Rotherham Taxis – War Looms!

News has reached Rotherham Politics of further strife amongst Rotherham’s Taxi drivers.

On one side are the Hackney Carriage drivers, who are believed backed by Jahangir Akhtar, who was once one of them, and on the other are the far more numerous, Private Hire Taxi drivers, believed backed by Mahroof Hussain assisted by Sajid Bostan the vice chair of the Private Hire Taxi Association and *Mahroof’s brother in law.

There have been a number of meetings recently concerning these disputes between the two different types of Taxis. This is understood to emanate, from promises made to the Private Hire Taxi drivers during last November’s Rotherham By-Election campaign. Promises that would likely be unlawful if implemented, and which would ‘drive a coach and horses’ through the distinction between the two types of taxis!

There have been many concerns raised over this issue and the Licensing Committee certainly have questions to answer about their diligence on behalf of Rotherham’s citizens in respect to the licensing of taxi drivers.

Would like to be a fly on the wall in tomorrows meeting in the Lubyanka! More news later.

From RMBC Website: Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicle (minicab).

*Sajid Bostan has rung confirming that he is not married to Mahroof Hussain’s sister and not therefore, A brother in law. My apologies for any upset caused!

Started the process of reviewing Mondays events and the phone conversations I had with Sajid Bostan, Afzar Afsars and others. Will report on their extraordinary contents later, in a separate posting.

In times of universal deceit?

In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

Unfortunately for us citizens of Rotherham, Orwell’s quotation seems to have great resonance in our Town of today.

The Labour Party has always taken the people for granted, now they seem to have become fond of deploying the most outrageous and despicable untruths, in order to garner future electoral support for themselves, based on downright lies and deceptions!

Why does the Labour Party fail to deal with their completely out of control members?

The likely result? Labour will take a pasting from those, who oppose and utterly reject their ‘old fashioned’, control freakery! There is revolution brewing in parts of our town and it is increasing with every day that passes by.

Sounds like Rotherham?

This from the Yorkshire Post on Ann Cryer giving evidence to the HASC.

Gangs of Pakistani men were allowed to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years in Yorkshire because authorities were “terrified of being called racist”, a former MP has said.

Ann Cryer, who was MP for Keighley for 13 years before stepping down in 2010, said there had been a total failure by local police, social services, schools and hospitals in West Yorkshire to work together to address the mounting evidence of child sex exploitation that emerged a decade ago.

“There has to be inter-agency working – and that wasn’t happening then,” she told a committee of MPs tonight.

“The West Yorkshire Police, Bradford local authority, social services, schools, hospitals even – because abortions were taking place – none of them were working together. None of them were giving information.

“I feel pretty convinced that at that time there was a fear of being called racist.”

So what are politicians doing in Rotherham?

Associating themselves with headlines like, exposing the lies and half truths on Child exploitation!



‘PC’ police failed to stop Asian gangs preying on white girls in Keighley – ex-MP

Tangled Web Indeed!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

Sir Walter Scott, from his poem Marmion.

Almost as soon as Yvonne Ridley’s candidacy for the Respect Party in the Rotherham by-election was announced, she found herself under attack on twitter, from a huge number of recently created accounts! Later, some of these same trolls turned their attention on Rotherham Politics by attempting to leave comments that were less than complimentary or sometimes grossly defamatory. This attack did not stop with the by-election, but continues to this day and at the current count of these rejected attempts, stands at 138.

We all made the assumption back in November, that this was a Labour Party ‘dirty tricks’ campaign. Deniable, but nevertheless a party operation, all the same.

Recent experience has revealed a different explanation. We were wrong, it was not a Labour operation, but a much smaller group entirely dedicated to defending the reputations of just a few, senior members of RMBC.

This web ‘dirty tricks’ operation was inspired by Cllr ‘Moofy’ Hussain and Jahangir ‘ASBO’ Akhtar and a small cohort of supporters, nephews and others. They have been joined recently, by no less a person, than Don Buxton.

The attention seems to have moved from twitter to WordPress blogging. The first iteration of which, lasted less than a week before being taken down. It was hilarious! Especially when someone took the figure of speech ‘fall on their sword’ literally, and actually accused Yvonne Ridley of wanting to ‘impale’ someone on a real sword! As I said it was hilarious, it’s basic motivations were nevertheless clearly apparent for all to see.

The second iteration, is at the same web address as was used for the first, namely, apparently now being run by a Johnathan (sic) Simmons? It appears to be a more modest operation thus far, with only 9 followers and even using multiple identities, few commenters. It is not the intention of Rotherham Politics to engage in some kind of dialogue with this website as it is built on deception and lies and therefore cannot be relied upon.

Confirmation of the involvement of one of Moofy’s nephews, came this morning with a comment that purported to be from an ordinary person, but came from a source previously only ever used, by Vakas Hussain, Moofys nephew! Additionally someone calling themselves A Patel, has just left a comment, the source again relates one that has previously only been used for trolling purposes. I have approved these comments on Why did Labour overlook Mahroof Hussain – Further Speculation? for your enlightenment.

“It has only just struck me this afternoon that Akhtar is losing the plot now. Not with ‘Rosie’ but with RothBradPol itself. 
I’d thought it strange that there was no mention anywhere else about the meeting of the Crime Panel today, apart from the one on RothBradPol.  On looking again, and clicking Tweet, whose name should it be from but @Jahangir Akhtar !
If you go to Tweet any of the other posts on RBP  the name who the tweet is from is ‘RothBradpol1’
That was the first account they made and something went wrong with it I think , hence Johnathan Simmons. They will soon be running out of names to choose that do not have a direct link to themselves !”
Maltbyblogger by Email

RMBC admits failure!

