Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron – Private Eye rubs it in

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Private Eye rubs it in:

MPs’ defamation trial date confirmed

MPs’ defamation trial date confirmed THE DEFAMATION case brought by Rotherham’s three MPs over claims they knew about widespread child sex abuse in the town before it was exposed in the press has been given a trial date. Sarah Champion, … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Commons watchdog chair quits over rule breach allegation

Commons watchdog chair quits over rule breach allegation Sir Kevin Barron stands aside after claims he promised to arrange three corporate events in parliament in return for payment and lots of other places Scargill Acolyte turned … Continue reading

Lord Gnome takes Kevin to task

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Glad to receive this image taken from the latest Private Eye, thanks: .

The 2015 story in numbers

2015 saw another increase in both readership (+24%) and posts viewed (+37%). 144,118 unique daily visitors, read 1,384,716 posts, leaving a total of 10,410 comments in 2015. Not bad for a blog few admit to reading? Top twenty in 2015: … Continue reading

Litigation: Go in as Pigs, come out as Sausage Meat

Not convinced by the Tisers reporting of the current defamation case by the 3 MP against Collins of UKIP. They don’t seem to understand the role of the Judges first ruling back in April that the UKIP Collins had made … Continue reading

Political rivals’ legal case adjourned

Political rivals’ legal case adjourned THE legal battle between three Labour MPs and a UKIP rival will rumble on into next year. Read on… See also: The questions that arise?

The questions that arise?

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How did the Advertiser know the hearing was listed in time to print it? As of Wednesday lunchtime, the usual deadline for articles in the Advertiser, the details of the hearing had not been released on the public court list. In fact, … Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn: Execution of Alan Henning by Jihadi John was ‘the price we pay for war’

Jeremy Corbyn: Execution of Brit by Jihadi John was ‘the price we pay for war’ A video of the Labour leader emerges in which he describes the murder of British aid worker Alan Henning as “the price of intervention” Jeremy … Continue reading

Make your mind up?

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Wonder what changed Kevin’s mind?

Labour’s false prospectus?

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Grateful to the source of this appeal to members. A ‘fresh start’?:

Jane Collins MEP – “Police and all public agencies need to learn the lessons of failures to tackle grooming”

Jane Collins MEP – “Police and all public agencies need to learn the lessons of failures to tackle grooming” UKIP MEP speaks out after IPCC found police “need better handling” of grooming reports Monday 23rd November 2015 Yorkshire and North … Continue reading

Trade Union Bill is an attack on the right to strike, warns TUC

Trade Union Bill is an attack on the right to strike, warns TUC Commenting on the second reading today (Monday) of the Trade Union Bill, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This bill threatens the basic right to strike. It’ll … Continue reading

Who ‘owns’ a political party?…..

…..Or. Reflections on the weakness at the heart of political parties. This question always seems to get confused when being answered , by members of any political party, because it depends on your viewpoint. Those who occupy elected positions, always … Continue reading

Vox Political ~ Labour’s roll call of shame

These are the Labour MPs who ran away when their constituents needed them This is a roll call of shame. The Conservative Party has launched yet another attack on the poor, the disabled and the disadvantaged in the UK and … Continue reading

Private Eye – Barron Knight Returns

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The latest edition of Private Eye contains this amusing piece concerning our Kev:

Some questions for Beck and others

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There are many ways of making your point. This postal correspondent has there say and I reproduce the questions and information as it arrived: Supporting documentation: .

Updated – Detailed Rotherham Election Coverage

As requested, quick links to our detailed election coverage: The General Election: Rother Valley Constituency Rotherham Constituency Wentworth & Dearne Constituency The Borough Council Elections: Anston and Woodsetts Boston Castle Brinsworth and Catcliffe Dinnington Hellaby Holderness Hoober Keppel Maltby Rawmarsh … Continue reading

the ‘Rotherham’ defamation cases Barristers Gavin Millar QC: Kate Wilson: Via: ( ) and Caven’s Links by Regular Reader

Pride comes before a fall?

This leaflet is arriving on the doormats of Rother Valley Voters today. .

News of another Tory that ‘jumped ship’ to Labour

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News of another Tory that ‘jumped ship’ to Labour, from an anonymous source. This time the ‘local candidate’ for Labour, Richard Price standing in Wingfield Ward, is an ex Tory! Another one then, in addition to Darren Hughes, the ex-Tory … Continue reading

There’s a smell in Rotherham and it won’t go away

A little birdy told me that Rotherham Labour party have written off this years borough election and will be going all out for the full council election next year when things have “quietened down and people have forgotten about all … Continue reading

Labour must have forgotten?

