Landlords predict rent rises as council proposes licensing


NEW plans to introduce a licensing scheme for rental houses and flats could send rents and eviction numbers rising in two Dearne Valley villages, landlords have claimed. Barnsley Council is set to follow Rotherham’s lead by introducing a Selective Licensing … Continue reading

Saving some cash?

In South Yorkshire the future of service delivery at the local Borough Council level seems to be one of endless cuts and retrenchment, as far as the eye can see. This will inevitably be coupled with a change in the style of delivery, from in-house, to at least arms length companies or as is increasingly the case, going to be delivered by private companies.

With three MBCs and a City Council comprising the South Yorkshire Area, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham MBCs and Sheffield CC, the costs of duplication become more burdensome as the cuts really start to bite!

The future sounds bleak indeed! Does it have to be this way?

The future need not be this way but bold, imaginative and selfless action, needs to be taken and quickly, if the bleak future is to be averted.

We put forward this alternative future to spark debate:

South Yorkshire Councils should merge to form a single authority, taking over all of the functions formerly the responsibility of the four predecessor Authorities. Additionally Local Education Authorities should also merge.

The resultant ‘Council’, call it what you will, so long as Yorkshire is in the name somewhere, could comprise a single Councillor per existing electoral ward in South Yorkshire. This would result in a considerable saving in itself. The Reduction in Senior Officer would also be considerable as would the eventual savings on the future property portfolio!

Sorry, missed this bit off: One Leader, One Deputy and One Cabinet of Ten!


Yorkshire Post Exclusive – Taxpayer facing huge bills as digital network remains unused

The spiralling cost to four Yorkshire councils of bailing out a disastrous publicly-owned internet project could soar beyond 50m?

By Jack Blanchard, Political Editor
Published on Tuesday 21 August 2012 08:52

The spiralling cost to four Yorkshire councils of bailing out a disastrous publicly-owned internet project could soar beyond £50m after its managers posted enormous losses for the second year running.

Newly-published documents reveal Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley Councils paid out tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money last year to prop up the ailing Digital Region project, at the very time they were forced to slash spending on front-line services. Read on…….

Many thanks go to the observant contributor who brought this interesting story to our attention. Remember, readers and contributors are our ‘eyes and ears’, spot something interesting? Email it in to Rothpol please.

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Superfast Broadband Chaos?

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Another ‘Pilgrim’ Progresses?

Rotherham Politics brings you news of a second Trades Union ‘Pilgrim’, serving as a Councillor on Rotherham MBC.

This time it involves Barnsley MBC Unison Convener, Brian Steele. Who famously replaced Richard Russell as Labour Councillor representing Hoober Ward.

A typical silly season story, might be the usual groaning response from readers, but you would be wrong.

The issue of ratepayer funded Trades Union lay officials ‘tossing it off on the rates’ is important enough to merit attention, but when coupled with service as a Councillor on an adjacent Authority, it starts to raise the most fundamental of questions, involving the potential for conflicts of interests of a variety of kinds? Some are especially acute when neighbouring Authorities are involved.

Pilgrim’s Progress?

Posted on August 1, 2012 by 325 Hits so far.

Emma Hoddinott, the Wickersley Borough Councillor, Labour Group Press Officer and Unison North Yorkshire County Council ‘Pilgrim’, lately at the Olympics, knows a thing or two about upsetting people does Emma! Emma Hoddinott was elected to RMBC this May and … Continue reading →

Trouble and Strife at the Top of Barnsley Council – Hope it’s not catching?

Readers may have missed this story in the Yorkshire Post?

£32,000 for council’s chief to leave his post without working notice

Published on Monday 19 March 2012 09:55

THE former chief executive of a Yorkshire council was paid more than £32,000 to leave with immediate effect rather than work out his notice.

Phil Coppard, who had worked for 36 years at Barnsley Council, is believed to have been forced from his post following a dispute with the ruling Labour group about how the authority should make £24m of cuts.

