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Blake’s Parliamentary Yearbook 2010

UK Citizens Online Democracy runs the MySociety collection of democracy and accountability websites, providing a range of simple tools to enable the proper exercise of citizens rights to information and to scrutinise the work of public representatives.

Their most popular website is theyworkforyou.com, the easy way to keep tabs on Parliamentarians. Signing up is easy and the daily email messages about your Member of Parliament very useful in keeping tabs on what issues that are exercising them.

Contacting your MP couldn’t be easier with the website writetothem.com. If you have never written to a politician before, this is the easy way to do it.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests can appear to be difficult to make, now it couldn’t be easier with the website whatdotheyknow.com. Useful to check if your question has been previously asked as well as making your own. Local FOI requests can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted links below.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

The website fixmystreet.com allows the easy reporting of local issues.

A new innovation is hearfromyourmp.com sign up to indicate you want to hear from them.

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