Just like Ed Miliband ‘forgot’ the economy at last years condference, it would appear that the Rotherham Labour Party*, have really bad memories, they have forgotten to mention one small fact. They no longer ‘run’ Rotherham, the Commissioners do! Why? … Continue reading

Detailed Rotherham Election Coverage

As requested, quick links to our detailed election coverage: The General Election: Rother Valley Constituency Rotherham Constituency Wentworth & Dearne Constituency The Borough Council Elections: Anston and Woodsetts Boston Castle Brinsworth and Catcliffe Dinnington Hellaby Holderness Hoober Keppel Maltby Rawmarsh … Continue reading

Kevin and Darren – a leaflet!

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Thanks for this, goes to our Regular Reader: Readers should also consult, the Daz the defector files.

Husting meeting in Aston – chilling effect on free speech?

I went to a husting meeting in Aston on Saturday, I wont bore you with all the details but there was some thing either sinister or interesting depending on how you view it. A question was aimed at Kevin Barron, … Continue reading

Labour’s Collective Amnesia?

Some commenters have already alluded to the fact Labour appear in total denial of their collective role, in what has become known as, the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation scandal. Quite typical of the attitude being pedalled  at the time was … Continue reading

How desperate are Labour?

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How desperate are Labour? (Or is Kevin Barron trying to tell me he really likes me) When we got our post this morning we were blessed with receiving not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 leaflets from Sir Kev! That now makes a total of … Continue reading

Man in a T shirt

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It was a fine spring morning Mr Lewis had awoken feeling quite chipper. As he ate his three shredded wheat he thought I think I will have a stroll in the sunshine to Dinnington. As he walked along his thoughts … Continue reading

Akhtar’s finished, but Labour don’t know how to tell him?

Akhtar’s finished, but Labour don’t know how to tell him? From the moment of Andrew Norfolk’s first exposures concerning the Rotherham CSE Scandal, Jahangir Akhtar was on borrowed time, as far as his Labour Membership was concerened? Labour briefly suspended … Continue reading

Surely something missing?

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Rothpol brings you another interesting leaflet courtesy of Dave Smith. I’m sure there is something missing?

Kevin Barron – A leaflet

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Thanks to Dave Smith and his scanner, I can bring you this leaflet from Kevin Barron, the incubent, who is showing some serious signs of distress in his campaign for re-election:

Labour’s bucket springs a leak?

Labour’s Rother Valley campaign plan leaked! Read/download as a .pdf click here: Campaign plan Provided by a source from UKIP.

The Day Sir Nutkin Came to Town

It was a chilly Saturday morning in Dinnington, my self and Mr Lewis had decided to go shopping. As we were about to avail ourselves of a Tesco trolley we saw the not fit for purpose deputy leader of RMBC; … Continue reading

The Day Sir Nutkin Met Mr Lewis

Once again desperately on the campaign trail with two not fit for purpose councillors, Sir Nutkin made the mistake of venturing into the lair of Mr Lewis. The shy retiring Mr Lewis, the finest heckler in the land, always with … Continue reading

For Sunday reading – An Interesting Blast from the Past

I found this interesting blast from the past. According to page 6, Children and Young People’ Scrutiny Panel (Chair Ann Russell, Vice Chair Colin Barron) under the ‘Staying Safe’ theme. “The Panel has looked at a wide range of … Continue reading

Introducing This is  the Britain First PPC for Rotherham: A very strange character indeed? From information supplied by Regular Reader.

Private Eye – Barron in HP Sauce

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Private Eye takes aim at our Kev. Kevin deploys the ‘Manuel defence’:

News 17 February 2015

Sarah Champion MP: ‘The job is fabulous. The lifestyle is living hell’ The Rotherham MP was once nicknamed ‘Mother Teresa’ and now campaigns on behalf of sexual exploitation victims. She explains why her lack of political experience makes her the … Continue reading

Summing up Rotherham Council’s attitude to CSE.

Just one small piece of the Casey report which I think sums up Rotherham Council’s attitude to CSE. “One senior manager cited a joint operation between licensing and neighbourhood safety officers to stand up allegations of CSE related activity in … Continue reading

Robin’s Update

Paul Lakin has resigned as Leader with immediate effect and is resigning as a ward councillor as well. All the cabinet are resigning as soon as transitional arrangements are put in place (by that I think they must mean as … Continue reading

BBC Radio Sheffield – Kevin Barron

Kevin Barron on Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson. Interview starts around 1.02.00 in: If readers have other questions for Kevin, leave them as a comment and we will endeavor to obtain answers.

