Rawmarsh By-Election News 1st May

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate, Andy Gray, will be speaking in Rawmarsh on the 8th of May.

Public Meeting
Wednesday 8th May
At 7-00pm
Earl Grey (Dining Room), High Street, Rawmarsh
Andy Gray TUSC candidate will be speaking among others. Everyone welcome!

TUSC: Andrew Gray

Polling day in the Rawmarsh by-election is 16th May

Rawmarsh By-Election 2013 An Invitation

Invitation to candidates and agents:

Rotherham Politics will be covering the Rawmarsh by-election as completely as we are able. All candidates election materials are welcome to be submitted by candidates or agents, these will be published in the Rawmarsh Ward By-Election 2013 section, if nowhere else. Remember, candidates are in the persuasion business, getting your message out is a top priority, it is in everyone’s interest that we record as much as possible. Send Rothpol jpg and /or pdf files please.

BNP: George Baldwin
Conservative: Martyn Parker
Labour: Lisa Wright
Liberals: Mohammed Meharban
TUSC: Andrew Gray
UKIP: Caven Vines

Rawmarsh By-Election Candidates

BNP: George Baldwin
Conservative: Martyn Parker
Labour: Lisa Wright
Liberals: Mohammed Meharban
TUSC: Andrew Gray
UKIP: Caven Vines

Download Statement of Persons Nominated as a pdf

Rotherham Politics – BNP & UKIP Two sides of the same coin?

During election periods Rotherham Politics is remarkably free of mentions of the BNP and BNP-Light, known to local voters as UKIP. This is to ensure that we don’t assist them by giving them publicity, all be it, of a negative nature!

At the elections this year both fielded candidates, UKIP 12 and BNP 5. The number of seats available was 23, so they managed to avoid fighting each other in 17 of the 21 ward elections, without, we are told, any collusion!

These two political parties have also managed this trick once before, in 2010 I believe. As the chances of this happening once are vanishingly small, for it to have happened twice in 3 years is almost impossible, without a pact not to fight one another’s candidates and collusion over which seats to fight, that is! Any other interpretation of the facts would stretch credibility too far.

Why is this important? When two Parties enter an electoral pact, implicit in this, is the recommending to BNP voters that they should vote for a UKIP candidate in the absence of a BNP candidate and vice versa! This makes them amount to the same thing, two sides of the same coin as it were, quite outrageous and totally unacceptable!

The BNP is populated with various racists and bigots in Rotherham as elsewhere. The organiser for them locally? Marlene Guest! The same Marlene Guest that occasionally pours out her pernicious opinions in the letters pages of the Advertiser.

It comes as a bit rich, when Nigel Farage the UKIP leader, tells the world that they are a nice cuddly party that has dealt with their racists and thrown them out. This clear out has not gone as far as Rotherham, if they can enter such a disgraceful electoral pact! Which is why Rotherham Politics refers to them as BNP-Light and will continue to do so until Rotherham UKIP rids itself of it’s BNP Fellow Traveller members and joins the fight against the BNP!

UKIP’s problems in South Yorkshire are not confined to Rotherham it would seem? Sheffield UKIP candidate sacked over Breivik comments

Candidates 12 5
Total Vote 8940 2953
Average per Ward 745 590

Representing the town, the people … or something else ?

Update on Rotherham Borough Councillors representing Maltby :

(from RMBC website)


Councillor Amy Rushforth

Ward : Maltby  Party : Labour

Biography : Councillor Rushforth has been a member of the Council since 2000 and is currently Cabinet Member for Lifelong Learning and Culture.

Councillor Will Blair 

Ward: Maltby   Party: British National Party

Biography: Councillor Blair has been a member of the Council since May 2008 and is a member of the Health Select Commission

Councillor Chris Beaumont

Ward: Maltby  Party: Labour

Biography : Councillor Beaumont was elected a Councillor on 5th May, 2011 and is a Senior Adviser for the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding and Developing Learning Opportunities for Children, Vice-Chairman of the Wentworth Valley Area Assembly and a member of the Improving Places and Health Select Commissions.

This seems reasonable enough – 2 Labour and 1 BNP sounds about ok from my knowledge of the views of Maltby electorate.

Apart from not  getting my head and understanding around the new cabinet members titles and responsibilities (yet) there are another couple of things that don’t feel quite right to me.

Why does anyone stand for election as a  Rotherham Borough Councillor when they have never stood for Maltby Town Council ?  Surely if being a councillor is to represent the people, then it’s logical that you would want to represent them at all levels. A sort of ‘working your way outwards’ rather than upwards. Amy Rushforth and Chris Beaumont are both currently serving on MTC and (despite them both being Labour party members) this appears to me that they have the interest of Maltby at heart. Our BNP councillor does and always has donated generously to local causes and events, but apparently doesn’t want to have his say too locally.

Secondly, if you are a member of Maltby Town Council (past chair, in fact) why would you stand for election for a neighbouring ward and not your own ?

 Councillor Jenny Andrews

Ward: Hellaby  Party: Labour

Biography : Councillor Andrews was elected a Councillor on 5th May, 2011 and is an adviser to the Cabinet Member for Culture, Lifestyle, Sport and Tourism and a member of the Improving Places Select Commission and Licensing Board.

One view might be that this was party politics working at it’s fullest (and worst) – or would that just be cynical ?

Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane!

Progressonline publishes diatribe from Denis MacShane:

Open Europe?


The row over open border Europe is not about bringing back thousands of frontier crossing points with queues snaking along the French coast or down from the Mont Blanc tunnel as holidaymakers wait for hours to have their cars searched for dark-skinned passengers before being allowed to drive to their preferred …read on.

Denis MacShane MP is MP for Rotherham and a former minister for Europe

14 May 2011 10:00

Tags used:

BNP Denis MacShane Europe European Parliament France immigration Ireland Italy Marine le Pen Olympics Policy Network Tunisia UKIP

This list of Tags which are recognised by search engines is very illuminating indeed! No wonder MacShane is ubiquitous on the web! Still jumping on bandwagons it would seem!

Seen Elsewhere: BNP, Voice of Freedom. Cynicism Exposed!

Ordinarily this blog is a nazi free zone, but an exception needs to be made in this instance. Despite it’s originator, Marlene Guest (Aka GOL), the results of her Freedom of Information (FoI)  request has yielded important information that should have been made public without the necessity to drag it out of them. I have had the following extract emailed to me and I now share it with you.

The people of Rotherham  are footing the medical health care bill for 70 black African immigrants who have been diagnosed with HIV, an article in the new Voice of Freedom newspaper has revealed.

According to the report, the services for those suffering from HIV and Aids in the South Yorkshire town have been swamped with just one operator, Shield, contracted to provide housing and support.
They can provide places for 49 clients with HIV, Aids and Hepatitis C which should be sufficient for Rotherham’s residents.
Out of a population of 242,000 traditional Yorkshire folk, there are exactly 49 cases of people who have been diagnosed with HIV.
But it’s the town’s new arrivals that have thrown the local health care in chaos, Freedom reports.
“From 800 black African immigrants, 70 have Aids-related diseases, while from other immigrant communities in Rotherham totalling 8,000 people, there are another 10 cases,” the article says.
“The extent of the disease amongst immigrants in Rotherham and the possible threat of infection posed to the host population only came to light thanks to the diligent work of local British National Party representative Marlene Guest and her team who uncovered the scandal.
When Ms Guest first heard from residents who were concerned about immigrants with Aids were being given priority in housing provision and the burden placed on local health services, she made a Freedom of Information request to NHS Rotherham to find out the extent of the problem.
She asked: “How many people in the Rotherham have HIV/Aids and what are their origins.”
At first NHS Rotherham claimed they couldn’t answer because they didn’t understand what Ms Guest meant by ‘origins’.
They then stonewalled again saying that she hadn’t stipulated a specific year for the information. Finally they said they didn’t keep such figures.
Not deterred, Ms Guest sifted through hundreds of council documents to find the information she required. “I have no doubt there has been a cover-up,” she told Freedom.
“There are two Rotherham councillors who have a very close connection with Shield. One has declared an interest but the other hasn’t.
“These councillors who knew about the implications and repercussions of HIV immigrants being housed amongst local residents and should have alerted them to what was happening.
“But they didn’t. They chose to keep quiet and cover-up the issue, just like Rotherham NHS tried to do, and that’s a scandal.”
How immigration has brought Aids to Rotherham will be a key issue when the British National Party contest local council elections in the town next May.

The last paragraph is extraordinarily revelatory. It clearly demonstrates the mindset of the BNP and their representative in Rotherham, Marlene Guest. The frankly nasty approach of this pernicious bunch of nazis exploiting for their own ends a situation that will require openness, tolerance and goodwill to address a problem as complex as this one, the exact opposite to the BNP approach in fact!

BNP: riven by feuds, caught up in law suits, employment tribunals and drowning in debt! Are we seeing the death throes of this obnoxious group of nazis?

