From Grald-Hunter to Rotherham’s Active and Empowered Citizens

Hi Di Hi Dear Active and Empowered Rotherham Citizens,

I nearly fell off my perch larfing when I read this piece of news – – cos it seems that Tory Toff Dave has been suckered by a gift from the buffoon across The Pond.

Apparently it’ll cost Eton Dave around a grand to keep his BBQ gift from the Obamas as parliamentary rules restrict ministers from keeping gifts worth more than £140.

JHC. if Posh Dave had been our RMBC Council Leedah he could have kept owt he’d got from his junketing n troughing forays provided he’d eventually put summat in t’Hospitality Register, even a £240 Cyclops Speed Detector as was once received by a certain elderly out-of-touch corpulent Laybah politician, rayt, right.

You couldn’t make it up. Or could you?