Press Statement – Rotherham MPs take legal action against 2 UKIP politicians

Rotherham MPs take legal action against 2 UKIP politicians Rotherham MPs Sarah Champion, John Healey and Kevin Barron are to sue UKIP MEP Jane Collins for libel and slander after she suggested at UKIP’s conference in Doncaster that the three … Continue reading

Breaking News! Healey, Champion and Barron to sue Jane Collins

Guido Fawkes is first to publish: Rotherham Labour MPs Sue UKIP’s Jane Collins For Libel The Star: Rotherham Labour MPs to sue UKIP rivals over child sexual exploitation scandal comments Three Labour MPs are to sue UKIP MEP Jane Collins after … Continue reading

Ed Miliband’s backyard problem – The Voters of South Yorkshire

Ed Miliband’s own constituency of Doncaster North, together with the seats of two Labour front benchers, Caroline Flint and Rosie Winterton are no longer the safe seats they once were and are increasingly seen as vulnerable to UKIP. Rotherham has … Continue reading

News you may have missed?

This piece from the Yorkshire Post just before Christmas, when the ‘Prince of Darkness’ is involving himself, you know you are in trouble: Labour must be clearer on cuts says Mandelson as doubts cast of Yorkshire seats Labour’s shadow cabinet … Continue reading

Ed Miliband – the Albatrosses hanging round his neck?

The current Labour Leader, has failed to convince, even his own supporters, that he is genuine Prime Minister material at the General Election next May! In South Yorkshire the sense of abandonment by Labour, is palpable amongst the citizens of … Continue reading

Kevin invites you for coffee

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Regular Reader spotted this and couldn’t resist sharing it with readers:

Kevin’s got some front!

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No explanation necessary beyond our sources own comment, Kevin Barron proclaiming to be the answer to solving Rotherham’ CSE?:

Another ‘booby trap’ or two – from MacShane?

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Rothpol Rik’s attention has been drawn, to these extracts from Denis MacShane’s latest book called, predictably enough, Prison Diaries. Thanks to Google books, you may see it as well:

National Crime Agency Investigation Starts

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Spotted by Regular Reader:

If I were a gambling man…

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For those of you that follow these things Rotherham, Wentworth & Dearne and Rother Valley constituencies are becoming interesting! Spotted by Regular Reader who also supplied the image, thanks. Rik

Double, double, toil and trouble

Double, double, toil and trouble The web of lies forever expands Healey of Wentworth in up to his head We knew nothing guvnor Yeah right John pull the other one Whilst the whole of the UK call for Shaun Wright’s … Continue reading

MacShane bites back from prison?

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Scanned this from Denis MacShane’s Prison Diaries, very interesting:

MacShane – taking the Tablet?

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Thanks go to our contributor, for this from the Tablet, September 6th edition. MacShane sticking the knife in?

The day Sir Nutkin lost his nut

Just when I thought the silly season was over up pops Sir Nutkin to prove me wrong. Yesterday a meeting had been arranged between The Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare, of which Mr Lewis and I are members, the Coal … Continue reading

If I were a gambling man…

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For those of you that follow these things Rotherham, Wentworth & Dearne and Rother Valley constituencies are becoming interesting! Spotted by Regular Reader who also supplied the image, thanks. Rik

Double, double, toil and trouble

Double, double, toil and trouble The web of lies forever expands Healey of Wentworth in up to his head We knew nothing guvnor Yeah right John pull the other one Whilst the whole of the UK call for Shaun Wright’s … Continue reading

MacShane bites back from prison?

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Scanned this from Denis MacShane’s Prison Diaries, very interesting:

MacShane – taking the Tablet?

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Thanks go to our contributor, for this from the Tablet, September 6th edition. MacShane sticking the knife in?

The day Sir Nutkin lost his nut

Just when I thought the silly season was over up pops Sir Nutkin to prove me wrong. Yesterday a meeting had been arranged between The Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare, of which Mr Lewis and I are members, the Coal … Continue reading

Now questions for the Blair Government

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Today’s Independent is carrying this:

HOC – Register of Members’ Financial Interests

Time for a look at the current declarations to be found in, The Register of Members’ Financial Interests: Part 1 As at 28th July 2014 Kevin Barron Sarah Champion John Healey We will return for another look, once the summer … Continue reading

Worksop Guardian – Kevin is an education expert now!

