Green light for Catcliffe homes plan after appeal


CAMPAIGNING residents were gutted after housing plans they defeated last year were passed on appeal. Network Space’s proposal for 64 homes off Blue Mans Way in Catcliffe brought an angry response and more than 70 objection letters. The plan was … Continue reading

Del Boy Sez £1.9M Ain’t Much Dosh

Dear Rotherham Politics readers,

Well, well, well, remember that old saying: “turns up just like a bad penny?” …

Well that very same phrase went fleetingly through my mind when I read this –

I guess when you’re the Champayne Commissar to the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, twitter-twatter-fluttering about riding around in a Porsche, dining here, dining there, on this-that-or-t’other yacht at somesuch marina that £1.9 Million quid ain’t much at all …

However, if like me you’re a citizen of modest means, who’s experiencing the harsh chill rigours of a double whammy ConDom Government slash-n-burn reduction in services, compounded by spendthrift elderly male-dominated junketing-mad paid-higher-than-SCC RMBC Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, then £1.9 Million quid is a serious load of ackers.

And who made this patronisingly dismissive foot-stamping statement, why none other than our Tory toff dell-boy turned Rovrum Laybah comrade than Catcliffe Parish Council chairman Cllr Darren Hughes.

Small wonder then that good old canny old Rt Hon Clive Betts, MP, gave our new-found sewshalleest champayne commissar da middle digit. Nice one, Clive.



Grald-Hunter brings news of Darren Hughes

Dear Rotherham Politics,

While perusing the articles, responses and Twitter-twatter of Da Laybah Champain Chattrin Clarsses, I came across this piece of what I can only describe as sheer public Nimbyism –

Twitter: Ex Councillor Darren Hughes
Waverley phase one housing now for sale. Very worried about the uncertainty of the waverley link road and the knock on effect for Catcliffe 1 day ago

It seems like Darren Jason Louis Hughes is not happy that Sheffield City Councillors and S13 residents bounced Town Hall Towers’ plan to impose a huge new road through their district and greenfield playing ground.

Yeah, they gave it a large middle finger, ho ho ho.

Oh, remind me, where does Darren Jason Louis Hughes live … it’s 27 Blue Man’s Way, CATCLIFFE, Rotherham S60 5UR … now there’s a thing eh?

Coincidence or Self Interest?

I bet his Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns ex-muckers at Town Hall Towers don’t level the charge of Nimbyism at him like they did me and the other Bramley/Wickersley residents when we saw off Grald’s clumsy attempts to impose his Toy Tram Set up East and West Bawtry Road to Hellaby.

Yours Sincerely,