John Gamble:

John Gamble





Michael (Two Jobs) Gazur:

In Michael Gazur’s own words:

Michael Gazur is Clerk to the Council (Chief Executive Officer) for the Civil Parish of Anston. This rural parish, comprising of North Anston, South Anston, Lindrick and Turnerwood, is in effect a small town of some 10,000 inhabitants and forms part of the local government structure. It is associated with the town of Rotherham (England) and its Borough Council. Michael is also the Responsible Financial Officer for Eckington Parish Council, a Fellow of the Minerals Engineering Society, a founder member of the Institute of Local Council Management, branch treasurer to the South Yorkshire Branch of the Society of Local Council Clerks, branch treasurer to the Doncaster & Barnsley Branch of the Chartered Management Institute and circle treasurer to the Doncaster Circle of the Catenian Association.


My, hasn’t he a high opinion of himself and very busy to boot! Rothpol

MICHAEL GAZUR Clerk to Anson parish Council.
The clerk could do with going to a speech therapist so that the public and councillors can hear what  he has to say. Because all we the public can hear sounds like MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE. Is this deliberate? We think so. The majority of the councillors would also be heard better if the clerk checked the microphones were working properly before the meeting.   Valerie Sheldon-Ennis

John Gilding:

John Gilding





Alan Gosling:

Alan Gosling





Keith Goulty:

Keith Goulty






Marlene Guest:

Marlene Guest, known to us at Rotherham Politics, as ‘gob on legs.’ Regular readers will know that this woman is a racist bigot, who’s diatribes in the Advertiser letters pages are given to lies, slurs and ridiculous opinions, often without any basis in fact!

We normally give this inveterate self-publicist a wide berth, to prevent us giving this obsessive, paranoid, narrow-minded and essentially evil woman, the publicity she craves!

Jane Hamilton:

Jane Hamilton





Neil Hamilton:

Neil Hamilton





Jane Havenhand:

Jane Hamilton





John Healey:

Rothpol Links:

Blast from the past – Genuine Tyke, John Healey – Now ‘Politicians Politician’!

Posted on May 15, 2011 by rothpol

I wrote this last year on Oct 10th, I wouldn’t take a single word back except to point out that John has grown into his role in opposition admirably and is beginning to comprehensively pick the Tories policies on health … Continue reading →

Rotherham Members of Parliament

Posted on March 25, 2011 by rothpol

Rotherham Members of Parliament Rotherham: MP Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane;  Website Parliament, Personal, email him here, Rother Valley: MP Rt Hon Kevin Barron; Website Parliament, Personal, email him here, Wentworth & Dearne: MP Rt Hon John Healey; … Continue reading →

Politicians Websites

Posted on March 25, 2011 by rothpol

Politicians Websites: George Howarth Kevin Barron MP Rother Valley John Healey MP Wentworth & Dearne John Healey Re-election site. Denis MacShane MP NEW SITE Denis MacShane MP Rotherham Epolitix Now diverted to above. Still here for now? Denis’s International Blog … Continue reading →

AV – John Healey nails his colours to the mast!

Posted on March 17, 2011 by rothpol

Yesterdays Independent carried a short piece by John Healey on his position on the AV referendum. “John Healey MP: Vote reform would benefit only BNP, Ukip and Lib Dems.” His well argued case is pretty difficult to disagree with, especially … Continue reading →

MP Expenses Scandal – Balls & Cooper, A Tory Complains!

Posted on March 7, 2011 by rothpol

Yvette Cooper, shadow Home Secretary and her husband Ed Balls, shadow Chancellor, both Yorkshire MPs, are in further difficulty with their expenses claims. It has emerged that Andrew Bridgen, a Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, has written to John … Continue reading →

South Yorkshire MPs Expenses – April to October 2010

Expenses by South Yorkshire MPs – April to October 2010 Angela Smith, Lab, Penistone and Stocksbridge £22,272.08 Paul Blomfield, Lab, Sheffield Central £19,310.96 David Blunkett, Lab, Sheffield, Brightside & Hillsborough £18,624.71 Meg Munn, Lab, Sheffield Heeley £15,438.70 Nick Clegg, Lib … Continue reading →

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) – Latest MP Expenses Published Today!

The, much loathed by MPs, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has today updated their Website to include latest details of parliamentarians claims. Citizens throughout the country will be able to see what has been going on. No small wonder then … Continue reading →

Embarrassment, As Auditor Refuses to Sign Off Parliamentary Accounts!

The head of the National Audit Office (NAO), Amyas Morse, has found that the Commons authorities had failed to obtain receipts to justify £2.6 million in claims for the year 2009-10. Another £11.3 million of expenditure had been incurred on … Continue reading →

News from the Courts 2 – Woolas Defeated in Legal Bid! Why was John Healey there?

The second case to move forward this week concerned the Ex Shadow Immigration Minister and former Labour MP, Phil Woolas. Phil Woolas stooped  very low in his tactics in the Oldham East and Saddleworth and was judged to have made … Continue reading →

Labour Mutiny Over Woolas. MPs Turn on Harman at PLP!