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Since Barron’s Knighthood he seems to have become expert in all fields. This is Kevin’s blog, from the Worksop Guardian of this week: .

Like a blind man walking towards the cliff’s verge

Like a blind man walking towards the cliff’s verge Labour cllrs now returned to the comfort zone A protest vote is what they keep on reiterating to each other In belief that the more they say it The closer it … Continue reading

Private Eye reports on Rother Bother

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Beaten to it by our spotter, to whom Rothpol is grateful, Private Eye has carried this in today’s edition. Required reading for local politicos: .

It must be close in Anston & Woodsetts?

Labour are really panicking now in Anston tonight they have teams going house to house. Sir Nutkins Baron is there and the illustrious deputy leader of Rotherham council Akhtar. Seeing them in action brought back a song from my younger … Continue reading

Kevin Barron must take responsibility – Guido

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Guido Fawkes has brought us this development concerning Kevin  Barron, read it and weep. Click on image for full story:

Miller Expenses Outrage – The Guardian takes the story on!

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This is the Guardian story taking a close look at the Standards and Privileges Committee after the watering down of Millers misdemeanours:

Harry Cole’s take on Kevin Barron’s role in the Miller Expenses Outrage!

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Thought readers may appreciate a glimpse of this alluding to Maria Miller’s escape: Previously on Rotherham Politics: Private Eye on the Double-Standards Committee Chairman

Kevin gets massive support to carry on?

Anston and Woodsetts Labour Party meeting Chair Robin Stonebridge Treasurer Liz Bridges Secretary, Judy Dalton, 213 Nursery Rd, Dinnington, Sheffield S25 2QU 01909 569481 13.02.2014 Minutes of Trigger Ballot 1. Welcomed by Chair and introduction of Executive Committee member … Continue reading

cowards flinch?

Can report that our very own ‘blue badge abuser’ has been named. It is none other than Ian Barron, Kevin Barron’s brother and uncle to Amy Rushforth. I am quite sure that Keppel ward labour party were unaware of this … Continue reading

Kevin goes for it!

This document is the first evidence that Kevin is seeking re-selection: Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP I, Kevin Barron, was born in Hazlewood Castle, Tadcaster, and moved with my family to Maltby when I was 8 years old. I … Continue reading

Undeclared Interests and the Ombudsman?

This has come in from an ‘Old Labour’ source that brings some illumination on the issue of undeclared interests, a common problem in Rotherham: “Amy Rushforth, daughter of Kevin Baron is currently being investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman for … Continue reading

Kevin Barron features again!

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From the latest edition of Private Eye, no explanation necessary:

Dave Smith Reports

A personal insight from Dave Smith’s keyboard: Mr Lewis and I as good citizens went along on Saturday to the handing in of the 38 Degrees petition on the gagging bill to Sir Nutkins Barron at his office in Dinnington. … Continue reading

Kevin now a ‘Cameron honours crony’!

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The Evening Standard is not at all impressed by Kevin Barron’s knighthood: Our thanks go to our London correspondent for this interesting snippet.

Scargill Acolyte turned Establishment puffball?

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The latest edition of Private Eye is in the shops now and has this interesting appreciation of the member for Rother Valley and his Knighthood: The best way to get your copy of Private Eye is to subscribe.

Private Eye on the Double-Standards Committee Chairman

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Was amused to find this piece in this mornings Private Eye concerning the expenses arrangements of Kevin Barron: .

EDM 406 – where is John Healey’s name?

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Compare and contrast!

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Readers might be interested to compare these two screen grabs from two of our local Members of Parliament: Our spotter offered this opinion, Kev feels it is more important to promote the Countryside Alliance’s Awards. Just look at the right-wing … Continue reading

Joe writes to Kevin

Below is my email to my MP Kevin Barron calling on him to raise the issue of an independent investigation into CSE in Rotherham. I would like to urge you all to send a similar email to your MP’s, remember … Continue reading

Where have Labour’s voters gone?

Where have Labour’s voters gone? The story of the ‘stay at home’ voters! Firstly some evidence of Labour’s very own lost voters:   Rother Valley Votes % Vote Share 1997 31184 67.6 2001 22851 62.1 2005 21871 55.4 2010 19147 … Continue reading

Confirmation from Parliamentary Review

A Parliamentary Review confirms what Rothpol has always said. “There is no evidence that children are any safer fro sexual abuse because of the Councils meaningless new paper policies. Right then, that’s where we are. Bit embarrassing, but we can … Continue reading

Honourable Mention

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Private Eye has in the latest edition this mention of Kevin Barron and another local MP: .

