in intensive care and wouldn’t last much longer. Bad news indeed! Bring you more as news … Continue reading

When even your friends can’t be encouraging

Breitbart General Election Poll Tracker 6th of May: Conservatives on track to win 160 seat majority Analysis of the political betting markets following the local election results by IG Group suggest that the Conservatives are on track to win 405 seats in … Continue reading

Lee James Hunter UKIP for Rother Valley

Lee James Hunter is your UKIP candidate for the Rother Valley constituency.  Lee works at ThyssenKrupp  Aerospace at Darton Barnsley. Please keep coming back, as this site will be updated with more meaningful information.  Lee will be blogging on issues … Continue reading

YP Comment: May boosted by Ukip’s collapse

TWENTY FIVE years after the political right-wing started fragmenting over Europe and brought John Major’s government to its knees, how ironic that Theresa May is now able to reunite the Conservative Party on the back of Brexit – the most … Continue reading

UKIP finished as an electoral force, says former backer Arron Banks

Ukip is “finished as an electoral force” under its current leadership after a wipe-out in council elections overnight, millionaire former backer Arron Banks has said. Mr Banks accused leader Paul Nuttall of “crashing the car” with his focus on Muslim … Continue reading

Election blow for Ukip as Yorkshire leaders walk out

UKIP has suffered a major pre-election blow in one of its heartlands after the hierarchy of the party’s branch in Rotherham all resigned, with the local chairman bluntly stating party leader Paul Nuttall is “the wrong man for the job”. … Continue reading

Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures

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Latest YouGov Westminster voting intention figures Taken from:

Green Party announces three more candidates for Sheffield General Election campaign

The Green Party has revealed its Sheffield candidates for this summer’s General Election. The party will contest the Sheffield Hallam, Heeley and Brightside and Hillsborough seats, alongside Sheffield Central, for which former leader Natalie Bennett has already begun campaigning. In … Continue reading

UKIP dying in Rotherham

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UKIP dying in Rotherham Responding to reports that Rotherham UKIP’s branch chairman and campaigner manager have resigned the party, Liberal Democrat Councillor Adam Carter says: “These key activists leaving the party show that UKIP is dying in Rotherham. The people … Continue reading

Moofy’s Midlands manoeuvring: More questions than answers.

So, according to Andrew Gilligan (Sunday Times 30th April 2017), Mahroof Hussain has pitched up in the West Midlands to lend a hand to Sion Simon the Labour candidate in the mayoral contest. But should anyone really be surprised that … Continue reading

Paul Martin Green candidate for Rother Valley

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Paul Martin has announced he will be standing for the Green Party in the Rother Valley constituency. . . . . . . . . . . . Below is his press release: .

Labour concern at likely local election losses

Burnham warning as Labour faces heavy local election losses Labour must reconnect in the north or face “serious consequences”, Andy Burnham has said, with the party forecast to lose more than 100 seats in next week’s council elections. The Greater … Continue reading

May promises to deliver HS2 to Yorkshire

THERESA MAY has slapped down Conservative backbenchers in the South with a commitment to deliver the HS2 rail line to Yorkshire. The Prime Minister told The Yorkshire Post the proposed high speed rail line connnecting London, Birmingham and Yorkshire is … Continue reading

General election 2017: UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Boston and Skegness

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall is to stand in Boston and Skegness in Lincolnshire in June’s General Election. Announcing his bid on Saturday, he said the seat voted “overwhelmingly” for Leave in the EU referendum last year. The constituency, held by … Continue reading

General election 2017: Key Corbyn allies not selected by Labour

Two of Jeremy Corbyn’s key allies have not been selected for parliamentary seats under a fast-track process. His political secretary Katy Clark – a former MP – pulled out of the contest for Leigh, the seat Andy Burnham is vacating, … Continue reading

Isle of Wight MP steps down after ‘gay danger remark’

An MP is standing down after reportedly telling students that homosexuality was “wrong” and “dangerous to society”. Andrew Turner, the Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight, was said to have made the remarks on a visit to a college … Continue reading

Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker: Why I can beat Philip Davies in Shipley

Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker delivered the first salvo of the election by going head to head with Shipley MP Philip Davies. But can she win? Sarah Freeman reports. There’s been a last minute change of venue. Instead of … Continue reading

Labour chooses Hull West and Barnsley East candidate

HESSLE TOWN councillor Emma Hardy has been selected to be Labour’s candidate in Hull West and Hessle following Alan Johnson’s decision not to run. Ms Hardy, a member of Labour’s national policy forum, was chosen ahead of David Prescott, the … Continue reading

