Anston Parish Council, the end?


On another of Rotherham’s blogs, Anston Parish Council Watch, we find this interesting story about the ultimate future of APC: End of the line for Anston Parish Council? Posted on March 30, 2015 There is a report in the ‘Advertiser’ and … Continue reading

Anston Comedy Club – The Principal Players


The Anston comedy club has to be seen to be believed, we have Shouter Beck who whilst chair called the police to a disabled pensioner just because he wanted his letter reading out. Then we have Dippy Burton who refuses … Continue reading

RMBC Planning Consultation

Gallery this is where you can place your objection. There appears to only be 1 currently regarding LDF0208 and it needs more! Though that comment from Anita Webster is excellent so at the very least can you all copy and … Continue reading