Kevin Barron and Big Pharma?

With a whole new ‘lobbying scandal’ going on, we thought it might give readers something to think about, if we reminded them of a few previous posts: Kevin Barron and Sigma! Posted on November 1, 2012 by rothpol More evidence that … Continue reading

Barron’s Half Million Capital Gain!

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Private Eye has reported on the habit of property speculation with our money! .

Thatcher Tribute Debate – Kevin’s Tribute

There was me thinking Kevin would stay away along with John Healey and Sarah Champion but I was wrong. Was it the lure of the over generous expenses on offer for this session that made the difference? Extract from Hansard: … Continue reading

Rotherham’s Members of Parliament – Financial Interests Declaration

BARRON, Kevin (Rother Valley) . 2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA: 17 April 2012, received £75 for February/Mar ch 2012 survey. Hours: 30 mins. Fee paid to charity. … Continue reading

Another take – blaming it on link to MacShane?

Political Scrapbook had a different take entirely on the mystery of Moofy’s failure to be selected for the Rotherham seat: Was local Rotherham candidate kept off shortlist over MacShane links? 11:20am Wed November 14th Add a comment With Labour’s controversial … Continue reading

Will Ed Fix It For Moofy?

After the shenanigans of the Rotherham CLP candidate selection meeting for a replacement Member of Parliament, even Moofy realised he may have made a tactical blunder. Since things have settled down a bit, we understand that no less than three … Continue reading

Why we have food banks operating across the country including Rotherham

This from the Independent, pretty well says it all about our current Government’s attitude to the poor, to their eternal shame: Along with the disabled the latest ‘whipping boys’ seem to be the poor and disadvantaged! What have we … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – A Receipt!

Rotherham Politics received this, rather rare beast indeed, a receipt, used by Kevin Barron to claim money from Parliamentary Allowances. This interesting document was sent us by an anonymous RikiLeaks correspondent. It perhaps, repays some study?: Barron expenses claim .doc … Continue reading

From the ‘Indy’ – Watchdog tells MPs to repay home ‘profits’

Watchdog tells MPs to repay home ‘profits’ But some may launch legal fight against the demand for a share of capital gain on property Parliament’s expenses watchdog is preparing to take legal action to take back a share of the … Continue reading

FOI 2012.12.12 – Gifts & Hospitality related to “Visions of China” project

Dear As an active and empowered citizen with an interest in the costs and activities of those in public office who serve the electorate I recently read the attached article relating to yet another expensive RMBC dream project – … Continue reading

Is Barron at it again?

Well Mr Barron may have shouted from the rooftops about NHS privatisation and Mr Landsley’s reforms but he likes nothing better than to cosy up to the ex Minister of Health at free shindigs such as the UK Prix Galien … Continue reading

What’s Hot!

This weeks top five:  What’s hot this week on Rotherham Politics! The Uncomfortable Truth About Jahangir Akhtar! 1,236 Jahangir Akhtar – Attempted Intimidation? 918 Breaking News Keith Vaz calling Shaun Wright to appear before the Home Affairs Select Committee 634 Strange case of … Continue reading

Kevin Barron in pictures

I just had to share these with readers: Hope they bring a smile? Our thanks for these goes to @anteggs49 .

Some News of Kevin Barron

Fresh in from RikiLeaks: It looks like our Kevin has had enough of the plebs locally and is selling up. His house in Maltby is up for sale at a whopping £345,000! A nice little earner for our expenses loving … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election Full Result

Rotherham By-Election 29th November Full Results: Name Description Vote % Vote Share M Beckett LibDem 451 2.1 C Bristow EDL 29 0.1 S Champion Lab 9966 46.5 J Collins UKIP 4648 21.7 S Copley Ind 582 2.7 P Dickson Ind … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Polling Stations now closed!

Something to keep you entertained while we wait. The last vote has been cast. The Polling Stations are now closed! The candidates and their agents along with their counting agents are assembling at Magna for the count. The ballot boxes … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election Day!

Excitement at last! Heard that UKIP has been involved in an altercation, labour says they are not involved! Continues in comments. The Rotherham Star has this today, By-election candidate’s criminal past, oh dear! Guido Fawkes, the notorious right wing blogger, … Continue reading

Labour – falling apart as we look on?