This from a statement attributed to the Deputy Leader of RMBC Cllr Jahangir Ahktar:

“We have considerably strengthened arrangements in Rotherham following concerns that some licensed private hire / hackney carriage drivers were associated with suspected Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).”

So if I interpret the civic waffle RMBC had historically failed to apply appropriate levels of governance and scrutiny to the taxi trade in Rotherham.

What if Andrew Norfolk had not exposed RMBC for what it is, a weak, uncaring council would RMBC even bothered to take steps to protect the public from individuals with dubious backgrounds?

It would be very interesting to know, if any Taxi or private hire driver has appealed to overturn a licensing decision to remove their license and if any Councillors lobbied for the return of the license.



44 RMBC councillors still don`t care!

Reading the emerging  horrific details of the child abuse crimes  in Oxford you do have to ask why 44 RMBC have still failed to register their intent to attend child sexual exploitation awareness training?

The three councillors from Rotherham West have indicated that they will be attending, I also understand that the councillors in Dinnington will be attending, so what about the rest?



One Nation Labour?

This from Progress, shows just how out of touch the Metropolitan elite really is:

Labour’s One Nation battleground plan

Stephen Twigg

Last week Labour published our battleground seat list – the key seats strategy for the 2015 general election. 106 seats right across the country. No no-go areas for Labour. A signal of intent that Labour will campaign tirelessly for a majority Labour government. Along with colleagues from the shadow cabinet and across the parliamentary Labour party, I will be visiting as many of the 106 seats as possible over the coming two years, supporting constituency Labour parties and prospective parliamentary candidates to secure Labour gains from all of our political opponents. It is vital that we all give as much as we can to win these seats. Read on…………

50 RMBC Councillors still don’t care

Another child sexual exploitation  (CSE) trial and still 50 RMBC councillors have not registered their intention to attend  CSE awareness training, and the training is free!



50 RMBC Councillors just don’t care

50 RMBC Councillors just don’t care

Responding to a news article on the BBC regarding child trafficking and sexual exploitation

A Home Office spokesman said:

“Child trafficking and child sexual exploitation are both abhorrent forms of child abuse and the UK government is committed to combating this crime in all its forms.
“Since 2011 we have been delivering a child sexual exploitation action plan to raise awareness, prosecute and jail criminals, protect young people at risk and help victims get their lives back on track.
“We have already made significant progress in the fight against trafficking but are not complacent and will continue to work to improve and strengthen our approach.”

So if the Home Office sees the need for action and increasing awareness why have only 13 RMBC councillors registered their interest in attending child sexual exploitation awareness training sessions?

The reason? They just don’t care!



What may be perfectly legal but totally unacceptable politically?

It is often the case in politics that when lawyers get involved in pursuit of their clients interests, against the wishes of a reluctant party, when it becomes public it doesn’t look good to say the least and is often totally unacceptable, politically!

Rotherham has, it would appear, a good example of just such a case.

Jahangir Akhtar joined labour as an adult in 1990 and despite apparently, the handicap of a prior conviction, now spent, was elected to RMBC as a labour councillor in 2000.

In 2001 Akhtar, his brother and his son were arrested in a Rotherham restaurant. In 2002 they were convicted at Hull Crown Court together with others, of affray. Akhtar escaped a prison sentence, after he produced a vast number of testimonial character references, which impressed the Judge.

Labour suspended him from the Labour Group Whip but not apparently, his labour membership. Although expected to fall on his sword and resign from the Council, upon conviction, he somewhat stubbornly remained on RMBC until his term of office expired in May 2004. Labour fielded an alternative candidate and that was expected to be that!

In plenty of time for the May 2006 elections, Akhtar, had persuaded the labour party that he should be allowed back on the council, after he deployed every weapon of persuasion, in his armoury. He returned to the council, he was re-elected in 2010 and his current term of office expires 2014.

Jahangir Akhtar joined the Police Authority and has been appointed to the new replacement, the Police & Crime Panel. The role of this committee is to support the Police & Crime Commissioner and Akhtar was it’s interim Chair on it’s inception and appointed Vice Chair after it’s first full meeting. At some point around this time, Akhtar’s involvement was apparently referred to and examined in detail by the Police Professional
Standards Department. They concluded at the time that, he is entitled to hold the position. Section 80 (1) (d) Local Government Act 1972 refers, apparently?

This is where the story ends up with our original question, What may be perfectly legal but totally unacceptable politically?

This is the perfect example of this phenomenon in action, it’s a bit like POA on a menu, if you have got to ask the price, you can’t afford it. So it is in this particular case, if they had to check to see if Akhtar was permitted to serve, with the Professional Standards Department, it might have warned someone that his membership of the Police & Crime Panel might not be the smartest idea?

Akhtar has, over the years, acquired two convictions the second for a crime of violence! This alone should have raised alarm bells and the best advice would have been a quiet strategic withdrawal. But no, Akhtar pressed on and, to add insult to injury, is the Police & Crime Panel Vice Chair!

Many readers of Rotherham Politics must be left scratching their heads, at this outrageous situation. Has this man no sense of how this looks outside the Town Hall? Disgraceful arrogance on the part of the labour cabal in the Town Hall, coupled with Akhtar’s hubris.

Back by popular demand: