Council prosecutes 100th motorist for parking badge fraud in Rotherham


A man who used his mother’s blue badge to park in Rotherham when she wasn’t with him became the 100th person to be successfully prosecuted for misusing the free parking permits. Houman Raki, aged 25, of Warren Avenue, Rawmarsh, used … Continue reading

Democracy, Sir? – A response to Sir Derek Myers


This rather petulant piece, made it into the letters pages of this weeks Advertiser. I read with some interest the article in then July 24 edition of the Advertiser about the £800 per day Sir Derek Myers’ views on the … Continue reading

Colin Barron – Labour Candidate Keppel Ward


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Colin Barron has issued his leaflet in support of his campaign for re-election in Keppel Ward. Click on image to read the whole leaflet: Previously: The Blue Badge Files

News on Blue Badge prosecution


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The Council boasts at it’s success in obtaining another prosecution of a ‘blue badge abuser’. Rings rather hollow when Rotherham Labour Group are still protecting the ‘blue badge abuser’ in their midst! One law for the public, quite another if … Continue reading

More ‘Blue Badge Abusers’ Fined!

Friday’s Star brought us more news of the successful prosecutions of three ‘blue badge abusers’, who used someone else’s blue badge when the holder was not present!

Emma Gaffney, aged 38, of Ascension Mews, Maltby, Ronald Steele, 67, of Herringthorpe Close, Rotherham and Waseem Kazmi, 42, of Middle Lane South, Rotherham, were all found guilty and fined for fraudulent use of another’s blue badge when the holder was not present.

These tales sound awfully familiar to us at Rotherham Politics with the case of our, very own blue badge abusing councillor who evaded prosecution thanks to the hard work of the then Borough Solicitor, Tim Mumford, who found a loophole which resulted in the failure to prosecute him. Tim Mumford, then also put the fear of God in to Labour Group and others to stop any leak! Some hope! All that, to protect the reputation of one rather minor member, with a chequered and rather inglorious past already.

His crime was exactly that of these three examples, why then, is Rotherham’s blue badge abusing Councillor still being protected by Roger Stone, Jahangir Akhtar and Rotherham Labour Group, to their eternal shame? We should be told!

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