Council Data Loss – Rotherham’s shameful record from Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch, yesterday released a damning report into Data losses in local government. Called the Local Authority Data Loss, Read report, pdf here, it is a damning account of laxity when it comes to keeping our personal data safe and secure. The report makes clear just how much Local Authorities have room for improvement.

The situation in Yorkshire is mixed. Rotherham came in third place with 8 incidents in this league table of shame, behind Hull’s 12 and York’s 10. Time for Rotherham MBC to get serious about this.

Yorkshire’s National Daily, the Yorkshire Post reported the story yesterday thus:

Councils accused of lax attitude over confidentiality as data lost, this story was accompanied with a scathing editorial entitled, Council Data Loss Disaster. Can’t find a link yet on YP website, if anyone has found one please let us know.

The London Evening Standard has also covered the story:

Children in care among victims of data breaches by ‘lax’ councils