Anston Parish Council – Incredible scenes!

Early reports of last nights Meeting of Anston Parish Council indicate that the performers well and truly brought themselves and the Parish Council into disrepute.

Proceedings were pretty much as could be predicted and contained these particularly outrageous examples, brought to you by ‘Truth Seeker’, to whom we are very grateful.

Robin Stonebridge to fellow parish councillor Stuart Thornton:

“It is a platform for your paranoid fantasies,” and “You are a waste of life.”

Joyce Brindley to a member of the public in a threatening manner:

“I’ll see you outside”

Michael Gazur, the Clerk to the parish council also got into the act by having a go at a member of the public. Disgraceful, outrageous and thoroughly unprofessional conduct?

These three most egregious examples amongst those on show last night, clearly demonstrate the many problems caused by those in control of the parish council who resent the local people holding them to account!

Further reports later.

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