Not content with sowing division and manipulation of working class dissent and frustrations built up over the last 13 years, fuelled in part by a labour government that did little to prevent what for many in their everyday experiences has been the unmitigated disaster of unrestricted immigration, they are now turning against each other as the party slides into chaotic feuding after their disastrous showing in this years local and General Elections.

Just a reminder of the scale of their defeat, they lost 26 of their 28 local government seats and Nick Griffin failed miserably in his attempt to unseat the damaged, Margaret Hodge, in the East London seat of Barking! We should remember also the attempt to take control of the Council of Barking ended in ignominious defeat losing every seat!

Now it has been reported that they are in serious financial meltdown with current debts said to exceed £500,000 with no reasonable prospect of meeting their commitments to the banks, functionally bankrupt then!

Spectacularly on the eve of poll in May the BNP Webmaster took down their website, facebook and Twitter feeds and replaced them with an attack on the person of Nick Griffin calling him, “pathetic, desperate and incompetent”, true no doubt but on election day! All was obviously not well in the party before a single vote was cast!

Since then internecine warfare between the various factions with plans for a breakaway at an advanced stage and at least 30 sackings of staff or expulsion of formerly loyal members, has riven the party from top to bottom. Nick Griffin himself only survived a palace coup by pulling the ‘Blair trick that he pulled on Brown’ and promising to stand down later!

I am surprised that their local apologist, Marlene Guest, aka ‘Gob on legs’ has failed to mention this catastrophe to have befallen her pernicious and poisonous party! What will she do next I wonder?

The BNP’s death throes should make a rather amusing spectacle for us to observe over the next few months, if It’s got that long that is.

Sitwell By-Election 3, UKIP Mystery Solved? More Questions to Answer?

At the end of June, John Wilkinson was teasing Rotherham Independents and presumably others, that they had an excellent potential candidate for the by-election. I reproduce below an email sent by John Wilkinson to Peter Thirlwall:

“—– Original Message —– From: “John Wilkinson” <jwaccountancy@msn.com>
To: “Peter Thirlwall” <peter.thirlwall@talktalk.net>

Hi Peter,
Hope you are well.
Are you putting up a candidate for the Sitwell by-election?
We have a good guy we want to go with.

At close of nominations, it became clear that their claimed ‘good guy’ was none other than John Wilkinson himself!  Alternatively, said ‘good guy’ might have thought better of it?

John Wilkinson, famous locally for his diatribes in the Rotherham Advertiser especially on the subject of climate change.

This scientifically illiterate, flat earther, appears incapable of understanding even the the most basic of scientific concepts, if his patently ridiculous and false arguments are actually believed by him.

His prejudices, based as they are on ignorance or misinterpretation of the facts, leads to inevitable questions as to his judgement on other matters, if he can get this one so wrong?

Of course he is representing a Party that tells everyone that will listen, that if we came out of the EU, the whole world would suddenly improve overnight.

I am certainly not a lover of the EU and the corruption that appears endemic in that organisation, but his beliefs and that of his Party, UKIP, in this matter are clearly suspect and certainly not at issue in this local by-election.

Pernicious ‘moral relativism’ that attempts to undermine confidence in prevailing interpretations by attacking the merest detail and then claiming the whole concept is discredited as a result, that had previously manifested itself in the courts of America, resulting in the extraordinary verdicts in the famous examples of OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson and again in America in the continuing and interminable debates surrounding Evolution vs Creationism!

A distinctly unwelcome American approach, imported, it would seem by UKIP, and practised in good measure wherever self serving narrow political advantage is perceived, for themselves. The first casualty in this? The truth!

UKIP cannot be taken seriously unless they allow facts to inform positions rather than prejudice!

Giving the voters of Sitwell this UKIP candidate, if he is the ‘good guy’ promised in his email then heaven help the Rotherham voters in the future if their judgement is so obviously poor! Is he really the best they could do? Perhaps Caven Vines was to be their ‘white knight?

Finally, there is credible evidence of an electoral pact between UKIP and the BNP, at at least one previous set of local elections. They carved up Rotherham secretly between them and agreed not to stand against each other. Discipline only broke down in Maltby where they opposed each other. BNP and BNP light or UKIP as it’s members call it, has not changed one iota since then.

This bunch of narrow minded, prejudiced, far right nutters that are essentially politically parasitic and specialise in fomenting conflict as a political tool, should be ignored by every right thinking person, as one would avoid the plague.

Suspicions are growing that the pact is back on and the lack of a candidate from the BNP does lend weight to those suspicions. We should be told?