Reports of last nights Parliamentary Labour Party describe it as ‘mutinous’ after MPs launched vitriolic attacks directed at Harriet Harman, Labour’s Deputy Leader. Parliamentary Labour Members are furious at Harman for her statement that it was, “not part of Labour’s … Continue reading →

Genuine Tyke, John Healey – Now ‘Politicians Politician’!

The Shadow Cabinet elections have revealed Yorkshireman, John Healey, to have become the consummate politician. Suddenly bursting in to public view to reveal a perfectly formed, gifted man, in much the same way that a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis. … Continue reading →

Read John Healey’s Letter to Labour MP’s in Shadow Cabinet Elections.

View John’s letter to fellow Labour Members of Parliament canvassing their support in the Shadow Cabinet elections. There will be few letters better than this. Compare with this, from Caroline Flint.  More than a bit thin, don’t you think? Clearly … Continue reading →

How did Rotherham’s three MP’s Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election. Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2 Healey, John 1 2 MacShane, Denis 1 Want … Continue reading →

Trades Unions foist Ed Miliband on Party! Huge Mistake! Constitutional crisis looms!

Trades Union leaders are already planning to take full advantage from their chosen standard bearer in Labour’s leadership contest and are as I write, in the bars, plotting to turn Ed Miliband into their prisoner. Beer and sandwiches anyone? The … Continue reading →

Denis loses it big style then apologises with box of chocolates (On expenses no doubt)

Just five days after the General Election the Rotherham MP Denis MacShane made an idiot of himself during an induction session run by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority on the 11th May. It can now be reported, after a response … Continue reading →

Forgemasters Dispute Breaks Out In Parliament!

Posted on July 31, 2010 by rothpol Clive Betts Labour Member for Sheffield South East secured an Adjournment  Debate on Wednesday evening on the subject of the cancellation of the £80 Million proposed loan to Sheffield Forgemasters and the exposure of lobbying by Andrew Cook, chairman … Continue reading →

Ex-Ministerial Payouts the final insult?

Posted on July 7, 2010 by rothpol

Labour’s rejected ministerial team have pocketed a cool £1,051,202 in severance payments due to them after being roundly rejected by the people in the General Election held in May. These payouts are an outrage! They are rewards for failure and … Continue reading →

Dearne Valley Information

Posted on July 2, 2010 by rothpol

Dearne Valley Councillors Contact Information July 8th, 2010 Barnsley MBC Councillors living or representing Dearne Valley Wards. Darfield Ward: Fisher, Ron Barnsley Independent Group Markham, Pauline Labour Party Wainwright, David Barnsley Independent Group Dearne North Ward: Gardiner, … Continue reading →

Frank Hodgkiss:

Frank Hodgkiss





Darren Hughes:

Darren Hughes, lives in Catcliffe –  Borough Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward, and is Chairman of Catcliffe parish council.

AKA – ‘Darren the Defector’

Darren the Defector – gets his reward!

Councillor Hughes has been a member of the Council since May, 2008 and is a member of the Standards Committee, Chair of the Self Regulation Select Commission and Vice-Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board.

Darren Hughes




Twitter: @darrenjlhughes

If ‘Wonder Boy’ Beck gets it wrong?

Posted on March 2, 2012 by

RikiLeaks ‘snail mail’ inbox*, the Royal Mail to you and me, has been busy this week.

Rotherham Politics brings you the first, received on Monday, concerning Borough Councillor Dominic Beck the member for Wales Ward and Anston parish councillor who lives South Anston.

A while ago when Rothpol was idly surfing the RMBC website and started to pay closer attention to the Interest Declarations made by RMBC Councillors, it was realised that the existing system was woefully inadequate and poorly administered! A fill in and forget it attitude seems to be the case amongst Councillors and the Monitoring Officer in our Town, this is especially disappointing in view of the time limits for amending records is only 28 days not the years it takes most members of the Council to update theirs!

I am very grateful therefore to my anonymous informant, for taking the time, trouble and expense to inform readers of just such a fine example in Dominic Beck:

Dominic Beck Councillors Interests Declaration of 10. 05. 2011.

Dinnington Guardian Published on Friday 24 June 2011 Career in politics Beck-oning

My informant highlights the following issues, Dominic Beck does not include his membership of the Labour Party nor Trades Union Membership as required under Labour Party Rules. Dominic Beck claims ‘employment’ by Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce and RMBC simultaneously and points to the resulting conflict of interest!

My informant is entirely correct about their first two points but the third is an example of a mistake by Dominic Beck, he is not an employee of RMBC, but an elected member, as employment by RMBC would disqualify him from membership of the Council! RMBC should not have been mentioned in an answer to question 4.

One for pedants, where the answer does not apply to him, the only permissible answer is none, not the Blank or N/A answers given by Dominic Beck in his declaration of  10th May 2011.

One wonders why the Monitoring Officers counter signature was applied to this incomplete and incorrectly filled in declaration and indeed the fact that this particular example exists, does not inspire one with confidence that the rest of the declarations by other Councillors are any better.