A RikiLeaks source has provide this interesting insight into the disarray at the heart of Rotherham labour, it begins: Here is the latest desperate begging letter from Rotherham Labour’s John Healey. This has obviously fallen on deaf ears as did … Continue reading

Election Day Coverage Starts Early

Rotherham Politics readers will be interested in this insightful piece, which we hope the source intended for publication, we are grateful to you. “As a Rotherham resident I am appalled that my taxes contribute towards paying some council workers/politicians who … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Logic of numbers?

Rotherham Politics has always tried to keep as neutral a position as possible, none more so than when covering elections. With labour in dire trouble with their campaign, mainly due to the apparent boycott by locals, at all levels of … Continue reading

By-Election Hangover For Labour! Exclusive!

Rotherham Politics has learned that labour’s problems at the ballot box, have only just started! We have learned that Respect, will from now on maintain a presence and a base in Rotherham, after this by-election is over. Evidence seen by … Continue reading

Rotherham Voters are in the mood for revolution!

The litany of Labour failure in Rotherham over many years is legendary! Despite the history of poor performance, greed, sleaze and corruption that labour has swept under the carpet with very few paying the proper price for their wrongdoing. Rotherham’s … Continue reading

Reflections on a disaster!

Dear Rotherham Politics readers, On last night’s national BBC TV news I watched the report from Rovrum on the developing story of the foster parents who incurred the wrath of the PC Stasis Lubyanka Brigade by daring to be UKIP … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Tuesday’s Campaign News

Rotherham labour’s hand picked candidate, has been abandoned by her Svengali and promoter in chief, one Kevin Barron the member for Rother Valley! Barron’s constituency office reports, Kevin will not be back now, “for several weeks.” That was quick, just … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – The Pivotal Moment?

The unacceptable face of Rotherham labour politics showed itself for what it is, as a result of their own botched selection. This resulted, not in a candidate of undoubted ability and track record such as Richard Burgon, but a complete … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – TUSC Rally

Rotherham Politics can report, Mondays TUSC pre election rally was well attended and supported. The message was clear the condem cuts in this area are devastating local jobs and services not to mention peoples lives. Meanwhile the labour party are … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Blind Panic Edition

Breaking News: Labour has pulled their candidate from tonight’s hustings event, broadcast and organised by Radio Sheffield! Bottling it! Never looks pretty! Source BBC. Latest announcement: Sarah Champion has pulled out of the Radio Sheffield debate tonight at New York … Continue reading

Statement from RMBC – Fostering case

Statement from RMBC – Fostering case Published Monday 26th November 12 Councillor Roger Stone, The Leader of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council said: “This morning I received a report of the immediate investigation that was ordered early on Saturday by the … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Even More Labour Travails!

What has happened is clear: – REVENGE – the usual dirty trick from the local nulabor mafia to slur the name of the foster parents because they dared to leave nulabor – POLITICAL SABOTAGE – the usual dirty trick from … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – More Labour Travails! Fresh Disgrace?

I’ve got a minor scoop for you, Rothpol types. Nothing too amazing, but it deserves to be brought to wider attention locally. I’ve been reading tweets from the twitter account of labour party campaign workers who have been seconded up … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Sunday Roundup!

A week ago the Rotherham by-election looked set for a routine, if unspectacular, labour victory. A week can be a truly long time in politics and none more so, than this last week for labour. There is a major link … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Saturday’s News!

Newsflashes: I feel like I am intruding on private grief here, with any news from the Labour camp as almost total disintegration of their campaign plan, seems to have taken place today! The Telegraph broke the UKIP fostering scandal last … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Simon Wilson, on Fostering Scandal

I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts with readers on today’s disturbing events. My overriding concern is for the three young children; presumably they were taken away from their original home because Rotherham social services had genuine … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Signs Of More Distress?

Breaking News coming in, of an astonishing outbreak of intemperance from labour! Imagine the scene today, outside College Road Mosque, Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Jahangir Akhtar in the company of  Lord Nazir Ahmed, Maria Eagle MP and their … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Labour Distress?

From RikiLeaks. Labour emails are getting more desperate as they grow ever frequent, it would appear? Judge for yourself, this is the last couple to come our way: “Dear One week to keep Rotherham Labour There are just seven days … Continue reading

Rotherham By-Election – Countdown Begins

It is only a short time since Denis MacShane fell on his sword after being unmasked as a ‘crook’, by no less a figure than Kevin Barron. Kevin Barron has himself, been exposed just this week in Channel 4 Dispatches … Continue reading

Are MPs still at it?

