Whatever happened to the Eastwood Deal?


A FOCUS on anti-social behaviour in Eastwood saw 2,200 warnings and 450 formal notices handed out — but residents say much more is needed. Rotherham Borough Council launched its Eastwood Deal plan last summer, with South Yorkshire Police allocating a … Continue reading

When a wheel fell off Emma Hoddinotts bandwagon


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We all know the Hoddinott is as keen as mustard when it comes to campaigning, thats why she joins all the unions and stuff. I’m not sure the detail about her time at RMBC stacks up on her linkedin CV … Continue reading

Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed


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Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed: Perhaps these three of Labour’s finest, would like to introduce themselves to our readers? Something in the comments should suffice. Shakoor Adalat is the candidate it turns out, in addition to our old … Continue reading

Lakin the inadequate and his bullies


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You could not simply make it up. It’s like a series of Yes Prime Minister and then some. Only in Rotherham, the capital of rotten boroughs, can someone who presided over a national scandal then be promoted to leader. This … Continue reading

Kazoku update


Rothpol can bring readers this update, in the convoluted story of the Kazoku Karate Club. Our story involves the bit of it being run by Ian McAllister, Ellen McAllister and Barry Dodson. There is another bone fide user of the … Continue reading

Ridge Road Mosque – Akhtar clarifies his role?


Rothpol has come by a rather interesting transcript taken from a speech Jahangir Akhtar delivered at he inauguration of Ridge Road Mosque. Most illuminating I am sure readers will agree: “At the time I was on the planning board which … Continue reading

Akhtar, the BNP and the English Defence League need each other; or why he hates Respect


Asbo is happiest on the anti-fascism, anti-racism soap box, becoming the leader, the man of substance he wants to be. He is sure of his ground and the support of his community. With Respect he changes tone, more the abusive … Continue reading