Further questions, when did Dominic Beck’s contract of employment with Hughes & Hughes expire? As Hughes & Hughes is a company owned and run by Darren Hughes surely there must be some omissions from other declarations? What is the nature of his employment by B&R Chamber? Did it change? When did he cease being a student? we should be told!

* ‘Snail Mail’ inbox address available upon request.
Darren Hughes – Declaration of Interests
Thomas Fenoughty – Declaration of Interests

Mahroof Hussain:

Known to us affectionately as, Cllr Look, Duck & Vanish MBE

Mahroof Hussain



Twitter: @mahroofhussain

Known to us as Cllr Look, Duck & Vanish MBE with good reason.

Mahroof Hussain gets it seriously wrong

This one by email, couldn’t resist sharing it with you, I could have entitled this post as, How to win friends and influence people – Not!: Grald-Hunter  yesterday came across another embarrassing piece of ill-informed comment from our man-of-the-people, Section … Continue reading →

Grald-Hunter spots Mahroof Hussain twitter outburst!

The Rotherham Politics active and empowered reader, correspondent and “critical friend” of Rotherham Laybah Grooip and RMBC, Grald-Hunter, came across this latest petulant twitter flutter outburst – – from our Aspirant MP, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru, Supporter of Section 106 £247,500 … Continue reading →

2011 in retrospect – Anticipating 2012 – 30,000 hits later!

On New Year’s Day, a few sometimes random reflections on 2011, and the same for the year in prospect. 2011 was an interesting year politically at the local and national level and 2012 looks set fair to be at least … Continue reading →

Section 106 Agreement – An invitation to extortion? Well what would you call it?

Section 106 agreements, Cllr Mahroof Hussain claims in the most recent edition of the ‘Tiser, “are attached to all sorts of planning applications these days.” You bet they are! What are Section 106 Agreements? Some research: “Section 106 (S106) of … Continue reading →

Mahroof breaks the ‘golden rule’ – Stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs!

For many years now it has been a ‘golden rule’ of the Labour Group that members should stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs. With good reason. Few would pass muster, if they came under close scrutiny from a … Continue reading →

Labour’s Selection Battleground!

The position with regard to the current round of Labour Selection/ re-selection meetings taking place around the Borough: Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Darren Jason Louis Hughes plus one other candidate to replace Jo Burton. Retread, Robin Stonebridge, is reportedly trying … Continue reading →

Spotted by A Friend of Old Rotherham – not to be missed!

A Friend of Old Rotherham spotted this piece of vomit-inducing self-publicity from Da Dokta MacSh**e. Thank goodness he’s not my MP, but I pity those who he purports to represent and who pay him a shedload of ackers to look after … Continue reading →

His Masters Voice?

When I posted the previous story, Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise?, I was unaware of this You Tube effort by Martin Kimber, speaking on Rogers behalf as well as his own. This cringingly … Continue reading →

Labour’s problem for 2012 – time to wield the knife?

This is the time of year that all local politicians dread, at least those involved in selection or reselection battles for next years May council elections, that is! I bring you the full list of sitting labour councillors who’s term … Continue reading →

Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise?

Rotherham budget consultation with Cllr Jahangir Akhtar Rotherham budget consultation with Cllr Mahroof Hussain M.B.E I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to draw readers attention to these two attempts at consultation direct with the people. Time will tell if this … Continue reading →

Labour can apologise – but not in ‘Scum Labour’ Rotherham

Michael Elmer, remember him? He came up with the term ‘Scum Labour’ to describe the secretive and corrupt ways that infect the ‘body politic’ through large swathes of labour’s northern ‘heartlands’. Michael has kindly supplied the information for this tale … Continue reading →

Next years crop – badly in need of some weeding or pruning, perhaps?

I thought it might be interesting to take a quick look at sitting councillors on RMBC who would be expecting to be fighting their seats for their party at the local elections next May. Unless their Party tells them otherwise, … Continue reading →

The Gerald Smith Files

Posted on June 24, 2011 by

What is known about Gerald Smith: In 2005 RMBC delegated responsibility by establishing the “arms-length” company Rotherham Renaissance Ltd with the intention of sidestepping democracy. Cllr.Roger Stone OBE and Cllr.Gerald Smith are both Directors of Rotherham Renaissance. Rotherham Politics links … Continue reading →

Rotherham’s New Cabinet

Posted on May 27, 2011 by

Councillor Roger Stone, Leader Councillor Jahangir Akhtar (Deputy Leader) Councillor John Doyle, Adult Independence, Health and Wellbeing. Councillor Mahroof Hussain, Community Development, Equality and Young Peoples Issues. Councillor Paul Lakin, Safeguarding and Developing Learning Opportunities. Councillor Rose McNeely, Safe and … Continue reading →

One Response to GHI

  1. Anonymous says:

    MICHAEL GAZUR Clerk to Anson parish Council.
    The clerk could do with going to a speech therapist so that the public and councillors can hear what he has to say. Because all we the public can hear sounds like MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE. Is this deliberate? We think so.The majority of the councillors would also be heard better if the clerk checked the microphones were working properly before the meeting. Valerie Sheldon-Ennis

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