Had many requests for a link to the dispatches programme shown on Channel 4 on Monday: Click here, the link should open in a pop out player. The answer? That would be a YES then! Featuring Kevin Barron, who’s judgement, … Continue reading

MacShane – The Coup De Grâce!

The BBC have selected the whole lot for our amusement, go to: MacShane not above the law! Kevin Barron. The full report referred to, can be viewed using the link below:

Kevin Barron and Sigma!

More evidence that Mr Barron has a very close relationship with Sigma Pharmaceuticals. After a 4,000 pound week long stay in Phuket, Thailand, for an hours work, our hardworking MP can be seen yet again sharing a platform with the … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or Private Health Companies?

Dear RikiLeaks, After his recent freebie holiday to Thailand paid for by SIGMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC who earn £14,848,948.97 from NHS contracts* I wonder how Kevin Barron can justify taking handouts from private companies with direct interests in NHS contracts? Similar … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or the Japanese?

Dear RikiLeaks, Here is Mr Barron’s listed interests, listed on 2. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Fees for completing opinion surveys for ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA: £75 for survey, 5 December 2011. Hours: 25 mins. (Fee … Continue reading

Kevin Barron – Working for Rother Valley or himself?

Dear RikiLeaks, In a week when our local (supposedly socialist) MPs are caught with their snouts in the trough, yet again!I read with interest in the Advertiser how Kevin Barron gave 3,000 pounds to charity.( He earned this ‘as payment … Continue reading

Rent Swapper Kevin Barron Also Exposed!

Kevin Barron, the chairman of the standards and privileges committee, has been revealed to have been in a ‘rent swapping arrangement’ with John Trickett! The man who oversees ethical standards, has himself been caught pushing the boundaries of acceptability. When will … Continue reading

More on Parliamentary Snouts in the trough?

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority  (IPSA) have an interesting website, its interactive and shows the expenses claimed by each of our local MPs. I see in the period 2012/13 Healey is claiming for a Virgin media bundle TV, Broadband … Continue reading

Rotherham Labour’s Democratic Deficit!

Whenever Rotherham Politics even so much as mentions that elections are to be contested by Independent candidates, Labour Trolls come out of the woodwork and criticise anyone who has the temerity to challenge them! Dave Smith is challenging Simon Tweed … Continue reading

Kevin Barron’s apology to Dave Smith – still missing!

For those who don’t know Kevin Barron sent a letter to the Rotherham Advertiser on the 25th November last year.  It was in reply to a letter I had previously written in support of the striking public sector workers. Barron at … Continue reading

Just a thought……

Have any readers noticed, that when politicians receive honours, it invariably marks the highest point of their careers, not simply a point on the way up!

A few random questions?

Rotherham Politics poses the difficult questions: Why are the Conservatives in Rotherham so poor at providing opposition? Why did the independent remuneration panel only take evidence and advice from Council Officers, before recommending more? Rotherham Politics thinks that ordinary people … Continue reading

Letters to the Editor – Advertiser 16th December – something missing?

I welcomed the arrival of my copy of the ‘Tiser this week with an unusual level of anticipation. I went firstly to the letters page, because I felt sure that Kevin Barron would have a letter of apology to his … Continue reading

Would you buy a used car from this bunch?

The first time a Labour Leader chose his own Shadow Cabinet, rather than by election among the labour MPs themselves, we get an uninspiring Leader choosing a pretty uninspiring front bench! Most would struggle to identify more than a handful … Continue reading

Robin Stonebrige a portrait of him in action!

Received this as a comment today, far too good to miss! So I post it here for readers information: I was one of the so called “tiny minority” that Cllr Stonebridge refers to. The other three were well respected persons … Continue reading

Who has trodden on Kevin’s corns?

Kevin Barron, remember him? Readers rarely hear about him on Rotherham Politics. He is the MP for Rother Valley and normally absent from Rotherham’s very own newspaper of record, the Advertiser. Outside of election periods, that is? Clearly irritated, Kevin … Continue reading

Express your dissatisfaction with yesterdays political stunt!

Referendum on the European Union Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office “We, the people of the United Kingdom, are dissatisfied with the result of the EU Referendum Debate on 24 October 2011 and would like the House of Commons to … Continue reading

MacShane – Embarrassing ‘Balls’ Up!

