Woman in court charged with “stalking” Rotherham abuse whistleblower


A CHILD sex abuse victim will be tried next year for allegedly stalking a Rotherham borough councillor. Sarah Wilson (pictured), who waived her right to lifelong anonymity to publish a book on her ordeal, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court to … Continue reading

Roddison’s sham resignation


After Rotherham Councils sex pest was sentenced last week, it was announced he would be quitting as a councillor. Only in Rotherham would this amount to staying on as an elected representative after all! Quite outrageously he has not resigned … Continue reading

Andrew Roddison – restraining order and curfew


Councillor handed restraining order and curfew for groping colleague CONVICTED Andrew Roddison has quit as a councillor, it emerged today, as he was sentenced for squeezing another elected member’s bottom. The ex-Brinsworth and Catcliffe ward member (41) was given a … Continue reading

Andrew Roddison – first signs


We at Rotherham Politics have always understood there was no political future for our very own Town Hall sex pest, as soon as the police report was made! He seems to have nurtured hopes this might not be the case? … Continue reading

Election Snippet 2 – David Roche and Hoober Ward


Election Snippet 2 – David Roche and Hoober Ward Getting candidates and councillors but not fit for Public Office? Given the lack of scrutiny regarding Labour’s recent selection and the eleventh hour departure of Shakoor Adalat, Labour councillor candidate for … Continue reading

Why did you do it Chris?


Why did Chris Read, Labour Group Leader sign us up to the hashed up devolution called the Sheffield City Region?Something dreamed up by a Tory government that has previously opposed and resisted every form of devolution unless forced into it? … Continue reading

Emma Hoddinott – Taken To Task!

Dear Rotherham Politics Reader,

Well well well, if I’d know then what I know now, I wouldn’t have given Ms Laybah Candidate the time of day, or me vote


What a sodding cheek when aspirant, but unsuccessful candidate for Parliament and now newly-elected Wickersley Ward RMBC Councillor, Ms Emma Hoddinott has to bus-in Cllr James Alexander, Leader of City of York Council to go “on the knocker” as they so politically call it in the smoke-filled chambers at Tweetun Wheeltappers & Ferret Handlers’ Club and Institute (CIU Affiliated).

I wish they’d knocked unannounced at my door cos I know quite a few English and foreign words which equate to “go though forth into the desert and multiply” and which I could have shared with them to show my disdain, disrespect and total dislike for this style of Blairite New Laybah codology.

But word on the block is that there will soon be an updated form of communication control from within the coterie of Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns, and that any comms with the media, including Twitter-Twatter and Facebook will have to be referred to the Stasi Chief of Corporate Communicayshuns … and iffen she giz it the OK then it’s on, if not it’s off.

I bet that some of the RMBC Old Contemptibles who were writing letters to the press when she were still a lass licking lollies in t’nursery will have a few choice words of their own to say on this matter of desperate, insecure corporate political mind control.

Candidate for a Parliamentry Constituency? Yes please, anywhere. Let’s get shot and gerrid of ASAP and be gone from our little Borough where we’ve invested our lives, our money, our property, our livelihoods and where our children get their education – and where we’ve got a large stake in the outcome.

Yours Sincerely,