The Yorkshire Post has learned that Mr Coppard was given three months salary worth £32,848 when he left in January, despite offering to work his notice period. It is also understood he will have his pension paid until March 2013. Read on………

Disagreements all round it would seem? Hope there are no more South Yorkshire Councils, where the Leader has lost confidence in the Chief Executive?

Loss of confidence in this context, almost always means the Chief Executive won’t be bullied into something they know shouldn’t do, but the Leader wants them to do it anyway!

Bullied by the Boss: Website and Twitter feed.

Superfast Broadband Chaos?

This interesting story of much woe in the roll out of the super fast broadband network that has promised much but delivered little, can be brought to Rotherham Politics readers due to the observant “A regular reader” to whom we are most grateful:

The story starts with this BBC post,

Also here:

and here:

Good stuff on the background can be found here: includes link to a very good Yorkshire Post article.

No fun for those affected, but one could see something like this coming.

“A regular reader”

Tony Devoy – Independent Candidate, Barnsley Central By-Election – Speaks His Mind!

The Barnsley Chronicle has an interesting video on their website. Click here to view.

Tony Devoy, an Independent candidate at the Barnsley Central by-election spoke for all those frustrated by the greed and worse, embedded in local government, in Yorkshire and he spoke for us all when he expressed his frustrations and his desire to do something about it!

He also did very well in terms of his vote share, saving his deposit! No mean feat in itself! Knocking the Liberals into a cocked hat forcing them in to 6th place and losing theirs’ was a pure bonus! Well done!

Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Joint Waste Plan Pre-Publication Consultation.

If you live or work  anywhere in the Dearne Valley this affects you!

Make sure you put your objections to the plan clear by making a response to the consultation which started in June and comes to an end on August 5th at 5pm.

Click on the provided links depending which part of the Dearne Valley you live in:

Barnsley MBC Consultation Website.

Doncaster MBC Consultation Website.

Rotherham MBC Consultation Website.

Make sure that you at least get on the score sheet, by making a response and indicate on the bottom right hand side of page 2 that you tick the box marked, Please tick here if you wish to be informed of the publication stage of the Joint Waste Plan.

This will ensure that you will be made aware of future developments and opportunities to make you voice heard!


Consultation – Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham – Orwellian Doublespeak or Alice in Wonderland Approach!

Words in Orwell’s 1984, frequently meant the opposite of common usage and in Alice in wonderland, words would mean what the Queen said they meant at mere whim!

So it is amongst the three Councils that make up the Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Waste Partnership (BDR).

Consultation for them consists of an exhibition ‘road show’ very poorly advertised, held in unsuitable buildings that even locals had difficulty finding from the information supplied.

For example, once the Bolton on Dearne venue was entered through very a dilapidated and possibly dangerous building, the information that residents wanted was simply not available. No one remotely able to answer a question was present and those present proved themselves incapable, upon questioning, of answering the most basic of questions. They were however, assiduous in recording the fact of the presence of anyone attending to support their spurious clams of adequate and widespread public consultation.

Disappointingly none of the politicos were present either, they are our servants, not the other way round! They must speak up for our interests, not theirs, or pay the ultimate price of being dumped by their own electorates at future elections, they have now been put on notice by locals distinctly unimpressed by their attitudes to date.

The consultation response form is simply inadequate, without technical and scientific knowledge, it simply is impossible to make representations that may be listened to.

The sham way that local Councils engage in ‘consultation’ should be exposed as the ‘tick box’ exercise approach is simply unacceptable. We have the right to be informed fully of the facts, we are not! Nor are we listened to!

With a couple of notable and laudable exceptions local Dearne Councillors couldn’t give a fig for their constituents and have repeatedly indicated this to those who have asked them, often in a rather inarticulate and blunt fashion!

Dearne Valley Residents from Wombwell to Mexborough, Wath upon Dearne to Thurnscoe, Bolton to Barnburgh and Swinton to Darfield are being taken for fools by our elected representatives. They are conducting a sham consultation, leading them to rubber stamp a decision already made behind closed doors. A democratic outrage if ever there was one!

This ridiculous charade must change, local people of the Dearne, when asked, are totally opposed to these developments.

The Dearne has suffered too much pollution already!

We don’t want any more!

Tell them!