Labour members from the three Rotherham Constituencies got together last Friday at the Trades Club in Rotherham, for a fund raiser. Guest of honour at the event was Labour MP and shadow chancellor, Ed Balls. There was only one subject … Continue reading

Labour Mutates once again! ‘Old’, ‘New’, ‘Blue’ now ‘Real’ Labour, but remember no change will come to Rotherham Labour – Ed Miliband’s writ does not apply in ‘Scum Labour Tendency’ Rotherham

As Labour gathers in Liverpool this weekend for their Annual Conference, debate has surfaced regarding what Labour is to be ‘branded’ as next. I gather that ‘Next’ Labour has been well fancied but has been discarded in favour of ‘Real’ … Continue reading

New Labour’s Project 99

It wasn’t until I read the report on Ron Windle’s death in the ‘Tiser last Friday that I remembered Project 99. I had no idea they were still so exercised by this last attempt by the Labour Party to ensure … Continue reading

MacShane – Updates Twit Pic, wraps himself in the union jack? still lying about being a Labour MP!

Denis MacShane has updated his profile picture on Twitter. ‘Father of the Nation’ pose with the Union Jack as the background. ‘Dissembling’ Denis cannot help himself when still lying about being a Labour MP however!! Denis MacShane @DenisMacShane Labour MP … Continue reading

IPSA gives in to the greed impulse!

Many MPs including two of Rotherham’s own, Denis MacShane and Kevin Barron have done little but complain and lobby behind the scenes, they don’t want their constituents to know this of course, for changes to allow more ‘flexibility’. They could … Continue reading

AV – John Healey nails his colours to the mast!

Yesterdays Independent carried a short piece by John Healey on his position on the AV referendum. “John Healey MP: Vote reform would benefit only BNP, Ukip and Lib Dems.” His well argued case is pretty difficult to disagree with, especially … Continue reading

MP Expenses Scandal – Balls & Cooper, A Tory Complains!

Yvette Cooper, shadow Home Secretary and her husband Ed Balls, shadow Chancellor, both Yorkshire MPs, are in further difficulty with their expenses claims. It has emerged that Andrew Bridgen, a Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, has written to John … Continue reading

The Expenses Saga – What Have We Learned? How Trust Can Be Restored!

The long running expenses scandal has provided clues that illuminate the murky depths in much the same way, you can see more below the surface of a smooth pond, if you throw a few stones in! Even the role played … Continue reading

Independent Member For Rotherham – Denis MacShane – Another Website!

A quick internet search of references to Denis MacShane reveals a new website This was registered as a domain on 14th September 2010. This domain has been registered in the name of  Mike Britland. Incidentally, the same Mike Britland,  … Continue reading

Labour Mutiny Over Woolas. MPs Turn on Harman at PLP!

Reports of last nights Parliamentary Labour Party describe it as ‘mutinous’ after MPs launched vitriolic attacks directed at Harriet Harman, Labour’s Deputy Leader. Parliamentary Labour Members are furious at Harman for her statement that it was, “not part of Labour’s … Continue reading

Read John Healey’s Letter to Labour MP’s in Shadow Cabinet Elections.

View John’s letter to fellow Labour Members of Parliament canvassing their support in the Shadow Cabinet elections. There will be few letters better than this. Compare with this, from Caroline Flint.  More than a bit thin, don’t you think? Clearly … Continue reading

How did Rotherham’s three MP’s Vote? What does it reveal?

This is the way the three local MP’s voted in the Labour Leadership Election. Candidate Abbot D Balls Ed Burnham A Miliband D Miliband Ed Barron, Kevin 5 4 1 3 2 Healey, John 1 2 MacShane, Denis 1 Want … Continue reading

Denis loses it big style then apologises with box of chocolates (On expenses no doubt)

Just five days after the General Election the Rotherham MP Denis MacShane made an idiot of himself during an induction session run by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority on the 11th May. It can now be reported, after a response … Continue reading

New Chairman of Parliamentary Standards & Privileges Committee – Kevin Barron!

The man who “Submitted bills that took me up to the limit for what I could get” and who has been far less than open about his use of our money, is revealed as the new Chairman of the Standards … Continue reading

Eric Illsley Appears in Court. Labours’ dirty secrets, gradually being exposed!

Eric Illsley, for the first time, attended City of Westminster Magistrates Court in London yesterday. He is charged with dishonestly claiming more than £25,000 in expenses. The allegations he faces are that he dishonestly claimed expenses for council tax, service … Continue reading

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