I call it apartheid, what would you call it?


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Mahroof Hussain – Prejudices Shine Through! Time For Him To Go?

Mahroof Hussain

Cllr Mahroof Hussain, Rotherham Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion, has sensationally claimed in the Rotherham Advertiser of 23rd July 2010, that a ban on the burka or other face covering garments such as the niqab would be “sensationalist islamaphobia” and be ‘totally against British values of freedom’.

Mahroof Hussain is seriously out of sympathy with Rotherham folk, 80% at last glance, find face covering unacceptable in public according to the Advertisers own online opinion survey.

To use arguments based on freedoms British citizens enjoy, hard won with much blood and many lives, to argue in favour of oppression of women really takes the biscuit!

To have been uttered by the Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion for a Town with many communities in addition to his own, simply incredible!

His partisanship is totally unacceptable in one tasked with this fundamentally important role. Integration should be his goal, it clearly seems to be absent from his own world view which does not extend beyond his own community, it would appear!

His role as Cabinet Member, is not and should never be seen as simply the Cabinet Member for, a part only of, the Asian Communities that are a feature of today’s Rotherham.

He has completely lost the confidence of Rotherham’s people from all communities and must now pay the ultimate price and stand down for this rather unedifying insight into the divisive and biased thought process of this man.

Our Human Rights are not negotiable, they apply to each and every one of us, male, female, black, white, gay or straight, observant or atheist! His role is to give effect to these principles, based on mutual respect and tolerance, not to display his own rather narrow minded prejudices.

Mahroof Hussain’s prejudices shine through in the article and in view of this renders him incapable of performing his Council duties without being influenced by his own biased opinions based on a single viewpoint. The logical conclusion to Mahroof Hussain’s approach to multiculturalism seems an awful lot like ‘separate development’, to me.

Apartheid would therefore seem to be the long term consequence of views such as his! Anathema to me and no doubt most of Rotherham’s citizens, that vision is nothing like the integrated future based on a truly cooperative approach between and within the communities that I would favour.

Time to review his position and he should then resign his post as he is clearly not up to the task he has been set!


Mahroof Hussain on proposals to ban the burka in the UK. Click on image to enlarge. Reprinted from the Rotherham Advertiser 23rd July 2010