Greens unveil student pledges in Sheffield

PROPOSALS TO bring back student grants and scrap university fees have been unveiled by the Greens in Sheffield. The Greens would reverse cuts in corporation tax to pay for their higher education plans which include ensuring universities do not lose … Continue reading

Former Lib Dem MP accused of anti-Semitism to contest Bradford East

A Lib Dem councillor who was temporarily suspended from the party over allegations of anti-Semitism has been chosen to re-contest his former Parliamentary seat in Bradford East. David Ward had the party Whip removed in 2013 after making a series … Continue reading

Tactical voting: The early signs it could really take off in 2017

Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system means that lots of MPs are elected on fewer than half of the votes cast in their constituencies. At the last election, 333 out of 650 winning candidates received less than 50% of the vote. Those … Continue reading

Guido – Tory Selections Hit Bump in the Road

Several Tory selections across the country have hit a bump in the road as CCHQ struggles to find suitable candidates and finds itself embroiled in punch-ups with local associations. North Norfolk, which is held by LibDem Norman Lamb on a … Continue reading

Yorkshire Party reveals General Election candidate for Rotherham

Mick Bower will try to win the Rotherham parliamentary seat for the Yorkshire Party. Mr Bower, who was born in the town, is a former teacher who has also worked in sports journalism and road safety. He stood for election … Continue reading

Liberal Democrats announce Rotherham candidates

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PRESS RELEASE Embargo: 25/04/17 Contact: Adam Carter 07490 921955 Liberal Democrats announce Rotherham candidates Rotherham Liberal Democrats have announced their candidates to fight the general election. The party now have 100,000 members, the most since the 2003 Iraq war. … Continue reading

Election News 24th April 2017

MP calls for action as South Yorkshire schools start to cut staff and increase class sizes Schools in Rotherham and Barnsley are making cutbacks after revealing they do not expect to have enough Government funding by 2020. John Healey, MP … Continue reading

Women’s Equality Party leader to challenge MP Philip Davies

The leader of the Women’s Equality Party, Sophie Walker, is to stand against Tory MP and male rights advocate Philip Davies in the election. If elected in the West Yorkshire seat of Shipley, she said she would be a “voice … Continue reading

Former Cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles not standing in election

Conservative former Cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles has joined the list of MPs who have said they will not be standing again in the General Election. The former Bradford Council leader announced on his Twitter feed that he would not … Continue reading

Election news 21 April 2017

Doncaster MP Ed Miliband to stand in next election Read more at: VIDEO: Lib Dems launch General Election campaign in Sheffield with vow to become ‘effective opposition’ The Liberal Democrats plan to fight a hard Brexit and challenge Labour’s … Continue reading

Police probe three Labour MPs for expenses fraud after it’s claimed they failed to declare thousands of pounds spent on staff to get them re-elected

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:
Police probe three Labour MPs for expenses fraud after it’s claimed they failed to declare thousands of pounds spent on staff to get them re-elected South Yorkshire Police to investigate three MPs for electoral fraud…

12 Labour MPs confirmed as not standing in election

12 Labour MPs confirmed as not standing in election There are a total of 12 Labour MPs who have said they will not be standing in the general election: Tom Blenkinstop, Middlesborough South and East Cleveland Alan Johnson, Hull West and Hessle … Continue reading

Dugher departs as Labour starts election campaign

Dugher departs as Labour starts election campaign THE DECISION of a second senior Yorkshire MP to stand down tonight threatened to drown out the opening salvos of Labour’s General Election campaign. Read more at: South Yorkshire MP Michael Dugher … Continue reading

General election 2017: Can parties select candidates in time?

Britain’s political parties are in a race against time to get candidates in place for the snap election. They had been working on the assumption that there would not be an election until May 2020, but now have just three … Continue reading

MPs vote in favour of snap General Election

BRITAIN will go to the polls for a snap general election after MPs backed Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan. The poll will be held on June 8 after MPs voted by 522 to 13 votes in favour of the motion … Continue reading

General Election 2017: Who’s standing in South Yorkshire?

The people of South Yorkshire will choose their MPs this summer after a snap General Election was called for June 8. Some MPs have already said they will stand again, while other candidates have put their names forward. Read more … Continue reading

Hull MP Alan Johnson confirms he is stepping down

HULL West and Hessle MP Alan Johnson will not contest his seat at the snap General Election called by Theresa May, he confirmed today. The former Home Secretary told his local Labour party that he would be bringing his Commons … Continue reading

BREAKING: May asks MPs for early General Election

THERESA MAY today called on MPs to agree to a snap General Election to be held on June 8. The Prime Minister used to a statement in Downing Street to set out the case for going back on her previous … Continue reading